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  1. Thanks, the 1 kinah retune is a good thing to have recurring, like once per month in a weekend, it is not a deal breaker for you. so far whenever we had it, I was always done with my retunes so I never managed to get advantage of it.
  2. There is defo a problem in the enchanting algorithm, once your item gets to +10 you have to stop enchanting for a while, it kinda gets stuck and you can have like 20 fails in a row when the enchant rate is close to 50%. and it happens pretty consistently, it happens every time I tried to keep enchanting. Itm ight appear like superstition but changing map, relogging or waiting for some time seems to have a good effect on negating this enchanting bug.
  3. If anyone got more than 3 tokens then yes that is totally breaking the rules. In the past we had GMs that helped their friends ingame and they got kicked and the players banned.
  4. Nah that sounds like a person called "ozzie" in katalam server, he is constantly writing things like this. Valedia didn't write these types of self derogative comments.
  5. And then EC was off for 6 months before they re-implemented it adding more salt to the wounds to those that didn't exploit it depriving them from the most important and rewarding pvp instance at that moment making us unable to catch up with those that took the 1 week vacation with full gear. Later they gave rewards for those that were affected while others that were "not affected" were given nothing, like players that came later than the EC take-down so those people still missed EC but somehow they were not worthy of a compensation. ~~ The scariest thing is that they urged peopl
  6. Defo a delay in some sort. At least if you can see the real timers in the program on your pc that is what matters. But if the whole lgo on your pc is not same to the log uploaded then the site is pretty much giving false information.
  7. You are absolutely right, but the stormwing was tradeable and now it is not, some people ask a solution to this and this is what this thread is about. The fact stormwing was transferable is not a problem to us, they deem it not right based on their judgement, the problem is that it was tradeable and now it is not which created the injustice. Can we all at least start getting along at one point and stop picking fights in forum posts?
  8. Actually there must have been a tiny mistake, I swear some of them attacked me without me attacking them, so I assumed it was team agro, but now that I check it, I do not see it happening again. I think I might have had the rune for additional aoe strike and thus some more worms got hit, in this case they are passive and non social agro as well.
  9. But you are telling us that you wish it never happened right? I wish the Nazis also didn't attack Europe and slaughter millions of Europeans, so good will for both of us hoping the past was different, but we live in this version of life and things already happened.. So now, that the stormwing transfer DID actually happen, there needs to have a resolution, many people got more apostles, others got only the default. So unless you have something to propose here for the actual universe version we are currently living, I do not see why talking about "what should have happened" is going to
  10. So effectively you acknowledge that getting 4 apostles instead of 1 is a big deal so they did the right thing and stopped it. I said it is fair to enable transferring because many people got more than 1 apostles and if there is any damage done, it is worse because it is not done by all players and it creates a bigger injustice now. And then I mentioned two types of people: Those that have ultimate, that they only need apostles for collections, but if they already have ultimate they most likely have a ton more to get to end game already. They won't be less-off because they miss
  11. I mean that most people that play long enough have ultimate transform by now, the collections are an addition, for the newer players getting apostles is more essential and if they didn't get more than 1 like many did they are at a bigger disadvantage. If you play for more than a year you could have had ultimate by now if you bothered to collect legendaries from lubug, events and abyssal splinter.
  12. Here is the thing there are two things to trade, very expensive single item, or many items that aren't that expensive but add up due to numbers. For the very expensive item, as Vantheria said o not go more than 50% lower, depending on what it is you might even go close to real price so you won't lose a very precious item. For the many cheaper items (like gatherables, materials etc) you should put ONE only for a low price and leave it for 3~4 seconds, if nobody snatches it in this time window, then you can trade the materials at this price, if that one material is snatched, put anothe
  13. I think it is a 30 day period before a changed name can be re-used.
  14. The snakes are social agro, if you hit one close to another they both attack you.
  15. I got one of them at the first day and never again, it also had the Garden of Growth as an option too, so I guess they either over-nerfed it because it would make people be able to go back in many times or it was always really low chance and it was just pure luck to get it the first day.
  16. If you have the game in another pc do this: Start the installation on your new pc Stop the update, and close the updater. Copy-paste the whole game from the other pc to the folder that the installer just made Restart the updater and simply run the file check It shouldn't need to install anything and will only check the files. If this doesn't work then it is your pc doing weird things. Maybe not enough space, or not enough RAM, I do not know the specs.
  17. At this point re-enabling it would be the only reasonable thing because if they think it was doing damage then the damage was already done, but not everyone got it. In the end of the day this is an apostle transformation, most people already got their ultimate during the 2 promotions and that is what matters, the collections are an addition but not the end of the world. And of course they have to be thoughtful not to allow this next year to avoid this.
  18. Because I remembered how I was doing everything possible to get my char to be more AoE oriented. I was playing WoW as well and I used to have the most fun with the AoE built. One of the delayed aoe stigmas (Big Magma Eruption/Lava Tempest) was pretty much making our normal aoe delayed skill useless sine they shared cool down, that one just had more power. I also didn't use that one, but I remember the other skills and how much I loved having different options and making different builds. Fire Burst was one of my favorites because it was direct attack, had a nice animation, low cool d
  19. She was not a troll, she was drop dead serious and her antics were real. Is she still on lfg? I assume Elyos-KT
  20. I was watching the old articles and remembered how many more stigmas we used to have. I remember those extra options, like sorcs could socket another aoe skill that had delayed blast, or that we had another awesome aoe skill that was exclusive when we were flying and only for ground targets, I used it in the abyss sieges. https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Cometfall_I We then got it removed and we got another aoe called fire burst. Or that weird stigma that was supposed to wake up everyone that was slept around us (a stigma) This site has the list of skills (select another class for v
  21. Yes Shainygirl did it most of all but I thought Nalariel also defended her in a couple occasions where everyone turned against her vocal diarrhea of cursing everyone. I could be wrong.
  22. I eventually got 1 as I wrote above and I ended up doing a few more tries and they were a fail too, so I only got 1 weapon out of about 15 tries (I forgot to count the exact number and take screenshots as well) In the end I bought the other two at a very low price close to the end of the event, I got a meteor for 800m and the lunar for 1,2B. If I knew this would be like this, I would have sold those 250 enchants at day 1, they were going for close to 30m each if I remember that was a good 7,5B worth of enchants I wasted for nothing. I could have bought me all 2x of each weapon and s
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