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  1. 16 hours ago, Zhandar-KT said:

    So, i tried to play this game after several years, i spent 10 bucks on the starter box just to find out that is unplayable, lag is terrible, toon stops moving for even 60 secs and then your death when the spike ends, why are you keeping this garbage online?, seriosuly if you gonna sell something, do it right, this is a totally waste or money and time.

    as for me im deleting this garbage right now, enjoy your 10 bucks NC, thats all you will get for me

    Where are you from? Many people have issues with the new ISP on NA servers (they are in Amazon services now). The only thing you could do is get a cheap ping reduction if your ping is that high.

    11 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    What's a starter box?

    A BCM item that has a few items meant for a new player. It is 1 per account, you cannot get a second one, it has some enchants and some other stuff for a very low price.

  2. 14 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    well today my 1tb ssd arrived and i installed it but i have a 2tb hdd and 1 m.2 pcie nvme gen3 x4 on order and my motherboard is asrock b450m steel legend which i believe has another slot for another m.2 but i think its a sata...so these m.2 nvme and sata m.2 are just smaller versions of a standard size ssd correct? honestly i was thinking of installing both m.2 along with 2 standard size ssd and the hdd...is it safe to install them all? ty for responding...

    As long as you have the slots for more connections you can do them. Obviously the more you connect the more your pc will have to handle them, in new motherboards that is not an issue of course.

    But you should be asking these questions to the "Player to Player" support because this is irrelevant to the topic, no shade, it is better for you to get help that way in a stand alone thread that you will start.

  3. 17 hours ago, saammy-KT said:

    Hello, I'm2 a level 65 glad. I haven't played in three years, two days I logged in and I can not remember the quest at all and I'm completely turned around. I don't have what the campaign is calling for. Can someone please assist me in this? It's very frustrating and I'd like to move on from it!

    - Samantha

    What server/faction are you? When you are a returning player and you cannot get any campaigns, you need to level a little bit to trigger a campaign for you. Because the campaigns are a series and throughout the patches we got changes, whoever was already higher level was excluded from the lower level campaigns up to their level.

    In this case you can do any blue quest to level up and then catch up the rest of the campaigns. Thankfully there is no campaign that is important for your progress other than just giving good XP, meaning you can get to level 80 without doing a single campaign and it won't halt your end game experience.

  4. 49 minutes ago, GenericUser3777 said:

    Why do I have cubicles such as Bronze Griffon’s Wisdom Cubicle that aren’t registering in the Cubic menu and do not have a category within that menu?

    You have maximized that stat then, once you max a stat the cubicles for that stat are useless, you can just use them in transmutation thingy.

  5. 2 hours ago, Iostcrazyman-KT said:

    Sadly it is rng because the box that gives shard most of the time only gives pots. The only for sure way to get the transform in 6 mo time is if you are at almost 4x our normal Governor GP at the end each season and you do the daily lugbug every single day and weekly each week.

    If you managed to have perfect RNG and didn't get any GP ever it would take you around 8/9 mo

    I didn't know these mechanics, I knew it was "at least 6 months" at best case scenario, but even if it was 1 year, it would still set a long term goal. And since I do not know all the mechanics of it, running it on 12 chars would make it better, unless there is a catch (like the lugbug transforms that you need breath of transformation which is limited sales)

    We can't argue it would have been better to actually get that implemented than hoping for a promotion event which we don't even know what it will ask/offer.

  6. 1 hour ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    In fact, to kill the cap in the opposite faction map to make it owned by your faction would be like shooting your own feet, because you wont be able to finish some campaing quests.

    And then by killing the captain again would turn into the opposite camp again. Think of it as lakrum camps or katalam camps, they do not belong to anyone until someone claims them. This way going to an enemy map and claiming a camp WITH quests for your side would make the game better.

    right now if the enemy kills a captain on enemy map camp, the only thing done is preventing that camp from being functional for 2 hours.

