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  1. @Kibbelz This patch is made to have the autohunt into consideration, you get cubicles and XP marks with it and of course a lot of drops that are changing the economy.

    We have non of it and we understand it would turn us into a botfest.

    You addressed this by bringing XP events with passive buffs or auto hunt maps (like garden of knowledge and now the auto hunt maps).

    One this event is over we either need the XP buffs back or we need this map to be permanent feature even with the limitation of the hourglass it will still be better than nothing.

    (If they are smart they will put hourglass in BCM for a rather cheap price so people can go there for more time.)

  2. 9 hours ago, AnonymousCoward-DN said:

    ^ and increase the event coin drops by 300x

    For the duration of the event yes, I got 1 coin per hour there or something.

    If they make it permanent they can even remove the event coins if they want to. The most important thing is that the patch requires a ton of XP marks that everyone around the world get free of charge with auto hunt but we don't have it.

    We did get XP boost events for this reason but they stopped now so let me remind them.

  3. 6 hours ago, Alvie said:

    I just looked at some screen shots I took from 2011, and the chat text had the drop shadow which people here were QQ ing about, and it is more readable with it than without.

    The chat was OK when Classic launched
    They changed it to the drop shadow that wasn't the same as before
    Now they removed it and made the text borderless which causes issues with the background.

    ...how can you always be wrong is beyond me!

  4. 1 hour ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Finally some clarification from NCsoft on this bug. I got banned from forum for calling the client « shop error » bug a 🦞. They told me that I cannot use 🦞  « to insult a player or a feature ». Since client bug is not a player - IT IS A FEATURE ! So working as intended guys, and stop complaining, @Arhangelos

    You can't call the "shop error" a "crab"? Jeez!
    (just kidding)


  5. 3 hours ago, Demigo said:

    Because they love the game. Like I do.

    Which part do you love that bots and p2w haven't destroyed already? Gathering and crafted is taken over by farmers, drops are also being heavily provided by them. PvP is taken over by Ap traders and p2w people.

    I also love the game and I log in to see the old areas, I do not pay for it though, it is free to login.

  6. I remember when they first transfered the servers to the new ISP and when 7.0 came we had extreme lag, lag spikes and dc quite often.

    I am reaching a point that I cannot login into the game without a vpn and when I do put a vpn I get the client to freeze every minute and some times the freeze will last 10 seconds and then I get the message about the shop.

    If stupid game mechanics haven't killed the game, this freezing feature is defo going to. I can't do anything in game anymore, the client will freeze and I am losing hits, dps, pvp and what not.

  7. 30 minutes ago, Voltric-DN said:

    Wonder if anyone is listening to these suggestions and complaints? I'm not the type of person who likes to spend more than an hour afking, but I was a bit excited when I read we could earn event coins. So disappointing to hear about the low drop rate.

    This is only good for those who need cubicles and some XP marks are earned as well. And since it uses hourglass you can't just let your char there overnight, you can buy hourglasses with XP marks (1 XP mark for 1 hour seems a good price since you will get far more XP marks in return by afk XPing there).

    Also the Hourglass pouch from renown NPCs are account wh storable, if you have alts that are renown 5/7 in the shared maps (Lakrum, Demaha, katalam) you can buy with them too and deposit them for your main to use.


    I only miss 2 platinum cubicles, the m.attack and p.attack and these 2 days I went there 5 hours per day with extra hourglass pouches and I only gotten ONE m.attack platinum cubicle. But I did get a ton of the lower ones.


    This event should be permanent since we do not have an open world auto hunt (and we do not want one or retail will be a botfest even though dead). You cannot abuse it with alts to gain anything (since drops are soul bound) and they should remove the hourglass.

    The reason is the current patches are made so auto hunt is taken into consideration and we do not have it. We did get adjustments on the drops rates in the past but they are not editing our drop rates at every mini patch unless we tell them how awful it is.

