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  1. 8 minutes ago, Stormwing said:

    I would welcome a token based pitty system. Similar to Hairpins or Blessings in Steel Rake, one might get lucky to get the item dropped on the first run or just run it twenty times and get it by effort.

    Your priorities might not be the same for everyone else. And just because you gave up after 60 attempts does not mean everyone else did.


    It is exactly like the proc recipes, someone could craft 20 recipes and always fail, then the proc recipes were implemented and only required twice the mats of the unproc'ed recipes!

    Not a single person dared to craft with the unproc recipe again because nobody loves Aion' RNG!

  2. 25 minutes ago, Chintsuzai said:

    The RNG right now is totally fine. Retail was/is way worse.

    All this complaining about L/R Sale is something i will never understand. It will become less by default with 1.5 Patch so just wait.

    Before you stop L/R Sales first fix the bot issue. There is thanks to those no reliable way to make money as a legit player. Alchemy & Cooking they undercut each other to the point you make no profit/ even less Kinah that you initially paid for non gatherable stuff. 

    I am sorry but this is an aversion of a problem, it is a "how to win every argument" tactic, I am not sure if you went to psychology university or you are doing this unconsciously, whatever the case that is a basic argument and I am above that.

    --> RNG was, is and will always be the reason Aion dies. <--

    This comment linked below (which is in the same post, but 1st page) explains that he run Fire Temple 163 times and he never saw the weapon he wanted, so the sentence "RNG is fine" is a phrase that try to downgrade the issue of RNG by mentioning "it is fine" without an argument or example (even though there is an example that proves you wrong). 163 FT runs and still no weapon, fine for you, not fine for him.

    The sentence "Retail is worse" is another phrase that tries to compare two irrelevant issues that do not counteract each other. It is like saying "it is ok you lost your job, at least you don't have cancer".

    The last thing you do is mention yet another problem that is not conflicting with RNG, is the bots. Bots exist, they are a solo problem that requires a solo solution. Once you solve the bot problem the RNG is still there and not solved, two totally irrelevant issues. Bots is a continuous problem, it can never be fully solved, RNG is an engine into the game it could be changed by code yesterday!


    In any case I assure you that nobody quit the game because of botting itself. Cheating while pvping is a good reason people quit for example.

    But RNG is the single most important reason why Aion died in every possible way, people never got to play the game, they gambled it and once they lost, they simply quit. RNG is what gives the bots more power since they provide currency or goods that you cannot get. They become part of the economy because they get things a legit player will never see BECAUSE of RNG in the loots.

    RNG is the biggest problem because it is the game itself, it is in the mechanics, it is designed by the developers, it is not a 3rd party program that the developers didn't take into consideration, the actual problem of RNG is what developers made consciously.


    The post on how RNG is not fine:


  3. On 8/15/2021 at 12:39 AM, Voltric-DN said:

    Just use a secondary email address through yahoo and make a second account for your asmos.

    I think people did opposite factions in the same account different server because in NA transformations are account wide. So once you got a good transform collection (and why not an ultimate) you would be good with your level 1 char int he opposite faction.

    But now we don't have two servers, lets cling to the one we still have.

  4. On 8/15/2021 at 2:09 AM, Sylvanasan said:

    I was playing with a friend, and I was in need of money, then we were in the same group, and he used that option to split the money between me and him, only that the money disappeared, he didn't even win, then we gave up figuring out what happened with the money and just keep working, but now we don't make any more money,   the numbering does not move, what I do and where I go to solve this problem, I'm new to the game I'm level 12

    When you loot kinah they already get split in the group members and there is no option to change that, unless of course they implemented a new thing which I missed.

  5. On 8/15/2021 at 3:42 AM, MXJ said:

    I dislike rifting, but only because I know that it doesn't have to be the way that it is right now, and I understand it's necessary in the current state of the game. On one hand without rifting we really don't have anything to do right now, but on the other there are only downsides to letting level 40s kill level 20s.

    The root of the problem is really just that Aion maps are too damn big. Two people can run from opposite points of the map, from one corner to the other and never see each other if they take even a slightly different path. On top of that there are no dedicated PvP zones outside of sieges. If I'm 40 and I don't want to go to the abyss my only option is rifting (or defending against rifters.) 

