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  1. 42 minutes ago, Arcanjo said:

    Is not the first time I die for elys, and dont recive any spam from him. dont know if is a bug or a hack, because they made skils as you can see and dont have any spam for this.


    There is no spam skill usage here, just the various effects of some skills are shared with different lines.

    This is what the log says:

    He used Erosion, these are the 2 lines you got:
    --> 424 damage using Erosion
    --> Receving continuous damage from Erosion
    He used Cleave, this is the line you got:
    --> 1162 damage Cleave III
    He used Chain of Earth, these are the 3 lines you got:
    --> 107 damage Chain of Earth IV
    --> Receving continuous damage from Chain of Earth IV
    --> Received slow because of Chain of Earth
    He used Stone Shock, these are the 2 lines you got:
    --> 555 damage from Stone Shock
    --> Knockback from Stone Shock

    So if a skill is used and it has 3 effects, you get 3 lines of information on you for each effect.

    When the quality of life gets better in Classic and you can see the time stamps on the skills used you will see all these lines are done in the same second.

  2. 3 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

    Level 85 in under a minute. Nice.

    Well after 6.0 getting end game is supposed to be the easy task, the rest is the tough one. Plus, having hundreds of XP crystals means we did a lot of prework for that.

  3. 4 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    I don’t see the image, is it 100% sure it is coming next week ?

    also guys, what about XP crystals after all ? Are they getting deleted ?

    Right now XP crystals give 5% of level 80 and that is 17,5m. I read somewhere they will turn the XP crystals into solid 17,5m. And these are the ones you get past 76 level.

    I also read (in comments, not actual patch notes) that the lugbug XP crystals you get before you reach level 76 will remain 5% of the XP and the ones you get past 76 by chance will be the 17,5m XP.

    The only thing I found on Experience Crystals in 8.0 is that their tooltip changes lol


  4. 1 hour ago, Sab said:

    Why is everyone coming at me sideways as if I support any or all other exploits? Lol.

    Because it seems like people are walking on egg shells and they are at NCWest's disposal when they are trying to fix one thing and they end up breakin two things instead. They have given up on this game long time ago and whenever they deal with it they end up messing more.

    There used to be people taking advantage of terrain to do aoe on mobs while jumping on stairs (before mobs could literally defy the laws of gravity or walls). Then they added a rule "don't take advantage of terrain"... what is fun if you do not play the game as it is.

    Hack is one thing, a bug exploit is another, knowing how to play the game smarter is a totally different thing.


    When people abused the EC kick thing to get free entries that was an exploit and acknowledged as one, NCWest came forward and told people it was an abuse and they would fix it and they said players should stop using it and many people didn't listen. Whoever didn't stop ended up getting a ban and this was the right way to handle it.

    But you cannot pull the rug under people's feet because the mechanics allow for a smart gameplay and then they come up and say "oh that is regarded an abuse". They could at least address those things when found and let people know what is allowed and what not.

    I am talking about SR repeating quests.

  5. You can also ban people who enter an instance, forget they didn't buy potions, get out, buy potions and enter the instance in their previous entry. Everything is an abuse.

    There was a time that Gelk was again top map (before 6.0) and there were some infinite repeatables on some mobs, when you got 10 Q items the mobs stopped dropping it, but if you had 9 Q items and you killed 11 without looting them they would all have a Q item so you could loot all 11 for a total of 9+11 = 20 Q items, so when you went back you could give the quest two times.

    It is called knowing the game and playing smart.

  6. 4 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    (To the small font) Yes and I am thinking constantly about it, I am afraid that if I don’t stop jokes about player abuse and ban, it will end up with a major disaster but for the time being I cannot hold myself. Please halp 😮

    Even better when they start treating /escape as an abuse... they will false flag people who got a free summon friend by a SM!

    Just like with SR and AP trading in classic.

  7. 2 hours ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    Forest of Illusion portal is gone why??? I don't see  a single mention anywhere about its removal. 


    17 minutes ago, Viseris-KT said:

    That is for the rift to gelk and ingg, the forest was never really advertised as an event or anything, just dropped off out of the blue and apparently removed without a word.

    Oh my bad, I thought it was about the Gelk/Ingi rift.

    I haven't logged into the game yet.

  8. On 9/20/2021 at 9:31 PM, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Looks like another player abuse. Where the support is looking at ?..

    Every day that passes by with people using /escape to save on scrolls is a day worth complaining,

    But they are getting to the core of the problem, give them some time:


    (meanwhile if we keep talking sarcastically for this long enough they might catch up with this thread and think it is a real problem and try to address it, cause they "know" the game well)

    • Good: 1 kinah retune is good to have as always so thank you for this.
    • Bad: BCM sales are irrelevant for me, I never buy those, but you are practically selling +5 paragon weapons there! As if it wasn't enough that some p2w whales run around having 10 people and 20 guards on them not dying while killing everyone in their path with 2~3 shots!
    • Ambiguous: The 12 gift event is still lacking information, is it a random reward or a selectable on those chests?? As for the "kill 12 bosses" do all end bosses work, like Minium Vault, Herelym Mine, Lower Udas Temple and Essoterace? I assume yes but that is something we need information.
    • Question: Where are the anniversary events?

    You forgot the images of the week:


  9. On 9/19/2021 at 5:43 AM, 5s2ACDF7 said:

    Soo, hello everyone. 

    I've started to play again after a couple of years and, I notice that I need to have a Sub to gather stuffs, collect superior drops and even kinah.

    Is this gonna change someday or... Yeah, this thing is pain in the ass.

    It won't change any time soon.

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