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  1. 3 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    We know Luna instance causes server crash if a lot of users enter at the same time.

    What if we agree to enter at same time every day at a certain time?

    If it was to log every day the exact same amount of bots that logged before the luna update was implemented, then we would the bug would occur again at Sunday or Monday or even close to Tuesday like we had it usually. Theoretically we could have had the bug to occur every day but it would require like 4~5 times more bots doing luna.

    And they didn't have to do it simultaneously, it seems like the more mobs spanwed over a period of time, the more the server got a memory filling or something, and at some point that memory was overflown and it caused the bug.

    As far as I know there were plenty of ban waves during the last days of luna changes so most likely our server doesn't even have the same amount of bots anymore (until they make more)


  2. 1 minute ago, Flatten-KT said:

    I too thought that the safe zones were very recent :/. I'm pretty sure the map did not show it until very recently.

    OK so it wasn't just me. I am going there every day to get my daily legion tickets and do HM, I always open the map to see where HM is and today I did the exact same routine and I saw that the map around the main cities were different colour.

    Maybe the safe zone effect was already there and I didn't see the icon that you cannot attack, but the map surely didn't have the overlay like this before.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ferk-DN said:

    The neutral zones in Lakrum were part of Aion 7.7 patch which came out in November 2020, you can read about it here:



    Hm.. so apparently my map was malfunctioning then, the maps didn't show any of that yesterday in my client. I thought it was implemented today after the weekly reset or something.

  4. That is a thoughtful addition, and implemented without a maintenance. Not bad, and not sure why they did a service to the players or whether it was mentioned anywhere (defo not in the maintenance post).

    Of course Lakrum is a dead map, there aren't even any instances except HM, no urgent orders to do pvp and no fortress to do a siege, it is like a map where you go on Wednesday to do your weeklies and then once per day to do HM. And it is not a lowbie map, you have to be level 80 to enter.

    BUT no more enemies invading the town on a transform and killing the few people there while the useless guards do 0 dmg to people without even transform.

    Now off to make more changes like Gelk/Inggi camps flipping issue, TT souls not disappearing when you leave the map, quests to increase renown in silentera and enemy maps and less RNG to get end game content.

    ...one step at a time.


  5. 5 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Yeah, I’d like to take Ragnarok more often I need Gelk renown bad q.q

    I agree that it is annoying but it’s gameplay issue rather than player attitude. If you can do something and you do it there is nothing wrong in that because camp captain on the enemy’s land drops quest items. And I see nothing wrong with Elyos taking WB in Gelk, btw I got my very first paragon from Ragnarok in Gelkmaros.

    What I suggest is that if asmo flip a camp in Inggison, it doesn’t disappear but becomes asmo with a possibility to retake, and vice versa. And give ppl possibility to do camps and farm renown on enemy’s map, cause otherwise it’s too hard.

    Of course going to the enemy map is not wrong, it is a game design and it should benefit, there is no other way to get renown on the enemy map than doing WB or doing those alliance quests for killing guards.

    And I agree the camps should also flip (Gelk could become elyos, and Inggi could become asmodian) and they should have weekly quests there for renown, much like we do on our own faction map. And it should always have a captain there, Asmodian/Elyos/Balaur within 1 minute of being flipped.

  6. 1 hour ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Yeah, it could be a response to what asmos do recently, because there is an increase in asmo activity in Inggison since last few weeks and we have pretty often 4 out of 5 camps down. Asmos became more active in general, they even took Anuhart from us yesterday. I think it’s rather a good sign because it starts to look more like old times we miss.

    What we get in Gelkmaros though is elyos comes to kill the camps and then some asmos write on LFG "lets go there and kill their camps too".

    I was part of a group at one point and when we went to inggison I saw all their camps were still elyos, and we flipped them all. So maybe it is the other way around.

    Elyos have been in Gelkmaros far more often and in more numbers than Asmodians in inggison, they killed Marchutan so many times and have tried to hijack Ragnarok too, they also came to our map when we had the songpyeon moon mobs spawning to kill them etc.

    No shade but we need to stop doing this. nobody earns anything from that and whoever initiates it ends up hurting their faction as well.

  7. 7 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Lets hope the weekly quests and instances reset without the weekly reboot.

    The server going down itself resets the cool downs of the instances, but many times the server goes down for just 2 hours and comes up before the weekly reset. So the server just restarted, we had the maintenance, we got the instances reset but the weekly quests etc are still not reset.