  7. They need to give us the newest patch that Korea has, they make something like the lugbug weekly that gives us legendary for free every 2 months. I am not saying it is a lugbug affiliated thing, but you can farm an ultimate approximately every 6 months. They got it in Korea and it is a game feature not an event.

    If anything they should rush this thing to our side and forget about promotions that benefit only a few that already have accumulated transforms.

    This is what I personally constantly said from start, a simple sure way to put a goal to get into end game content no matter how long it takes, 6 months is fair enough, heck even once a year would still do it, since a ton of people play for 2+ years since 6.2 religiously and still haven't managed to get an ulti transform. And lets not forget the mass of people that have ultimate got it in the "combine 12x and get a sure ultimate" promotion. Without it 90% of the people that have ulti wouldn't be having it yet.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Ferk-DN said:

    So they took the Luna Light out of the chest rewards options for Contaminated Underpath, and put it in BCM at 40 BC Coin each. This is a blatant profit grab under the guise of fixing a technical problem. It's now harder to obtain Luna Light in game than it was a couple of weeks ago.

    Every luna material was already in BCM since 6.2 came live to NA. Acquiring luna's light is not harder we always get the s-rank pouch with the lugbug daily now, in afk mode in luna daily instance we could get S-rank but also A-rank and A-rank had a chance to not give luna's light. Of course 3/4 of the time we got s-rank and that 1/4 we got a-rank we still got luna's light most of the times because the chance was high.

    For a main it is super faster to get the pouch now, it takes me less than 5 minutes to do the 50 kills when daily luna wasn't fast due to the need to wait for the waves to spawn, for alts it is more time now than before depending on their gear. And it is manual labor, at this point with this change the auto hunt will put back the afk luna pouch into everyone's lives when they implement it.

  9. 13 hours ago, Iostcrazyman-KT said:

    Item collection as of Korea just like transforms is server unique so all other servers wont have them they probably just took this same for us and didnt give us cross server like we have for transforms

    Transforms are also meant to be server wide onl, we got a better version on this along with the fact we cannot go lower with 2x combines that fail.

  10. 6 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    PS Honestly, why not add all WB weapons in that event including para and divine ?? That would make some sense at least.

    That would make me get prestige and run pve instances after almost 1,5 years of not doing any pve instance. Heck I would even reset if needed.

  11. 4 hours ago, PrincessAvalon-KT said:

    @Kibbelz@Loki @Hime

    • We need the autohunt feature to complete our cubics . Back on 6.0 people would make alliance and grind the lakrum mini bosses that used to have guarantee drop of 1 bag with cubible. The cubicle inside the bag was rng but it was guarantee drop that you get 1 bag from each boss.
    • On this patch the only way to get cubics  is if you spend , actually its if you waste hours of yourr life to no avail grinding mobs in open world inggison and gelmarkos that have a "chance" to drop cubicles . So what we have here is a chance for cubicle to drop and even lower chance for you to get the stat you actually need.
    • This is very important for returning players and users that play on regular basis alike.
    • If you refrain from adding the autohunt not only do you make it impossible for players to get important stats for both pvp and pve , but also you will have to adjust future events that require an enormous amount of killing mobs thus more work for you
    • As a student that doesn't like wasting their time to no avail im in favour of this feature and im sure many other people  that actually got stuff to do in real life agree with me but i get why many others are against it. Servers are dead either way and what's so wrong about getting a bot feature in a legal way that many others abuse through third party software ages now? 
    • Alternatives for helping players get their cubicles without this feature
    1. Bring the old cubic instance back with separate entries than the one that gives monster cubics for pve end game isntances
    2. Change the spawn time of the mobs that used to drop titan coin bags that are all over the map and make each of them drop 1 bag with 1 cubicle like the bosses on 6.0 used to do
    • If you do not know how to script any of this forward it to korea so they do something because something is  better than nothing at all.