    This is why 3.X was my favorite content in the game (despite all of the balance and P2W issues that would follow.) Tiamaranta's Eye was fairly big, but people who went there were looking for a fight. To me it felt like a permanent siege but instead of forts you were fighting over rare mobs, and chests. There were enough safe zones in the game that someone who just wanted to PvE grind could do so uncontested in a safe zone or solo instance, but there were many options for people looking to PvP.

    A big map is never a problem, the bigger the better.  You are seeing this from the perspective of a rifter, the people who want to level would rather never meet you while you are rifting.

  6. 6 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Why you guys are like this ?? :C 🥺

    ...when you face death you look at him in the face, you laugh and then you tell him in a serious tone: "...you are late!"

  7. On 7/21/2021 at 12:00 AM, NeLuny-KT said:

    Good afternoon. I am passionate and a fan of Aion, I have a suggestion regarding retail (Aion7.9) it would not be possible to review the trading system. Release items the same way as in Classic? I believe this would improve the retail population.

    Sadly the whole game is designed to have soul bound items, BUT they could at least allow for brokerable items to be tradeable directly. Because if you can give an item to someone else (via broker), why not simply be able to trade it directly too!! The item can and will be transferred to another character and if you are lucky or fast you can do it with minimal broker cost+fees.

    This would eliminate the need to trade items via broker which many times leads to items being snatched or having to trade items and pay a big trading fee which sinks the kinah.

  8. There is a 3 days trial for Classic but that gives Siel's Aura which is mandatory for any actual player and iti s meant like a mini paid trial for those who want to check it, so having a 3 day subscription is kidna wise and mandatory.

    In retail it is free to play and we have a 7 day free prestige trial once per account and then we have the Starter pack for 400 BCM which has a 7 day prestige trial that is also once per account.

    There are times that during weekends I am far more active, especially when we have the passive XP weekends or other events but I am not going to pay the whole month prestige just for a few days worth of playing. Right now we have 2 weeks worth of +300% XP, which I wouldn't mind paying 2x 7-day pack tog et more XP.

    There are times you might want to make a change in an account, like delete a character and make a new one but making more than 8 chars is exclusive to prestige and thus not the best thing to pay 15$ just so you can delete your own char and make a new one. Or even worse people with collision with factions after the merge, they will have to buy prestige again to delete their own chars and make the same faction.

    I am not sure how anyone would feel about this but a prestige for 3 days (so weekend people can enjoy it) or even 7 days (for people on a week off from work) wouldn't hurt anyone plus it would cost more per day than the full month.

    Something like this:

    • 200 BCM for 3 days (about 67 BCM per day)
    • 400 BCM for 7 days (about 57 BCM per day)
    • 1200 BCM for 30 days (40 BCM per day)
    • 3200 BCM for 90 days (about 36 BCM per day)

    I'd defo buy the 3 days for weekends when I feel like burning my time. For now I pay nothing.

  9. 15 hours ago, Rag-DN said:

    How about some of them Hot Balaur Bloods? Their needed for Sorcs/SM gear and we'll need them next patch for Fenris but their soooo freaking rare to drop

    How about an event token that you can go to an event npc and exchange it for the balic material of your choice... but that would be hell of a work for them to do.

  10. Because Aion Classic and Retail are two totally irrelevant games to each other, different issues, different shop and all.

    Imagine having one forum for all NCWest games and trying to see new posts about the game you play.


    21 hours ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    I kinda like to see it burn in both places. *sips tea*

    I loled

  11. It would be wise to separate the forums in a way one can enter whichever he wants and see feedback and new posts for that section only.

    If you hit "Unread Content" it brings you three types of posts all related to classic

    • SR bans
    • Server imbalance
    • Merging of the server

    Here and there we see a post about what went wrong on classic and by now the people writing against candies and p2w have already quit so no more posts about it.

    We have a collision of interest, it would serve both classic and retail to have forums that are not in one place or at least would not appear to be one forum and be able to have separate functions

  12. 3 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    Got confirmation that this should be fixed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention 🙏

    Thanks, can we get 1 more week of XP please? I won't even throw the reasons we need this, just give us one more week and sleep well knowing people are happy 😌

  13. 1 hour ago, Briearios said:

    @KibbelzCan we please get an answer on this since these are the only free ultimates us f2p people can get without having to convert to a religion that has multiple deities that we can pray to, to increase our rng chances and the only way in general to get the 2 new transformations. Also I would like to ask how we are going to be able to get more shards because one of the ways I read from the other regions that received this patch  was from instances and it takes 6 months to get 500 shards.