    So this map is pretty much what NA needs permanently so people can get their free XP marks and cubicles and it can't hurt the game and the economy. But they would also have to expand the whole map because that area is tiny. Without hourglass many people would be there 24/7.

  8. On 9/1/2021 at 3:55 AM, Kibbelz said:

    Transformation promotion rewards will be sent out before the end of the day on 9/1

    You should never give exact promises like this. You could have said "the rewards will be sent out after the maintenance of 1st Sept and within the week".

    Cut yourself some slack because broken promises make the game feel less professional.

  9. 12 minutes ago, Bip said:

    Since 2009 it's been the same. Be my guest, though. :)

    There have been tons of changes because of player feedback in NA, events changed, rewards changed. I am not going to continue arguing on whether I have the right to be here or not.

    If nobody said a single word about AP trading, do you think it would have been an issue with NCWest that simply runs the game and doesn't monitor it?

  10. Funny, I closed the vpn to be able to go to the new map and auto hunt without the freezing issue and I cannot even log without the vpn, it gives me the "cannot connect to the authentication server" error.

    I am checking my connection with a ton of different ping services, they all return it flawlessly working. There must be an issue with their provider and ISPs outside USA.

    This can only get worse because I know very well how NCWest rots down every service and never fix the issues. They have made huge cuts in everything retail wise and they are sticking to them.

    2 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Yeah, it is cancer. I suggest they temporarily remove BCM from the game before they come up with a fix. 😁

    But I can open BCM easily, I am not even sure what that 10060 shop thing is. Everything works correctly, GST, BCM they all are doing fine.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Once I crossed an asmo in Lakrum while entering HM and right at that moment the shop error happened, 5 sec freeze and I was back at obelisk. 

    It happens way too frequent the last days. When I first log it doesn't happen, once it starts freezing nothing stops it and it happens every minute or so, I have to close the client and reopen for the game to work for an hour or two without freezing until it starts getting the same error.

  12. Whatever junk you decide to put into the client and/or services just undo them. I started getting the shop 10060 error again after the new patch.

    The game freezes for 1~5 seconds at frequent intervals if you use a vpn/ping reducer.

    You can't have such an obvious death wish for this game, I am waiting for any positive change the last 2 years and every time you find new ways to make this game even less playable.

  13. 1 hour ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    I guess the other part is for the elyos, maybe? If it is, I'm kinda surprised that nobody came to asmo side by using 'super-man like' powers.

    Maybe they have Illuma, because Norsvold is an Asmodian map.

    About 3 hours later I killed 1100 mobs, I got 10 coins, 26 XP marks and a ton of cubicles, only 1 cubicle that I actually need but that is irrelevant, for those who still need a lot of cubicles this is a rather ok event.

    For XP it would have been better if I could have an area with elite only mobs, they seem to provide much better ratio between XP and hits needed to kill. With my XP amulet I get 71.906.606 XP from the elites and from normal mobs anything from 1,1m~1,4m XP. I also play without prestige so I do not have that passive bonus.

    But I insist this is for geared mains only, not for alts. There are times my main gets up to 4k dmg per hit and I have the Advanced stigmas so I have the advanced vision stigma which is a toggle so always on and thus I can use Vaizel's Wisdom and Advanced Magic Rush while my drain is +15 daevanion so it not only drains more percentage, with all combined it does a lot more dmg than my alt who was dying like sh!t.

    So I kill them faster, take less hit, less dmg per hit and I drain much more with drain.

  14. 1 hour ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    My main can kill them, either elites or not, using only auto-hunt. Elite mobs are a bit harder, but  they give around 71M exp, very yummy. I haven't tried it on alts, though. 

    Same, my main can melt them but I have good gear, upgraded stigmas, golden minion, +15 daevanions etc.


    They could have utilized all areas if they wanted to make it compatible with all chars and gears. This is the Norsvold map but only the upper part is used:


  15. Having the daily limit makes no sense since you can log a totally free account, trade everything there and sell it with them, if they reach the 1m limit, log a 3rd account, they are free and it is not against the TOS to have more than 1 or trade items/kinah to other chars.

