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  1. I haven't even reached level 20 on my main because of the candies, I soft quit already and I doubt I'll play my whole 1-month sub. I won't complain, it is what it is, you get served something and if you don't like it, just don't go there again.
  2. Merging of server? Why... we can't even make chars on Siel because it is overcrowded.
  3. These are the forums, why are you even here? Play the dam game and let the people that quit Classic or are about to quit it discuss what went wrong -> again <-. If we cannot express an opinion in forums then why are forums for?
  4. When others will be competing in sieges with the best gear, having 2~3 sets, having all manastones socketed while you still run at semi green gear wondering if you should try to socket this m.boost manastone that you just looted or sell it on broker to cover your potions, then it is not a good feeling. If we had 2 servers, one with p2w possible and one with just subscription and no shop at all, then nobody would have an issue, I'd be playing in the no shop server. They throw p2w into the subscription servers and expect us to pay 15$ per month so their whales have enough enemies to feel be
  5. Yes because it is day 3, we should all play 2~3 months until someone has it and then we realize we wasted our times. Yeah no!
  6. The problem with current classic is once again we were anticipating it, asking for a subscription and no p2w and we never got it. If you are happy with it, then you would be happy in retail too. You could literally be a walking god in retail if you are spending money. Nobody is "angry" we are just sad that another "version" of Aion will once again die because of the company trying to over-milk the cow the first week, ignoring the fact it will die on the second week. The true mad people will be those that stayed in classic and purchased their ways up and see the game with no play
  7. ...I am against candies and kinah sellers. I will try my month since I paid for it and I'll probably free-to-login so I can see the game die faster than anticipated. Classic was supposed to be full Aion and now p2w. Why on earth am I going to run with 6 speed, cast with 2 c.speed and require half an MP bar to kill one mob, if someone is going to p2w like he does in retail? I'd rather enjoy my ulti transform, the ability to one-shoot every mob and solo instances meant for groups in retail than have to take a week to gain a level when someone else is already maxed out with perma gear,
  8. But here is your flaw, if buying kinah from BCM is OK why isn't it OK to buy from kinah sellers? Sure thing one is supported by NCWest, the other one is a bannable offense. If anyone uses real money to buy kinah that is a problem. The players that only wanted a subscription and no p2w at all are the vast majority and they don't care if you got the company's back or not. If you want to address the bot issue you could speak against that, these two are irrelevant. Nobody here said they support bots or their kinah trade, but we were hoping NCWest would take care of them. Instead, they se
  9. This: People already bought as much as they wanted, and they already traded those to alt accounts to sell and trade kinah back. I am sure we already have some people with a billion kinah. These people won't slack on this as long as it is still running.
  10. We asked for emotions in the shop, we got an ass wooping in return. You can log an alt account, give him the candies to sell and then trade kinah back. The only kinah limit is for people who simply have one account and want to play, those dedicated will already have 100 accounts to get 100 times less kinah limit.
  11. Big inflation works in both ways, yes you can make more money by selling to whales, but you will most likely never be able to buy anything off broker, at least not something valuable that you can't grind yourself. If anyone enjoys the slow pace and the old school Aion grinding, then they should not worry about whales and they p2w kinah. If you are trying to compete and be on top, just buy the candies. If you can't be in the 2 option above, sorry but it is what it is. I know I won't; stay for more than the month I prepaid for. I forgot how obnoxious it is to play a sorcerer back
  12. ...killing mobs manually gives more XP. It took me many hours to go to level 9 to get the profession, then I realized all I had to do was kill mobs and stop trying to do quests. I forgot that truth about old aion.
  13. use the command /escape and it will take you to your obelisk
  14. I was rooting for people like you thinking "is there anyone who paid the premium and got left outside" and there you are. you my friend got Rick Rolled the ugliest way.
  15. I wouldn't buy it even if it was 15$ so pricing it 30$ was wise, those willing to pay extra to play classic and p2w would pay 50$ if they had to. I'll play my month since I paid for it and then I'll zip off. There is nothing satisfying about running with 6 speed, casting skills super slow and having to rest every 2 mobs to fill my MP because back in those days sorcs needed half an MP bar to kill one mob. The only reason why I wanted to try Classic was because of the professions, the old maps and the no p2w, but it turns out p2w is included at least in a form of kinah with candies.
  16. The addition of hairstyles was good obviously and giving more options was good, but one thing they ruined was the full RGB spectrum for colours in hairs, skin etc. They allowed us to have 3 colours with their shades only for skin for example, the hair had a similar destruction in colour options. Some faces did become better but they ruined my char's features, they also decided to add the "aegyo sal" into many of the eye presets which made every eye look like it has eyebags and that is because in Korea it was a big beauty trend and people rushed to get eye plastic surgery to get them.
  17. Spiritmaster was the cancer class of the past. Remember old fear lasted a ton more time than it does now and it didn't have any buffs on the target that it has now.
  18. Exactly, they can add every single outfit in store, it will make them money and it will make the game more beautiful. Anything that has to do with cosmetics, motions, emotes etc is welcome.
  19. Skins are irrelevant to patch, if they want they can have those as well, butt judging from the retail I doubt they will. On another note though since Classic must be free from p2w their only way of making money is selling skins. If they are smart they will add those. New hairstyles etc are not part of Classic because we play with the old graphics (thank goodness), even the faces presets look different from retail since at 5.0 they destroyed the graphics and made them worse. We will not go to Aion 5.x patch obviously. I also didn't mind it but that is one of the patches that a big chu
  20. A "3rd party program"... that is not a ping reduction service for sure, ping reduction services are servers that route your packages via one or another route for the benefit of speed and security of the packets. The only reason why there are bans on vpns/ping reducers is because other people might have used the said IP (or range of IPs) for sketchy things and thus the company mass bans accounts that have logged from a series of IPs whether they were part of the offense or not. They mention that using a ping reduction service is not against the rules but they do not condone it is to g
  21. So Sorcs have refracting shard in classic? That is gorgeous news. We used to run out of MP so fast.
  22. All your posts make absolutely no sense, can you think before you write anything about "3rd party software" or anything about Aion for that matter? Because you are always writing wrong things. 3rd party software is attaching a program to aion client to make your game better or cheat directly altering it. Ping reduction services have nothing to do with Aion itself, it is the routing of your internet connection. Some ISPs provide server options so effectively a ping reduction service at your disposal. Other times you don't have that best route so you connect to the public internet via
  23. Anything "f2p" is going to bring cancer only. We already have enough f2p to make classic a hell playing on. We should advocate for them to remove that 1h too, not give more f2p. I agree we should be more polite to each other When it comes to cost, the servers are not in these countries so the cost of the server's survival can't be met with what people in poorer countries make. Having servers in USA costs an amount that is relevant with USA prices/salaries. At some point NCSoft could have opened servers in SA exclusively like they have in RU and EU. We can't expect a USA compa
  24. Exactly, we are getting Korean Classic as it is. But we can have regional changes like we have in retail. Examples: In korea if you combine 2x legendary transforms you have a chance to get an ancient back, we don't. In Korea they have the transform server wide only, we have them account wide (you get a transform in KT, you also have it in DN) Our shop will be different I am sure as well even in Classic. Regional changes exist and we have a ton of them. If KR had anything to say against bots they would have known that 1h f2p is only bringing cancer. Our publishers could have
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