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  1. Yes, if he has collections in both servers they should somehow be merged into one. Double registries will not matter obviously.
  2. ...no it is because you can log in and out and spy on enemies?!!! Please the IQ dropped below zero here. People who are spying the enemy faction have multiple accounts logged already, positioned in the right places and even better place them in enemy leagues so they can see the commands given. You think a pro pvper will take 10 seconds to log to the screen, log his other faction spy and see for a few seconds what is going on all while his main is offline, and then wait another 10 seconds so his spy will log to screen so he can log his main now and inform the others of what happened?
  3. Kinah sellers won't care about it when their bots reach end game and keep spamming end game instances non stop reaching their daily limit of 1m easily. And when a legit player reaches that limit, then his 1m per day will be obsolete. He will either have to log another toon so he can make another 1m, or he will have to rely on someone with 1000 accounts that has 1000 million limit. ...the problem is that it is NCWest the one that gives these people the easy legit advantage they are paying for. You can make fun of people disliking this, but you can't make fun of them quitting Classic, jo
  4. Every post that tried to give a reason to IS-A to stay there, is not playing on IS-A. What are Asmodian IS people supposed to do, continue to play in a dead faction so the elyos of that server can enjoy their easy win and still get some Asmodians to kill while making fun of them for losing and even come to forums to smear them? You can blame IS-Elyos: yes, they could allow Asmodians to own a fortress until the balance is fixed. Or they could at least zip it off for giving accusations of how much IS-Asmodians suck at this and that as if it wasn't for their numbers that gave them a be
  5. You could dual box and have an elyos logged on a separate account and no need to keep logging in and out. This is not the reason you are not allowed to have 2 factions in one account in the same server. They are doing this to prevent people from trading items via account warehouse (not sure what happens when you do have both factions in one server, does account wh work?). and of course when there are other account related benefits it can't be on both factions at the same time.
  6. Whatever you already have will be transferred obviously. This is not a single character transfer, it is a whole account being transferred to the other server.
  7. No, right now me trying to explain to you the basic thing that Kibbelz posted awarded me +10 posts, just by trying to explain to you the basic sh1t, imagine if we had 2~3 more people like you, it is not hard to get a few thousands of posts in short period of time when you don't get it. Most of my posts are also helping others whenever I can. You are not bringing me down with a fake new account trying to rubbish talk to me, you sound again very similar to another person I know very well that spoke like you. I do not care about your post, nor your feelings about the merge. It is happen
  8. Go now, make one and keep it then. People take over names form other people when merge happens to nyerk them off.
  9. No, they are not doing the merge to make the DN players' gaming any better or more enjoyable., they want to shut down the physical DN server because it is not viable to keep it running with 10 active people. Is that somehow smart? You have 4 posts, 2 of them are offensive and wrong and the other 2 are you trying to be witty and still wrong. These forums are here for many years. That whole essay you wrote up there is 101% bs. None of what you wrote is correct and you are trying to appear on top.
  10. Let me repeat because you are you are not only offensive but also stubborn. When they say it this way then it won't be a general merge, they are merging Danaria INTO Katalam like they did with Ereshkigal. The reason is the same to EK server as it was empty. DN is no longer viable, so they are giving a free ride to DN players into KT. They have no reason to screw KT server with a general merge as well.
  11. And since you cannot read English let me quote Kibbelz's post you are welcome.
  12. ...go fix your personal issues before you comment.
  13. Yes, I am talking about those people who made posts being mad at the wrong song.
  14. ...what? It will be "big merge"? You could have spoken English you chose not to. DN server will be transferred to katalam most likely, so DN players will be those affected not the KT players.Unless they plan to make a general server merge. Also log your main account, just because you logged with another account for anonymity that doesn't make you less butthurt.
  15. I will never understand these types of "problems", the login screen music is not the correct one!!! How many hours do you spend logging in? Isn't it on youtube or something?
  16. I feel sorry for you that feel stuck in IS and especially those that invested a lot of money upfront. BUT again, this is the 1st month, if you were planning to play many months then in 4~5 months from now you will regret it more that you didn't reroll while it was still early. And I never understood people choosing IS over Siel in the beginning, unless someone was from original IS, then those who chose it chose it specifically to avoid a populated server. Sure thing nobody expected it to have imbalance issues but a low populated server is prone to more pathogens than a populated one. Spec
  17. Solo branding is a thing in Retail, so it should be in classic as well. I guess this is part of the QoL you get on later patches along with being able to lock your inventory bags, or having a quest inventory bag etc.
  18. Go make a char with your name in KT now before anyone obnoxiously gets your name just to nyerk you off. Once the merge happens, delete that level 1 char and use the name change ticket to get your name on your main. Of course if you have no slots for new chars in your own account, just make a new account for this purpose. Don't expect NCWest to go any step further to help on this issue.
  19. This was an event and it was one "jumping" char per account, we got this event twice so far.
  20. Not to sound rude but "the leadership quit"? Who are they, the government or something? Nobody crowns anyone a leader which you are mandated to follow. Nor does their effort to reach end game status fast and gear themselves belong to the faction. This is not socialism where you are obliged to participate and share. There are people who simple do pve and others who do only twinking, these also do not contribute as much as end game users, can they be blamed for enjoying the game the way they want? Each to their own and nobody can blame anyone for anything. Someone might be 50 and geare
  21. I assume these things will happen: People that are from Danaria and have a unique name that doesn't already exist in KT, should be able to somehow keep it without a rename and a ticket People that got houses and will obviously lose them should get compensation on the amount of money they spent to buy them at least Prior to the merge, Danaria people will most likely get an exclusive event so they won't feel ripped. I think something similar happened in EK server when it got merged Turn "shared maps" into normal maps, there is nothing to share anymore lol! Once you
  22. Hello no, I didn't log on classic yet after maintenance, so if this is true then lets hope it was a mistake on their behalf. That filter made LFG readable again. I even removed the WTB and WTS comments as well and it was such a nice channel all of a sudden.
  23. Everyone should take a backup of that file because our personal additions are better than what the GMs will add if they bother to do so.
  24. A live server is better than a dead one, you might find it easier to grind because of no competition but eventually the goal is to have a massive online game. The potential chaos of a more crowded server is giving an appeal. I wouldn't push anyone to change server, many people love to play solo games so an emptier server might be better. It is just after some time it would get pointless.
  25. Each tot heir own, if you made your char worthy within 3 weeks, you can redo it on Siel and it will be easier there. There were time in original Aion Siel that Asmodians were overly outnumbered and I know I didn't like it so this is why I made the suggestion based on what I would do.
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