    They could at least have the limit only for non subbed accounts, it is funny a totally free account has 1m limit and a sub has 1m too.

  16. OK whateverz... either there is a chance to drop them and the chance is like 1% or I did something wrong, it also seems that place is super tough, there are elite mobs that spawn randomly with 5 dots, you would have to be active to kill them before they kill you with your main, auto hunt has a limited amount of skills to make it possible to hunt in tough areas.

    It is like they are trolling people, auto hunt in TT where it is impossible to use it and now a map that is also hard to even manually grind, with little XP and no drops.

    I am not complaining at all, I am simply skipping this. You get better XP grinding bomb mobs.

    28 people


  17. ...these mobs are level 80 with 4~5 dots, I tried to put a not so geared alt and he died.

    I then grind-ed manually for a while and all mobs gave just XP which isn't even enough to justify being there. Where are the coins?

  18. And to clarify, I do not like retail as it is, but there are a few things I enjoy and I log for these few things that I enjoy. It is a 100% free game and I lose nothing to log on my char and do an event or an instance whenever I feel like. If I had to pay a subscription to play the game I wouldn't, because the things I enjoy in it do not justify a single penny. I can obviously afford it but I won't pay for such little service.

  19. 33 minutes ago, Bip said:

    You can post here. I never said you couldn't. I simply pointed out that if it doesnt interest you anymore, why even open the forums? Creating content is a completely different thing than what you do here, not the right  comparison.

    I also never said I didn't like this thread. Why so bitter? You don't even like your class on Retail. At this point I don't even know what do you still like about any of the NCsoft games. LOL

    And no, I don't need to be "happy" to give them $15 (and another $30 on top of that), I just need to enjoy the game enought to justify that. i wish things weer better, but this is NCsoft. I'ts been like this since I first played Aion back in 2009, and it's not going to change. If you really play their games since Lineage (I never touched it, never liked it), then you should know that by now.

    Honestly? Ive reported a few bots and I just gave up on it. At this point you simply accept things as they are, or leave, because it's not going to change. And if they don't permanently ban people for trading, then as I said before, I'll just trade AP too to catch up lol.

    If nobody expresses their dissent in anything that happens then no change will ever come.

    I am playing retail, the class that I always played but I avoid things that are not compatible with my class. I do not stress it anymore and I do play other games too. This is aion, I still log into it and I have an opinion. As for classic I was there, I did play that and I saw how bad it was and stopped playing it actively, I only log here and there to check it, but the time I log to check it doesn't make me less valid on writing my opinion. I have a ton of friends who still play it actively and we speak on discord about it.

    You also asked "why am I still here" as if somehow I need to justify my existence here to you. I am still playing the game though but this doesn't mean someone who stopped due to the situation cannot come in the forums to write what they want. It is not like I struggle to be here and take time and effort to spend 10~15 minutes on some posts.

  20. On 8/31/2021 at 10:30 AM, Bip said:

    I am not happy with the current state of the game either, but I'd not be here anymore if I was so unhappy with it as you are @Arhangelos. So the question is: why tf are you still here if nothing pleases you anymore?

    I'd still chose this model over Retail's tbh. You will have "P2W" in every game that allows you to trade ingame currency. People will always buy  ingame currency, if not by official means (Candies), then it will be real people farming or bots. It will always exist.

    You have already stated MULTIPLE times that you won't ever play another NCsoft game AND you don't even play Classic. Move on!

    This is the forums not the game, I still log into the retail as usual, I might log to classic once a month just to see it but without subscription obviously.

    I already play other games too, when I am on the pc I have 100 tabs open and multitask, it is not hard to be on this forum too.

    There are people who make youtube videos on Aion even though they do not play it and they simply come back, check what it is and they leave. Are they allowed to try and express opinions or are you going to tell them to eggnog themselves out?

    In the same sense, If you do not like this thread then what are you doing here? I have been a supporter since Lineage days, I have spent time and money here (not much but I did) and I have a saying on when they destroy it. They owe me nothing but I am free to write whatever I want here.


