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  1. That is indeed far more fair. This would have happened if all DN and KT people were originally from one server as they will be from now on. So if this merge happens we should treat the new KT as a server that existed as long as both server did and thus give priority to "first serve first come". Or they could do the name randomizer for people who didn't play the last months not since october 24th 2019!!! How is someone not playing the game for more than 1 month more important than someone who plays the game every day and just happened to be in a dead server (and that dead server is be
  2. They did say they will reset names for all players that haven't logged since October 24th 2019... I say they should make this reset for players that haven't logged the last 6 months at least. October 24th 2019 is like almost 1 year and 9 months ago or something.
  3. You are supposed to be able to make up to 6, at least this is what Loki said and also this is intentional.
  4. I am referring to real money trade with kinah at this point. If anyone wants to do it they will do it via friends. And yes it is against the rules but Classic allows for direct trading including kinah. You will never know if anyone did something like this, someone traded kinah to his friend, then he buys Siel's Aura with $$, how do you know he got the $$ by his friend who gave the kinah to and how how does that make him a cheapskate? He could use that 15$ to get half a coffee from starbucks or he could buy Siel's Aura. Whether you buy it for yourself with the money you made by working in
  5. They should give every char a name change ticket indeed. Many people who already play in KT weren't able to get the names they wanted.
  6. There is an obvious glitch in the security they made. It is weird they allow people to see the forums as guests but not with their account even if they didn't log in the past 30 days. They are not bringing anyone back by putting these limitations. Like if someone who didn't play the last 30 days wants to get to the forums to ask a question and realizes they cannot see it, they won't log into the game just to be able to check the forums.
  7. I agree, what they should do is simply edit the loop hole and thus nobody can take advantage of it. They need to fix it early so no damage done and nobody gets into any problem. I worded it wrongly in my original post, I am against permanent bans in general, the population is so small that banning people will only bring more issues. There were times they handed 3~7 days off and that was than enough to scare people.
  8. The servers are kinda lagging lately, many people face issues with disconnects and inability to log in.
  9. Now you showed the people, they will close duel requests.
  10. You can name less than 5 Asmodians... yep, these less than 5 Asmodians are the ones still playing on IS-A. There is a post about the population difference. We are already past the "gitgud" rhetoric.
  11. So what if someone has kinah and gives it to a friend so that friend buys him Siel's Aura? Isn't it the same?
  12. And the funny thing is she is back with an attitude when her post is once again wrong and irrelevant to the actual subject.
  13. I never complained about the sub and that quote "They want me to pay a sub for a 10 year old game" is defo not from me unless I understood your post wrongly (or you quoted the wrong person) People didn't leave because of the 15$ sub, as a matter of fact I and many of my friends won't play Classic because it is not a sub-only game. We left because of the free-to-bot and the p2w addition to it. The only people who complained about the sub were people that never requested classic because whoever requested it also added the subscription-only model. People who do not like the subscription are
  14. He didn't post how to do it. He merely said people are using 3rd party programs to get to chests which normally are inaccessible in an exploit that KR already has acknowledged in their patch notes and addressed it: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_Classic_-_Update_May_17th_2021 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_Classic_-_Update_May_20th_2021 For anyone to do it, they need a 3rd party program and if they already use one, they already know of the cheat via their cheat forums. Additionally posting it here makes everyone aware of it and more people can push for a solution
  15. That was a very good try of an Ad Hominem attack about me, you already wanted to imply I was part of the victims because of how vividly I painted twinks. But you got it all wrong about me, I was the maxed level and the geared char that came to the rescue (if you read all the post) in the old aion. In my free time I was constantly in lower maps because LFG was full of levelers asking for help that a twink is killing them. Then twinks would get mad that a high level was ruining their "fun". You cannot find twinks in the enemy map, elyos twinks go to asmodian maps and asmodian twinks go to e
  16. Sadly there was never a reply. I rarely tag @Kibbelz but this is the time you gotta let the forum developers know that their restrictions are not working properly.
  17. No it is not just him, a lot of people have the same problem. ~~~~~ You are turning yourself into a pepega with all the "no sht sherlock" replies
  18. People are not statistical data or just numbers that fill servers Every person who chose Siel did it because it was going to be populated and/or because they were from original Siel and/or because their friends were there already. If Siel people couldn't play on Siel they would have never played Classic and this was made clear in many posts when they implemented the Siel Asmodian creation lock for a few days and then they had to open it again in specific hours and then have it open all times. Both servers were far more populated during the first days, something put players off and mo
  19. It happens to me as well and there is a friend of mine who plays every day and he cannot log into forums for the exact same reason from any browser. He is not very fluent in English so he made me write a ticket with his account, it kinda went like this: ...we never got a reply from anyone from that email and that friend of mine still cannot enter the forums.
  20. What they should have done long time ago is to not allow people to make different factions in the same account regardless of the server. They did have a merge in the past too so they should be aware of it that collisions could happen. If you remember in the past, you could do the maximum amount of players in every server, e.g. 8x in Siel and 8x in Israphel. Then due to merges people were found having twice the amount of chars into one server, (16 char on one server). So eventually they made a rule having the max amount of char in the account, not each server. I remember I had to dele
  21. You won't, they will be in the same server/faction and as long as you have both you won't be able to make any new chars if you have vacant slots. In the past they allowed people to transfer their colliding characters into another account but that was when we still had personnel dedicated to Aion, I doubt they will bother doing something similar now.
  22. AMEN... What I used to do was to check the most expensive materials and go gather them, usually ores were more expensive as they had only 1 gather per node later and they were only near the feet of mountains. Later I would do aethertapping and I would then morph materials by killing enemies etc. Of course I can always go slowly gathering, slowly crafting, slowly killing mobs, slowly progressing, and somehow I should "enjoy my game at my pace" as those p2w+bot defenders keep advising me. But this is not Diablo where you play yourself, it is an mmorpg where you compete. I can go essenc
  23. ...you absolutely totally utterly missed the point again. Nobody cares if you like the daeva pass or not, and nobody here argues on whether the daeva pass is worth it or not. These people purchased the daeva pass because they saw it and wanted to buy it AND THEN they changed the rewards... after they paid for it, and the new rewards are much worse than those they were showing while people were purchasing it. Jesus! The other person that acted like you stopped entering and all of a sudden you appeared. You seem to be the same stubborn person with a different name. Same antics. Do
  24. The post clearly explains it all, not sure which part you didn't understand. The guy who made aiondatabase had his work stolen by the guy who was merely having everything under his name.
  25. Yeah he did read the description, he even checked the list of items he was purchasing for the new season, once he purchased them... they changed the list afterwards. I do not understand most of your posts, these people got scammed, they got a list of things shown to them and once they purchased it that list was changed to much worse items.
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