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  1. Yes, I already mentioned in my message that you can do it with either a sandbox or a virtual machine, or you can use an illegal 3rd party program to unlock it.
  2. Using two clients was always regarded acceptable, opening more than 2 was no reason, they made this when aion went f2p because you coudl log two of your accounts to make trades. Try to open a 3rd account and you will get the message "you cannot open more than 2 accounts, the game will close"
  3. Nah, they do not have that much foresight. They must have thought that "peopel will come, pay, we will have 2000 asmodians and 200 elyos and we will be cashign once every month, easy peazy". I still believe the very very 1st day should have been for those that pre-ordered. After all the game is not launched yet, so you pre-make your character because you pre-paid for it. They rushed it, they could have given 1 week for prepaid ones, and another week for the f2p and then launch it.
  4. There has always been a limit of 2 clients per pc, unless someone used sandboxie or another 3rd party program to unlock that security feature.
  5. Yes but people that ALREADY paid, they already should have access even if people who didn't pay got locked. Why are they asking for peopel to pay for subscription if they are going to treat them equally to those that won't give a dime. an also lets be honest, most of the accoutns are already bots. What would be fair is to make the balancing rules, but leave out people who preordered, if someone has preordered for his 100 bots, then all the power to him. But I know for fact pre-orders are made by actual players predominantly. If anyone already paid and can't create a character, then N
  6. What they are doing is restricting actual players. Telling people "you can't make an Asmodian" won't make them play an elyos. MMORPGS do not work like that.
  7. So Aly-DN was right... we might not have enough players because f2p accounts got the slots! Imagine someone that have paid the 90 days pre-order to be locked out of it. I would be pissed off. Thanks, I should make some updates based on the new situation. But I like Aly-DN enough not to roast.
  8. Those 1000 bot accounts that got 1000 account slots will make 8000 characters and close the asmodian slots again. They should have never allowed for non pre-ordered accounts to log in first day
  9. Amen, I have at least two friends from my country that couldn't log early (and didn't even know this restriction would eventually be applied, like we all didn't) and he pre-ordered and cannot make an Asmodian in Siel. Even if he wanted to play an Asmodian in Israphel... that is also impossible.
  10. Character reservation day should have been for pre-orders first, a few days later you could have opened it for everyone. I have friends who pre-ordered (they paid you know) and can't make an Asmodian in Siel, but of course they can't even make an Asmodian in Israphel either right now (not that they wanted to play there). Great thing you made people pay for Aion and people lost their slots to most likely bot accounts that haven't paid a dime and most likely never pay at all. Now give those bots their 1h free every day, it should work as intended. If I got locked out of making Sie
  11. Just log an alt account and make an elyos... if we all do that eventually Asmodian slots will open (I hope) Thank goodness I was early and managed to make me a char. I have pre-ordered and if I wasn't able to create a Siel Asmodian I woudl have requested my money back. We lost slots to people with 100 accounts who filled up the servers.
  12. I even made a whole meme series about that.... great times.
  13. @Aly-DN manifest yourself... "we dont' have enough players"
  14. It would be NA servers with different time sieges, not necessarily "time zones" but you get the point. Someone from USA might be a night owl. It would serve the EU players too or another region. The daily reset would be the same and the maintenance for convenience.
  15. They should have had at least 5 servers and have some different time zones. If for any reason a server was to empty they could simply let people know on launch that the server they chose won't be going live due to low population.
  16. The survey offers many options, my comment on the last option to have Israphel f2p with a "bye" in the end is for fun, you can chill and enjoy these posts. Nothing too serious.
  17. Well my comment was full of sarcasm and it was obvious in the last section where he "needs to burn on the stick for the salvation of humanity". I said this because people who judge pretty hard others that got banned, are those that hack as well and are the first to point fingers. I have no problem with him, at this point it doesn't matter what he did back then.
  18. I was referring to 7.9. Twinking is not a hack, but kinda like abusing the game mechanics in order to create a situation that favors you without losing anything if you die. Twinks kill their level range easily due to outgearing them, and if a high level comes to kill them off they do not lose AP. But that is not a hack, it is taking advantage of mechanics. I sure do not like twinks myself, it is the pvpers with micropenis, kill the easy pray.
  19. Because you seemed like coming after me and continuously replying to something that was a reply to someone else who made a suggestion that didn't make sense. I tried to explain and you kept coming back and making assumptions about me trying to make me look like I contradict myself. The "generous" thing was a reply to that person who wanted more f2p and his suggestion was to give full f2p until level 9 and then require subscription which made no sense and I told him that the current situation with the 1h per day is more generous than the thing he suggested for more f2p friendliness because
  20. Lets hope we get even more then. And yeah, they could have a totally f2p server for those that can't, but they would probably also have p2w there.
  21. I replied to "how do you level". XP is still earned, half from mobs and full from quests.
  22. I'll defo get me one at some point. I have been slacking all these years lol. My right hand's thumb could literally click a gazillion buttons on the left side of the mouse. I have remove shock and healing potion at the moment in those 2 buttons.
  23. ...you are not pro unless you click even the main number hotkeys!!! Just kidding, I have a mouse with like 2 side buttons, two normal on top and the wheel that also has a click. I am regarding getting a multi button mouse for Aion eventually. So many skills and so few fingers to click on them. Also I never understood how do people click alt+any key. Shoft and ctrl are easily clicked with the pinky.
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