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  1. I agree on all of the comment, but this russian thing gets totally irrelevant to the subject. I only mentioned russia because someone said Aion NA classic is not a global release because of the time zone and the price.
  2. Yes, I said they block Russia and some European countries that are ex-USSR. I didn't name Russia "European". Russia is Russia, and Americans love to hate it and block it because Facebook memes changed the American elections or something.
  3. I know I am European. GF has slightly cheaper prices because they also target the whole EU not just the countries the servers are located. Their gold pack for example costs only 5€ or close to 6$
  4. Russia is like 10% in Europe and 90% in northern Asia (not western Asia) As a matter of fact it is the most west and most east part of Asia too. They also block countries that are still in the Russian sphere of influence. IT IS THE SAME... THE S A M E for everyone, the difference is someone makes 15$ per hour and someone else 15$ per month! The time zone is already listed in the game, when you pay for it you already know the time zone. They only have 2 servers and they have identical zones. I know they should have had 3 servers one for every 8-hour zone but they didn't. That is a
  5. We need an event that gives event coins more often. Bye!
  6. no you cannot break it down because it is still available to you, the fact you cannot afford it doesn't make it less global. There are plenty of SA people playing Classic because apparently they can afford it. Don't blame NCWest that is based in USA and bases its prices in USA cost of service, blame your own politicians for making your country poor and you cannot afford international services. People cannot do sieges because of time difference, the whole "globe" is a whole 24 hours, how can they please everyone?
  7. The only un-global thing about classic is that it is blocking IPs from Russia and many ex-USSR countries in Europe (and some others in middle east I think). Channel brand is also global and one bag can cost up to 10.000$... just because you and I cannot afford it doesn't make it less global than what it is.
  8. They already gave us the filter in the game itself, if you put key words you do not see the chat you dislike. Check this post:
  9. Yes, subscription seems to have a seasonal reward thing going on so it is not a solid 30 days from the moment you purchase it.
  10. But the cost of running the servers is based on USA's cost of life. If they made the game cheaper they would have to bring revenue another way and this is why retail is p2w exclusive. Also if they made it cheaper for people in SA then people would log via a vpn to pretend they are from there to take advantage of this feature.
  11. I feel the reason they never gave out the location and how easy it is to add filters because they want to do it on their side officially for everyone via the maintenance updates. I'll add that WTB and WTS too, I am not interested in seeing anyone advertising his sales on broker.
  12. I also added "$" in the file and it removed them all for now, until the GMs also put it in the official file too and the kinah sellers see that it is being blocked so they won't use it anymore and use something else. I assume the official file is being made according to the reports the players send. But it doesn't get an effect instantly. So it is good we can edit the file and make changes faster on ourselves. I think you also need to reopen the client for the changes to take effect. Not sure if going to char screen is enough. I'll give it a check now. Edit: seems going to char
  13. Yes unfortunately Classic most likely will never get Luna wardrobe system. And yes it was somewhere in 5.x patch. On another note your skins can be reskinned to another piece, of course every time you do it the skin item is being destroyed. Effectively you pass the skin as many times as you want from one item to the next. When Luna Wardrobe was implemented we started having skins as "one time remodel" which was limiting a lot.
  14. Many reasons, if people have awful gear people pick on them and make fun of them. I think the biggest reason is if you pvp with anyone and you end up losing and they check your gear and you have better gear than them, the roasting will be endless.
  15. It seems the file is located in ...\NCSOFT\AION_CLASSIC\l10n\ENU\Data\Strings\aionfilterline.dat They could give more info about this, most people have no clue where it was supposed to be. Anyway, you right click on it and you click edit, then it opens with notepad and you simply add a new word to be blocked in every line. One of the things it blocks for example is the "www" because it is used in linking a site. Kinah sellers might get past this by writing something like "w.w.w" but you can block that phrase too you can add it manually. Every time you see an lfg spam and th
  16. Yes you reskin a piece of armor you wear with a new look via the remodel. Later on we got luna with wardrobe so some skins could be put there and be able to use them infinitely with the use of Luna currency. This is Aion 1 so we still don't have this QoL (Quality of Life) in many aspects, like locking your inventory cubes, or hitting the "o" button and seeing how much time you are logged or how many items you got etc.
  17. The moment you log in a level 1 char whispers you, my question is why is the "block whispers from players below level 10" grayed out in the options?
  18. We have been asking for skins in retail for years, I doubt they care about them in classic especially when they see their cash filling in with the candies. Candies and skins are irrelevant, but this is what they see: money... a long as something sells they are happy and that is it.
  19. Servers are still full enough because of nostalgia and because everyone is still not end game yet.
  20. You want to use a macro for skills for pvp? Pvp doesn't work like that, you cannot automate it because it requires a lot of thinking based on every situation. I doubt people also use any macro for pve, as you have to put a delay between skills there and that will make it less effective based on the current buffs you might have. Macros in Aion are good for putting something like a /select Name in order to keep trying to find a specific target, or to make them get food+drink in order to fill your daily quest or something.
  21. If there is 1, that is more than enough. In this thread people who dislike the p2w model came to ask for a new server without it and only subscription. I knwo it wont' happen but why are candy-lovers even here arguing with us? There is another intellectual amoeba who didn't read anything. This thread is made for people who won't renew the game once our subscription ends because we do not have a subscription server without p2w. I do not need anyone to give me what I want. We asked for classic for years, we eventually got it, we are now asking them to make a server the way they prom
  22. We wrote the reasons why we dislike the p2w model, you guys escalated it to a fight. Of course you are happy with candies, many people are, and we are unhappy with the candies for the reasons we wrote. This thread is about asking a new non p2w server and you guys came here to throw your fecal matter to anyone who dislikes the candies. To us, it is a big issue, big enough for us not to renew the subscription.
  23. "go to..." nope, I am not your b!tch, I'll be wherever I want to be. I am still subscribed to the classic and this is the forums where we can come and write our thoughts on it.
  24. Exactly. The Debit Card event could give them extra money if anyone ever thinks it worth it so why removing it? And the dungeon delve would make some people do another pve instance easier which could make them log into retail giving the false impression the servers are still alive.
  25. WOW... you are still going on thinking you made a point. Why are you even trying, I politely handed you the victory. You do not need to prove yourself anymore. I can buy candies myself too, I am a capitalist myself. BUT (read slowly) we merely wanted to play the game in subscription void of any p2w, but we have 2 options: Pay for progress and enjoyment of the full game with buying everything ready from broker with candy money Be the pleb that farms 10 hours to make enough materials that the whales will buy in a jiffy so they can continue enjoying the game while you are a real
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