    Once the daily reset on Wednesday comes, everything gets the weekly reset.

    We do not need the server to be down to get any predetermined resets. After all we get the sales reset on renown NPCs on Mondays without the server going in maintenance.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Keano-KT said:


    the things what i already did: deleted bin32/64 L10N data folders and repair client, reinstalled client, reinstalled latest graphic drivers, installed latest Windows updates, reinstalled all versions of Visual C++ and DirectX 9 (July 2010)

    hm.. so it started happening to you suddenly now? There must be some weird update that does it.

    How often does it happen? Can you play at al now? Because previously you didn't have crashes.

  9. The moment they don't even bother to update with more skins when it is nothing but a simple click to them, it kinda smells rotting meat. Literally if they even put a few seconds into the game they would have simply put skins and forget them there for ever because it would be for their benefit. They don't even deal with anything from here anymore.

  10. OK, this is getting kinda serious, the camp problem needs a solution fast.

    Gelkmaros in katalam server is always without camps because it literally takes 10 minutes for 1 elyos to come in, kill the captains and leave us without camps. I am not sure if the same happens to the elyos side too, but something changed lately because previously we didn't see so much persistence in keeping our camps down, the elyos constantly keep coming to gelkmaros and our camps are always down and it takes TWO hours for them to respawn only for them to be taken down again in 1 minute.

    It would be wise to make the camp respawn after 1 minute, that is the only solution to this issue.

  11. 12 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    omfg have your phucking forums and enjoy sucking each other dicks as usual bye...

    11 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    your ugly ass nyerk of a mother is an IT with your retard sounding ass...

    I will start simply reporting every junk you write out of your single cell brain. You are literally not for these forums. Hopefully the forum managers will see this and take action.

    5 hours ago, Shainygirl-DN said:

    People please, thank goodness this ends here. Regardless of what was said, and looking at it from the outside, it gives the feeling that there are and people who live cornering Valeria (and I suppose that the outbursts arise from there). Many of you have known each other for many years, and even though it is in a game, you spend some of your time together. Whether they like it or not, entertainment is part of life and of sharing something. They are sure to be enemies in something that gives us a pleasant moment. The time that I spend with Valeria is very rewarding. Whatever one asks of her, she is willing to help. And if we each have different views of the game and the forum, respect it. I agree not to exceed the terms, but look at the situation table. 200 against one? Take an extreme measure like ignore user? That fuels more anger. That is not a solution to anything. Please, if possible, let's make the effort. And in my opinion, Valeria is a very good lady. As do many of you.😇👍

    Have you read how she replies? I told her an answer to a question she asked on a public forum and told her how using the forums' layout and sections properly will better for her and she came back attacking me and then she started cursing everyone who responded.

    I do not understand why you constantly defend such a vile behavior and encourage this person to throw tantrums like this.


  12. 6 hours ago, Flatten-KT said:

    Yeah, it is crazy the things some people have come up. What is even crazier though is that it seems to work for them... I had a friend get like 6-7 +10 snowballs out of 70 a few times during the event. She was running around Oriel with these odd rules of when to spam them and when to run to the next group of houses. Me however, I just stood in Inggision and CLICKED CLICKED CLICKED CLICKED and what do you know... out of hundred of snowballs I only got 1 all event to +10 lol. 

    Because when you accept that the algorithm is flawed the best you can do is learn its behavior. This is what we did back in 5.8 and we managed to enchant our weapons to +25 or more. There were peopel that couldn't even make them +15 and I still have my 2x +27 weapons from 5.8 (one went to +29 but it never went past that)

  13. 4 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Yeah but you can get manastones and enchant stones way easier on Classic, they are all tradeable too.

    This type of RNG is not a real game breaker, and if classic comes now most people will be wise to have more than 1 chars to farm those things and trade them to their mains. We were learning the game back then and I remember people making posts about how impossible is to socket all 6 slots (if one failed they all went poof, then they implemented the supplements and then the felicitous socketing, which then they removed from game to re-implement it later with the flawless socket manastone thing).

    But if classic comes now, with all the RNG diarrhea we were fed all these years, nobody would complain about that simple RNG.

  14. Giving open world pvp rewards is like asking for two things:

    • Kill trade
    • Low areas ganging (we will simply see elyos inside gelkmaros city more often and asmodians inside inggison city more often)

    PvP in aion is dead because 5% of the players have reached god mode with exclusive OP items and the rest 95% are walking dummies to them.