    They most likely forgot about it, I suggest you simply start farming the lugbug daily/weekly and enjoy the RNG of those boxes, you need 500 ultimate shards plus 6x breath transformations. That box doesn't always give you that ultimate, a friend of mine did lugbug twice and she didn't get a single ultimate shard. Not sure about the rates, but it will take you more than 6 months if the rates suck.

  14. 1 hour ago, Amarah-KT said:

    As much as I hope you get it back..  I cant help but wonder if this other person  has a reputation, friends that know them as that, and the same attachment as you to the name.   I share a lot of names between my accounts  so I just put their names back and added DN to it.  I actually reclaimed my OOOOOLD name by doing this.  My friends know who I am and where I came from but  I still answer to those old names.   I love my name now but  it felt good to put it back on.  On a toon I recently played even!  I almost wonder if they shouldnt have added something to the naming system as a sort of compensation for the merge.   Maybe  something like a last name.   Imagine a world where there is only one Jennifer  or John.  Last Names could be fluid. That way anyone can use them to avoid a monopoly on the common ones like smith, davis,  etc.  Just thinking out loud.  Id like to encourage other players to speak up if they have any ideas.

    But of course  I still want to know if you get it back and not derail your thread!   It would be cool if it was someone who didnt play anymore or someone who has adopted a new name and might let you have it.  The first  day I played classic there was a daeva in lfg shouting to sell popular names.  I hope it doesnt belong to someone like that

    Well you can defo name your toon a surname, it will be one with the name, like JohnSmith, and then you can't have 2x JohnSmith so the same problem rises :D

  15. 14 minutes ago, TimelessAngel-KT said:

    No , it will give you 1 piece of material to fuse cause it needed 2x of cat piece ,  so your 16k NCODE will just count as 1 cat transformation you need 34k code if u really want to have both . Also the Cat 64 types contract were not sure if there is a possibility that it will give cat transformation because the current transformations contract right now is same (64)

    The price is 8.000 BCM for one Piece, you need 2x so 2x8.000=16.000BCM for one contract which is a random cat. And you cannot take more than 2 pieces, it is just 2 per account an that is it.



  16. 14 minutes ago, ErzaScarletxFT said:

    Confirmed they Fixed the Ultimate Transformation Box to (4 Types).

    But about the Cats Transformations why the item said "piece"? This may say we need to buy two pieces for a single cat but anyway the price is to high.... 

    Why they cant sell this Ancient Special Transformation like with the Halloween or Hanbok Pixels event in the past and everyone can have a chance.

    I already know their tactic, these 2 cats give good collections stats, so they will milk whoever is willing to pay 200$ for that now and later we will get it either in an actual event or the normal way. Many people will buy the 3200 BCM contracts that have a chance to give it.

  17. 5 minutes ago, 2s184EE1 said:

    The truth is, merging the servers isn't too early nor too late, but won't save the sentiment toward the game.

    I am not saying Aion Classic is dead here in the NA, but sentiment is so negative. People are quitting the game or getting banned but we are not BRINGING people into the game. I'm afraid future patches likely won't bring that many people back either. 

    Will the servers close tomorrow, or even in the next month? Probably not, but it's very clear that it's downhill from here. Difficult to find enough people for certain content even on Siel. Don't get me wrong I very much enjoy Aion but this was not the next generation that we all thought it would be. Numbers will dwindle and we really really really need people. 


    This is what happens when they advertised the game, gathered thousands of early subs and then everyone stopped playing because of the cash shop and the model: sub + free to login + 1h siel aura/day.

    All those NCWest defenders used to  defend candies and the free-to-login with 1h siel's aura used to make fun of those saying that this will kill the game. I tried Classic, didn't like all the things they never said we were getting and stopped, there is nothing that can draw me back to it actively even if they open a new classic server with sub only, because I now in the future they will try to destroy it too with p2w.

    I do not trust them, I'd rather log into retail which is free and enjoy whatever I like to enjoy there.

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