    But it is not like the developers don't already know all that, they did have an awesome system with the cubicle instance for cubicles... how simple was that!!! And it worked. Even better we had cubicle upgrades, use 5x bronze for 1x silver, 5x silver for 1x gold.

    They are those that took their own working creation and turned it into utter bs. No more cubicle instance, no more cubicle upgrades, open world grinding to get cubicles, and the cubic instance itself suck for the purpose it is there, you cannot get platinum cubicles for the bosses which is what actually matters (unless they changed it and I missed that since I have my cubicles ready since 6.2 and finished the rest in 7.0)

  12. 4 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    KR just announced they are merging from 6 servers in to 2 servers as well.

    Lets hope they see the necrosis of the game then, as long as Korea had a lot of players they thought they were doing a great job, if even the asian players can no longer tolerate the game then they went full wrong.

    Also p2w will not be a problem if it only means faster progression, in this case even prestige would count as p2w. But when you can only get exclusive items via p2w, or when you have an event for sales or even worse an event where you need to use 1000x legendary enchant stones in hope to get an op weapon that gives you skills and invincibility then that is where it went full retard.

    Unless the company sees the players as a statistic and not as individuals, like "hey that 1% of the players will be gods, but most of the rest 99% will not have to face the 1% every day so it should work". Ermmm... nope, every single player is self worthy for full game. Nobody plays the game to be a walking dummy for the rich kid so he can kill him with ease and stream how awesome he is in the game, pretending he won because he knows how to play better, when in reality the winner simply got exclusive abilities that others will never get, or simply plays a stupid OP class on top of all the others advantages.

  13. 6 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    It is simple to calculate that tge probability of 16 fails in a row (if you did all 16 in a row and not in several hours or days) is 0.8^16 that makes 2.8% chance that is not really impossible but still... Let’s say it’s the same chance when you got your kaisinel ;)

    It would have been 2,8% chance if my +11 skill went to +12 with 16x books... mine is still +11.

    To see my statistic I need to keep enchanting until it goes to +12 and then calculate it.

    The problem with this is that it is supposed to be 20% which is quite a chance and so far mine is less than 2,8%

  14. 2 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    That doesn’t look like 20% rate...

    The +11 one seems to never move. 16x books and still +11 that is a 0% so far for me. If it was a real 20% theoretically every 5 trials I should get +1, of course chances and real RNG doesn't work like this but with 16x books it should at least have moved ONCE!

  15. The 2 hour respawn time on camps is simply inexcusable. There is no benefit on the opposite team to kill a camp captain and there is little to nothing we can do to prevent it.

    What they should have done is when an elyos kills an asmodian camp captain, the camp should turn to elyos with an elyos captain already, the elyos should have a quest there like they do on their map, when an asmodian goes to that camp and kill the elyos captian it should turn to Asmodian instantly. Same thing for Asmodians in Inggison.

    This way we could get renown on the enemy map as well while killing the enemy camp shouldn't be a burden to anyone. It would make an incentive in going to the enemy map and doing camps. I can already see people forming groups to do the enemy weeklies.

  16. 47 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Yeah, it's pretty abysmal. One of my DP skills went to +15 without too much effort (compared to the regular skills); it took like 15 books to go from 10-15. But the other DP skill... yikes. I kid you not, it took me nearly 50 books to go from 10-15.

    It is not just the books, it is I got a lot of daevanion essences from a recent event and stacked them but I am running low, losing 16x books on that +11 meant I lost 16x daevanion essences.

  17. I had quit long time ago trying  to get the DP daevanions mostly because they are yet another 2 sleeps that are so slow and conditional and pvp lasts less time than their cast time (ain't nobody got time to cast a 2 second skill when you are dead in 0.5 seconds) but since I had all other daevanions +15 I ended up with a hoard of daevanion book.

    I finally got the two of them and did them +10 with books from other skills. Once I reached +10 to one of the books then it went downhills. The chance to succeed past +10 with a same bok is higher but the chance to upgrade with other books is still high enough.