    On 8/31/2021 at 10:30 AM, Bip said:

    I am not happy with the current state of the game either

    ...nope, you are happy with it, otherwise you wouldn't be playing it. Your words not mine. I am unhappy about it and I prove it by not playing it, you on the other hand still log, play and I assume pay them 15$ for  that and you are happy enough to go on.

  21. 3 hours ago, Chintsuzai said:

    Yeah the main issue is the majority of competition selling are using bots. currently your better of to sell mats u collected.

    Exactly, not to mention some times it is better to sell the raw materials you gathered as they are for a better profit than crafting them and ending up selling it for less kinah overall.

  22. 22 minutes ago, Nahilu said:

    ''P2W makes absolutely no sense in a game that is an mmorpg that is supposed to last years.''

    The reason you looking for is here


    They don't want you to play classic aion forever , they want to save some money short term to be able to pay for development for the next MMO that they want you to play.

    So they took Case 2 , and their decision was made. 

    Do you understand how costly game development is in 2021 ? Not the same from 10 years ago when they made Aion. I was a kid 20 years ago my MOM bought me Chrono Trigger for 79$ at the Store , a SNES Game. In 2021 the game  sells at 79$ and takes 3x more time to accomplish in time because the standard of what a game is today is not the same as 10 years ago. The Video Games Industry found new ways to monetize and follow the rhythm.

    I personally won't even try Aion 2 before I actually see what it is from others or read about it or go to forums and check how unhappy people are already. They are not luring me to pay a sub before I know what they are selling me, not again.

    If they ever decide to make their minds and say "hey we are opening a 3rd Classic server with sub only and no cash shop and no free to play", I won't even try that because I know within 1~2 months they will inject p2w.

    I can foresee what Aion 2 will be -> another junk game they will ruin within the first 1~2 months by p2w, glitches, hacks and bots. Because they have been so consistent in all of these that I already know what it will be.

    No trust in anything they do even if that is a new game.

  23. 16 minutes ago, Nahilu said:

    Do I agree with PW2 , no

    Do I understand PW2 , yes

    If I were NcSoft Company would I do the same , yes money talks

    Well I already pre-answered all the questions. The p2w you "understand" is a self destructive short term choice on the company. I do not understand it myself. They could have had a game that would run for years and sell cosmetics or convenience items on store.

    P2W makes absolutely no sense in a game that is an mmorpg that is supposed to last years.

    • Case 1: 3000 people paying sub only and potentially some cosmetics or convenience, 45.000 per month + the rest
      in this case you have a healthy mmorpg, that will last for years and potentially grow to bigger numbers.
      If the game is fair and good the 3000 players will become 6000 players and that will be 70.000 per month
    • Case 2: 50 people paying 1000$ per month each = 50.000 per month + 1000 subscribers that remained from the first week 15.000 for a total of 65.000 per month
      This is super short term numbers, once the 1000 subs realize they are nothing but statistical data and dummies to the elite, they will start quitting. Once the subs drop to 100, that is where the game died, and this is where these 50 whales will no longer spend a dime on the game because there will be no need, or they will quit for the next game that can enjoy.
      At this point the game will not even make 1/10th of what it used to do or it could do.

    Classic went from "full server load" to 20% on Siel at peaks and 7~9% on IS and that is including the bots that are ten times more than the players and pay absolutely nothing to the company while destroying the game.

    16 minutes ago, Nahilu said:

    So at the end problems are on our side. WHY THE HELL DO WE SUPPORT THIS SHIT.

    If nobody would support this model , dont buy the battlepass , dont buy nyerking candies , play the nyerking game like it was design to be.

    I have absolutely no clue why would anyone pay a subscription in Classic unless they belong to any or all of the cases below:

    1. ...are cheating
    2. ...are botting with 100+ accounts
    3. ...are p2w whales

    Because I sure don't buy this model anymore. I paid for 1 month and I feel scammed.

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