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  1. It is also the classes, there is 0 balance, some classes are like world bosses and some are not. You said "cast a spell", if you are a sorcerer don't accuse anything other than our class, our class is literally one they need to either revamp or completely delete from the game, we are a pre 6.0 class and we never got upgraded to 6.0+ There are also a ton of other things many people have gotten that make them even more powerful like imbued weapons, lunar weapons etc. You can't just get end game gear and start pvping, you have to get into the special items that might not even be available at
  2. I had a green and I wanted a red, and reset the thing and kept getting a green 4 times in a row, eventually I got a blessed green so I kept it for future which I now use. Gemstone/Runestone slot reset is not working with any randomness, it is guarantee you will get the exact same colour at least 10 times before you get a new colour, it is as if items have a predetermined attribute to them and that attribute is having the biggest chance to happen. I am more than sure that this is their design of the game, developers are selling reset stones and people think they work, eventually when you g
  3. Don't you get less points for less time being online there?
  4. That wouldn't be bad. We should all be happy this way, it will be faster for us to do out luna pouch every day this way so people wouldn't about this.
  5. The problem with everyone hitting like an elite boss though is that some classes can survive a burst attack better than others. so the defensive classes can stand more chances. plus some classes have effective defensive shield that negate most damage taken while they still hit like elite bosses because of the stats you explained. Right now the supposed "non dps classes" are those that are the best for pvp because they have their class' defensive abilities plus the insane stats that make every class a nuclear dps. This is why Templars, Gladiators, Clerics and AT are so op, and of cour
  6. They need to make it a league kill count so 192 people can get credit for 1 mob dead
  7. There were times in the past an account would get blocked for IP reasons and security. I think they removed that because a lot of people got that. There was a message like "your account has been locked due to suspicious activity" which 99% of the time ended in the account given back with an apology. Not sure about your friends' case of course.
  8. I agree with everything but the only problem is "open area grinding". Which means that bots will be in every corner of the map now, adding to this auto hunt function we will get, then it is like a recipe for disaster. It will matter on how many bots actually exist. If the number of bots are a lot, it will be harder for actual players to find mobs in open field to do your 50 kills Yes there were times that bots were in open field too, but not all in one map. Of course we will have to see how it goes. All of these are speculations and things we think will happen. Lets wait and see
  9. You need to be level 80 to enter that. In Gelkmaros, it is right next to the Abyssal Splinter entrance.
  10. Of course preventing the existence of bots would be the best. But so far they failed. These "nerfs" usually end up hurting actual players more. Bots will be back no matter what and they will do the hard stuff better than the humans will.
  11. If it is the existing "kill 50 mobs in gelk inggi" then it will be bad. Bots will still do it and now we will have infested the main maps with them. You could bring a new lugbug daily for this, if it is killing mobs it should be kill any mobs either in end game maps (gelk/inggi, lakrum, demaha, karalam) and also include the end game instances in this.
  12. Yes the only thing they would have to do is allow for custom chains to be used, then half of our skill tree would have been usable. I doubt they will give us any additional change to the auto hunt as a regional edit. The reason they bring the auto hunt is so they won't have to make edits on events and game features that relied on that, so they m ost likely won't do an edit on the auto hunt that they will constantly have to keep at every mini patch or update.
  13. First thing is you get gelk pve gear + weapon and katalam accessories (lakrum si for pvp so it is not even important, you won't pvp on that armor) Keep doing your weekly/daily renown quests, they will provide you with some purchases that you can do with the XP marks. They also give XP and the gelk weeklies also give XP extractors for free. Having XP extractors will help you buy more gear to extract either for manastone fasteners or dust from accessories to enchant gemstones and rune stones. Hint: if you need manastone fasteners buy the pvp weapon from lakrum, it gives the same a
  14. You can always go to acorn shugos in Beluslan or Heiron and bu things from them. They have some beautiful old skins including wings and accessories.
  15. *laughs in: never bought anything from BCM except prestige*
  16. We have to wait and see which daily lugbug will do it. They might even put a new daily just for this. Some dailies are easy others are not. I will not complain about this until I see exactly how it is done. (Like imagine if it is "consume 30 drinks or food", even your grandma will be able to do 20 accounts in half an hour :D)
  17. It is mentioned in the event page that it will automatically use either bobonerk coins or Xp extractors whichever is first in your inventory. So if you bobonerk coins are higher than the XP extractors it uses them. So place your XP extractors in the first cube and it will be used.
  18. Sorry I mean custom chains, the actual chains are indeed used.
  19. I personally said my opinion about the whole 7.x patch which is what went wrong, and 7.7 is the worst, the awfulness of the instances are part of 7.7. We had pvp instances to upgrade our pvp gear, now you do not do pvp for any reason, you grind in pve instances to get the accessories and then grind in TT to get the armor. This is part of the patch we play, not a regional nerf. So it is not like our publisher is to be blamed, nor can they possibly do anything to fix it themselves.
  20. They could allow either more skills or put chain skills in there as well. A SM for example has one drain for both MP and HP and it is also a direct hitting skill. A sorc needs one for drain and one for MP, but they are both offensive skills. A non draining class will have to put a self heal thus limiting the dmg skills by one.
  21. If you paid attention I already acknowledged in many posts that they soft implemented the bot this way with a fake event so they can simply put it without getting sh!t over the fact they said they didn't want it in the first place. But at this point I kinda feel regrets for picking on you, you are either an imbecile or even worse suffer from something and all this time I am making fun and play on my hands a disabled person. No shade, you can go on, no hard feelings. I take everything I said about you back.
  22. That is an ad hominen attack and you already one too many of them, it is the lowest form of a non-argument and it usually implies an intellectually inferior person, children do that when they lose and argument ad say "yeah but you are short", or "my dad has more money": You will say something and pretend to have reason and logic, but you will get replies and you can no longer reply anything you call someone a name thinking this wins you an argument when you don't even have one or devalues someone else's argument. You top it up with an irrelevant gif or a meme that you have no clue what
  23. I was governor when the game was fun and active, I did all instances and enjoyed the double entries, I am not going to waste a single penny to afk or get double entries in instances that no longer matter. I want to play the game, I want a dedicated instance for cubics, I want the pvp instances to become relevant again and play a role in progress for pvp. I want to be able to make XP marks by enjoying content, with quests and instances. You are literally the most obnoxious existence right now, every post you did so far is just your, your ass, your lame posts, and your need for the afk
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