    I spend 14x books to go from +10 to +11, and then I wasted another 16 book with 16x daevanion essences and the skill is still +11

    The chance to enchant with a non same book is 20% that is 1/5 enchants to succeed and so far the chance seems to be close to 5% if not less. I oviously won't even bother enchanting with non-same book from now on, I could have spent those 30x books I had to try to get me the same DP book as well, but something has to be done with the RNG and the "asuccess rate"

    Same book vs non same book enchant rate for daevanions:



  18. 26 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    Better late then never. If they do make a better patch in the future new/returning players will not have to suffer as current players suffered.

    Exactly, lets hope the game gets streamlined more and has less RNG for the most important things. Like getting gear, them inion you want, the best transforms etc.

    24 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

    so people just leaving a forming party when guild members or a friend calls is nonesense...ok!

    Nope, it is an issue but it is a gameplay issue, it is an issue between the community and the people you choose to play with, but it also has to do with the fact you pick on people who don't deal with your issues. I didn't miss the point as you implied, I just never replied to your problems.

    I have seen bad behavior of people and I chose to exclude them from my future plans. You cannot complain about such behavior and "demand" something to be done, people have the freedom to play as awful as they want, it is your job to find the people that play the way you play and team with them.

  19. 19 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:



    Looks like they adding a f2p way to obtain ultimate's in KR shortly.

    Yes it will be about 1 ulti per at least 6 months of collecting materials (similar to getting a legenedary from lugbug every 2 months for free). Which should have been implemented from start.

    A little too late, I know a ton of people had to quit the game because they wasted a ton of money and still couldn't get one.

    35 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

    Guess the issue went right over your head...

    I never replied to your nonsense though, your rant was about people not grouping with you or leaving while forming. When you read a comment never take for granted people deal with your needs or reply to your comments.

    My reply was for the fact the event is for hard modes and the drop is RNG filtered so the outcome is even worse.

  20. The chocolate event is not a bad addition, it is just grind 100 mobs per day and get some event coins. A simple side-event that hurts nobody (we already kill 50 for the luna after all).

    The manastone socketing is ap2w right? I mean where do you get the mats for the 2 quests? Even so most people have their manastones socketed.

    The event for weapons is not for anyone other than a few classes and those that actually do hard mode instances. Can we never have such event as main events again please? Have it as a side event if you want but that can't bet he main event.
    An event that is for hard mode pve instances is not an event, it is not for everyone.

    There are a few event we loved so much and I understand that you cannot repeat the best events over and over again. Like stormwing event, it was the second best event we had after 6.0, the best one was the event at 6.5 where you could get random legendary transforms or selectable ones and there was no limit on how many we could get.

    But we could have events that are not too bank breaking but still something to play for. Like the doll up event, we haven't had it for years, it is practically like snowball event with less steps.

    Or we could get an actual instance event with good rewards, an event everyone will be able to do, not just those that are geared for hard mode instances.


    Effectively now we only have the chocolate event. The rest are not for the most.

  21. 1 hour ago, Ferk-DN said:

    They don't drop in any of the instances I run. eg. AD, IB, ID, EC, HM, KB, MV.

    Sigh, miss out again...

    These are pvp instances (except for HM which is a solo easy mode isntance). Event were never for pvp instances as there is a lot of injustice due to gear/class imbalance plus pvp instances can be rigged if people play against their alts.

  22. 4 minutes ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Looks like there might be a typo in the event quest. I just tested on Demaha mobs and the kill count for the event quest doesn't go up. I will test Crimson Katalam mobs tomorrow. Seems only Inggison mob kills count toward the event quest.

    If you read the description in the event lugbug tab it says specifically Gelkmaros for Asmodians and Inggison for Elyos.

    The additional screenshot is from the Taiwan version that they have the auto hunt, he simply mentioned that we shouldn't complain about this being an auto-hunt event while we do not have the auto hunt feature, because our numbers are greatly reduced because of that.

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