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  1. But Kibs, to use this you need to be logged. He said he cannot log to the site. This seems to be a security you guys have on the site, if anyone tries to log more than 1 accounts he gets flagged and you cannot log anything from that pc anymore or something and the accounts cannot be logged from other pcs either. It happened to my main account at one point.
  2. This is why I never want the auto hunt to be implemented, I can do the 100 kills per day in 10 minutes, I haven't checked my time for it it could be slightly less or slightly more depending on spot. If I had to kill 1000 that would be ten times more and that would have been 1 hour and 40 minutes, I wouldn't have the patience to do it by hand every day and I would have to leave my char do it afk with auto hunt which would have taken at least twice as much hours since it is very basic and slow. The problem with auto hunt is that when everything relies on it, you either use it or you si
  3. This will be my very first Apostle legendary transformation ever! and it will again run for 2,5 months or something.
  4. There was a time we were in Lakrum camps with enemies... and an enemy used his remove shock, but the mobs there do an aetherhold for like 10 seconds or something, so he got aetherhold for 10 seconds and couldn't remove it, can you imagine how much fun it was for me!!! These things happen very rarely of course.
  5. Paralyze is for like 0.5 seconds, but the skill also has low cool down. I used it in Lakrum sieges so many times the animation is so nice!
  6. The aoe paralyze skill is being used in a target that is in aetherhold, but it hits up to 6 targets around, those targets do not have to be in aetherhold to be affected by the dmg and the paralyze. So if you have one enemy in aetherhold, you can aoe everyone around it and paralyze them momentarily, breaking heals or other casting skills.
  7. Generally I would never bother with it in pvp as it never works, I do try to use it in mobs with a lot of HP and then I fire my daevanion aoe that hits a target in mid airand does a little bit paralyze with 0.5s cool down, but even in mobs it doesn't always work and at those that it works they usually have little HP so they die pretty fast and and I cannot take advantage of the other aoe daevanion. Still the cool down of this is quite long like all of my skills.
  8. Are these: (Raging Basrasa Ambusher ) (Woodland Brohie) (Longhorn Rynoce) in inggison only? I do not think we have such easy mobs in asmodian side with suck little def.
  9. I think he means that Hard Modes are impossible to do unless you have a static dream team, and the easy modes are already done a few hundreds of times and people have had enough doing the same instances for the last 2+ years. Open world pve is useless, no gathering/crafting/morphing or other pve activities, just early 2000s grinding style hoping to get cubicles. I personally now log to do lugbug daily/weekly and SAS/minion vault/HM (whenever not bored since I have more than 1 billion AP). I do not do a single pve instance with the exception of LUT when I am feeling like doing somethi
  10. It is a passive skill on armors, every time you get hit there is a chance for that effect to activate. The weapon has an active skill and the weapon's skill is impossible to remove.
  11. I agree but also surveys that have options to click/tick are also great to instantly draw statistics so one CM cannot deal with hundreds of comments and spam from people who feel the need to write their life story or their game play etc. A survey can be a very powerful tool if they bothered to make them. They should also give us ingame surveys with multiple choice style replies and then discuss those results. Of course someone with 10 accounts would votes 10 times, this might still be tricky. But surveys are always better than a forum post.
  12. You did the face cute, her hips don't lie.
  13. We generally require to be very precise or it wont' work, this is why our class kinda sucks in the general rule. And because we have the least amount of HP and least general defenses all those little timings that might not work are a recipe for disaster. The only sorcs that are pvp worthy are those that got all the exclusive breakthrought with special weapons, and special runes/gemstones etc and they always manage to outburst an enemy. One of the most basic skills we were constantly quoted for is sleep, but that was back when there weren't that many other CCs like paralyze, pull, knockdow
  14. Yes it is self paralyzing, my bad. I tried it once to check so I didn't pay attention to all the details, the skill is utterly useless.
  15. We get the main shield to be 8k defense instead of 4.514 which is again 1 hit. We get our 6 second boon of iron clad to finally block all dmg not just physical dmg (next change they need is to make it last more than 6 seconds, other classes have shields that are up for up to 15 seconds rendering them immortal) And we also got a change in the useless vision stigma that self petrifies us and whoever attacks us from 5m->10m, now they also get a c.speed reduction (so if someone attacks you from >10m they get c.speed reduce by 100%)
  16. Yes, toss it out, most people don't even bother with side quests. In aion every quest is either very important or useless, this is probably a useless one.
  17. Not sure exactly what this quest is supposed to give you, but whatever it is, you can skip it. Grinding in open world for mobs will give you the cubicles you need. you also do not need to wrap your images in img quotes like this[img] [/img], you just paste the direct link and it embeds it here:
  18. They implemented it as an event for that map only so we get an idea of what it is and give our 5 cents on it. Those who liked the idea before we got it, still liked it after they tested it. Those who didn't like the idea before we got it, still didn't like it after they tested it. But I am sure more people want it now that they made the luna daily pouch an open world grind thing.
  19. Exactly, this is an open world kill method which is prone to open world pvp and the unfairness of class/gear/faction imbalances, just right now the Gelkmaros map is full of elyos alliances running around killing whoever soloer they see, while killing camp captains for the fun of making the map impossible to teleport or something. They could have made it possible to work in every end game map including end game pve instances.
  20. Oh they didn't mention they would remove the luna's light from that reward too. But it kinda makes sense, they do not want people to do any of them for the luna materials. I suggest them putting 1 luna's light in the finishing of lugbug weekly. Like this: Kill 350 mobs in gelkmaros/inggison. Effectively if you kill 50 mobs per day in the 7 days period you already got your 350 kills for that extra luna's light.
  21. I just saw the nerfs, they slightly buff AT and Vandal lol
  22. Well technically you can still do the luna daily and get that chest.
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