  15. On 2/12/2021 at 6:53 PM, Flatten-KT said:

    I just feel like whatever Aion used for 'randomness' is reallllly bad. It is like sometimes it gets stuck on 'fail' and sometimes it gets stuck on 'success.' 

    Exactly, once an item reaches +10 for example, if you keep enchanting it ti will fail for 20 times straight even though the chance is like 50% chance to succeed. And it happens so consistently that we made rules about it. once it goes to +10 leave it for some time and try later.

  16. 1 hour ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    This where i get lost when people are arguing for classic. Aion classic was always 100% RNG based. Manastone socketing RNG based, Enchanting RNG based. The amount of AP you get from instances RNG based. Crafting procced items RNG based. Like everything is rng in classic it is simply the attainable goals are realistic.

    But you just said it yourself, RNG is there but it is not driving the goals. 6.5 also had RNG in enchants, sockets, crafts etc... but you could get your end game pvp gear from doing pvp  instances, your end game pve from doing pve instances. Eventualy you did the goal.

    Now there is no goal, many things are hidden behind hard mode instances that are impossible and others are based exclusively in p2w tactics.

    In 6.x when you got your Lakrum pvp +15 and a legendary transform, you were ready to pvp and do everything.
    In 7.x getting bitterthorn+15 is the first stage to be able to get out of town and legendary transform is what ancient tranform was in 6.x.

    It is Runes with RNG, Gemstones with RNG, Slots with RNG, Drops with insane weapons with RNG etc

  17. 1 hour ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    They got all the information they needed out of that community list. They know what they need to sell as flash sales and what they need to sell as limited time event sales.

    The important information got ignored because as kibbelz probably understands now NCkorea/NCwest do not really care 2 rats about its NA community and it is why it became so dire in the first place.

    They don't even know they have a "list" the list they showed us was probably a script they run with key words and simply made a chart for "word appearance rates" or something.

    Because what is holding them back from putting good skins for example? Who told them that "wonderland skin" is what we wanted for Vallentines? It looks like a carnival suit for the males, like a clown, this is not the carnival season yet.

  18. 12 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    Thank you for the response but omg boy you really need to stop with this shit you be on...are you the forums manager? Oh and at best you may  call it a topic but i call it crying n bitching between some grown and probably most young kids...you need to stop n get off that high horse...

    You are taking these forum convrsations tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn serious...


    12 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    I does really try n come on here with a positive attitude but then its always someone that likes or tries to control the shit ppl do and that really bothers me so try n understand that ppl like you are the ones i find annoying as all hell so just stop ok...

    I understand 4,057 post later means this is your life but boy you really need to go get laid and calm the phuck down...

    I kinda felt bad for you not getting replies by anyone, I promise myself I will never try to help you at all even if ti seems you are ignored by everyone. I have 4k messages and the vast majority of them are helping posts. You have close to 1k posts and all of them are nonsense and also shitposting (writing irrelevant stuff our of your a$$).

    I let you know you need to use the forums properly if you want it to be effective to you. this is not my life, I log, look at the unread posts and then reply to those that I have 5 cents to give, it doesn't take me more than 10 minutes really.

    I just happen to be on these forums longer than you. You keep writing 3~5 posts one after another writing nonsense.

    Also no need to tell me to get laid, I am not the one constantly complaining about a game. When I dislike the game I log out and do other things, you constantly complain yet you are here 24/7.

  19. 20 hours ago, Viseris-KT said:

    It opens in Jotun Lake every 2-3 hours and has certain amounts of entries, like a rift. The renown npc sells reset scrolls, not tickets. To enter you need a Red Crystal Key that you get by combining 20 base crystals from base 701 and 712 i think, either from killing captain or buy from shugo that used to sell accessories when we have the connected bases.

    Yes, I did that, I saw the npc that said this information, I also killed the 701 and 712 camps, the 712 was harder to get crystals, I had to kill the captain when it was enemy captured (kill an elyos captain), when it was balaur and I was killing it, I didn't get crystals if I remember.

    Anyway I went there and I did an s-rank with super easiness, I didn't forget a thing, it is like learning how to bike. But the chests have like 1~2 rune shards and the s-rank gave me something similar.

    It is the most useless instance and the mechanics to get in is literally in-explainable. If they made it so hard to get in, I assumed it would give good rewards but that instance gives worse rewards than killing 10 mobs in katalam, you get more drops there.

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