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  1. I was wise and pre-ordered 1 month only, I ended up playing like 3 weeks in total (2 of which were the free trial so I still had 3 weeks in sub and still didn't log a single day). I never wanted Classic so I can run with 6 speed, or cast my simple skills slower than a return scroll casts. I wanted it for the fact it was giong to be subscription only and no p2w from BCM and it wasn't.
  2. @Kibbelz They clearly advertised +400% XP and then +200% in crafting, gathering and AP, they gave us +300% XP and +100% in crafting, gathering and AP. For this reason we at least want this to remain one more week. This is retail, it is already dead whether it is +300% or +1000% so at least do it right.
  3. They do not advertise it as 400% XP, but +400%, so that is whatever we have +400%
  4. They must have added those recently because there would never be a reason to have them there since we get 5 scrolls with every box so far. So yeah that was intentional, meh those 25 fragments I got from that glyph made it worthy.
  5. The glyph box fragments we get are identical to the ones we get from Luggug weekly so they surely work as intended once combined (they stack together in inventory slots) But the direct box we get is useless, it only gives a glyph and no enchants. The enchants don't come from any other source than the glyph box itself. -- Thankfully when you extract a glyph you get fragments back so they are not totally worthless.
  6. You forgot the maintenance image of the week, here: If you ignore the problems, it is like they do not exist. Lets hope we can keep retail alive after this merge.
  7. His name is numbers because he has an old account and never bothered to change his forum name. Additionally now you can choose the forum name to be different from the ingame character names you have, previously you could only select a character's name to represent you in the forums. Not to mention his is talking about the launcher which is common both for retail and classic.
  8. The damage is already done by now. Even worse if they close the candies now it won't be fair to players that come now since they will have to compete with people who bought thousands of candies and they are now not longer accessible.
  9. The problem is that here in the forums there are people from DN that requested a housing reset and they admitted they keep a house even though they do not play and apparently they are not planning to play after the merge. Imagine if we had a general reset and then I lost my house to someone who could outbid me with billions he didn't have to spend playing the game like I did, and then vanish once again and logging once a month to pay the fee. So I insist they need to implement a way for people to not be able to keep houses for years without playing. They have to make it so you need 1
  10. Yes, I suggested the same thing too. Some people might deserve it for sure but if there is 1 person that got it by accident that is bad and the population is already kinda low in the servers unlike the first week once most people realized this is not the Classic they promised.
  11. If they lose the items collections that would be obnoxious. As for housing they need to reset the houses of accounts that log once a month to pay and then leave again. This way active KT players that wouldn't be able to re-afford to buy their home wouldn't have to suffer. The vast majority of houses belong to !d!ots that keep them out of habit even though they do not play the game.
  12. NCWest's ban script be like: If(Entered_SR>=1) { Ban(); } They have soft banned multiple people for no reason sometimes with the excuse "you got caught into our security checks", what kind of security is this? I got 1~2 alt accounts soft banned too in the past when we were doing alt-friendly events, one of them was supposedly perma banned and when I asked them why and I became persistent and told them everything I did with it and told them to check the logs and see if what I said it correct, they removed the ban some time later saying it was a mistake. I do not know anyone
  13. For housing they should make it mandatory to make a lugbug weekly once a month to keep the house. Lugbug weekly should provide a 30 day item that you need to use to get a 1 month license for the house. Of course people who log in to keep houses can do that but that means they would have to engage once a month more than just logging, paying the fee and leaving. Or they should make the housing an instanced thing like they did with studios.
  14. Disabling the creation of chars on Siel won't make anyone go to IS, not now for sure.
  15. I do not have the pet myself I just mentioned that because I thought the person didn't know where the cube is supposed to be. If that pet doesn't have 12 slots then they should change the description of it.
  16. That is the way max chars work in Aion the last many years (forgot when they first made it like this). They no longer allow for max amount of char per server because if a merge happens then you would have to delete the extra chars or support should transfer all your extra chars to a new account and that is hell of a work to do for them as they indeed have done it in the past for colliding characters either by faction or by max amount of chars. This is why they made the max amount of chars to be account wide and this solves itself.
  17. Guys you all have valids points: Events are Aion at 5x~10x speed if itsi the right one, if you stick around and never quit the game you eventually catch the good events and progress sometimes just by logging in. Gearing with XP marks and dpsing is still possible if this was the incentive until you get the good event and progress faster which takes us to point No 1 made above about events. RNG is the biggest factor and this is why the game died. People couldn't get the right transform for years, they couldn't get the right rune/gem slot in those hard earned items, they couldn
  18. You do not have any chars in Siel right? Because the max amount of chars is 6 in the whole account regardless of servers. Like 3 on IS and 3 on SL and you are max.
  19. It is easy but time consuming and the rewards are way too basic. This could have been good in the early 7.0 long before we had access to all the basic runes/gemstones etc.
  20. *breathes in: we are already 7.9* 😅👉7️⃣.9️⃣
  21. If it is an NVidia and you have either Nvidia Control Panel or GeForce Experience... uninstall these both. These are what cause the issues after some time of playing. Removing those totally eliminates any issue.
  22. I had this issue before Classic even launched. Both Paypal and my Debit Card were having issues. In the end I used my cellphone's browser to get in and pay so they have these stupid security checks that never work.
  23. There seems to be instability issues in the game servers as well in forums too the last week or so.
  24. ...their story and lore was only a wagon for them to destroy the game. Developer 1: Hey lets delete this map to make room for another useless map as if the amount of maps we can have is finite or something. Developer 2: Yeah but how do we make it so people won't be mad? Developer 3: Lets make a story where a pale snowy lady with big boobs called Ereshkigal destroys the place or something. Developer 2: And that won't make the players mad? Developer 1: It will and they will probably quit the game I guess. Developers 1,2 & 3: Sounds like a plan, lets do it.
  25. Yes, I know that and it will be awesome, but I was wondering if they will continue the double XP weekend in general.
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