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  1. Our upper camp some times is being raided by many elyos like 2~3 groups easily. We never have enough timing to do the same to your side, we have to prepare for this, on the other hand when that camp becomes elyos, it is a no-go zone for us since plenty of elyos will go even without pre-planning it. I personalyl never bother doing your two upper camps. Not worth it trying to make an impossible camp just for the few Q items. And yes, probably during siege it would be easy to do, you just have to leave from siege to do it.
  2. 6.2 was the biggest mistake ever, whoever didn't get ready from 5.8 is practically doomed. There has never been a less new player friendly update than 6.2. No ways to make kinah, no ways to get enchants, the enchant rates suck and new players are still running with +10~12 ancient gear.
  3. I lost all of my friends from my country. I still speak with some people that I know and know me but we are not playing together. My last real life friend quit like 1 week ago, so now I am kinda solo.
  4. Is there any spreadsheet because I am more than sure I wasted plenty of billions trying to craft me some ultimate masterwork boots (for the running speed) and it failed miserably. First I crafted 30 ancient and ended up with 1x ultimate but not masterwork. then I crafted another 60 and I video taped it. This time I got 2x ultimate boots but still not masterwork, So a total of 90x boots crafted and I got 3x legendary masterwork and all those 3 became normal ultimate.
  5. They have already lowered the price of transparent lunas in BCM and also added them in cash shop, the term "fixing" is an overstatement, it is not like he asked them to fix the no animation hack which is in the core engine of Aion, he just said that a price change would be reasonable. I am 100% sure they made 0 money from transparent transformation scrolls in BCM, it was 80BCM... that is 0,8$! Now it i 0,2$ nobody is paying that amount just to look like his char for 5 minutes. In EU tranparent transformation scrolls, I think they are 1 coin and I think you get like a bundle of then with the
  6. I really wish they could bring back 5.8, we had a game and we thought 5.8 was bad and everyone waited for 6.2 to revive Aion. George Orwell is rolling in his grave with the outcome. I even prefer 5.8 with the known +30 users that step on us, we barely saw them if we wanted to avoid them. I lost more than 15 friends that played in 5.8 and quit shortly after 6.2, some of them didn't even wait for NA 6.2 ,they tried 6.2 in Europe and said "we are done with Aion" like 1~2 months later.
  7. Does ranger have any casting speed affected skills? If not then c.speed is useless to you.
  8. I never even bother doing the weeklies in the elyos camp anymore (I am in Asmodian KT as well, my forum name changed for no reason and I need to wait till March to rechange it lol). Our side some times gets raided by hoards of elyos that step over us, their side is never Asmodian infested. I can rarely even do their camps since all my friend quit and now I either have to solo or get some random people and try to do those. Some times their camps have like 2 alliances worth of people being there.
  9. I'd prefer if they make us all lvl 80 instantly but make all maps relevant, all instances relevant, right now we have like 6 instances to do, we had 90% of the game removed and many instances as well. Of course bots would benefit form that more again. Low lvl instances are useless other than the campaigns they are designed for, you do them once and you forget about them. Gathering, athertapping, morphing, crafting, exploring etc it is all removed.
  10. It is out of content. And they had a decision (Cyan said so) that they do not want 6.2 to be event-driven!!! LISTEN to them, they have a game where 99% is deleted and they now do not want to even have events! Every time there was an event, the game was more alive. The events we got so far are a lame excuse. Especially snow ball event, the rates of getting ANYTHING worthy are non existent. I opened 620 snowballs that I had since last year, I got nothing, nobody can get 600 snow balls this year so why even bother?
  11. This is the steps I do now in Aion. I log in, I see if there is anything to do and usually there is nothing, so I log out. Cubicals are done weeks ago, I did them with many alts in my account out of boredom, I have every single stat finished Daevanion Skills: I have them all and I have a ton of doubles of each skill PvE instances are useless for me, it was ok to farm back-on-back FM 5 times with the same team within 1 hour or something, but why? I do not need any items from it and getting drops from pve doesn't yield any money or anything worthy to say "I earned something".
  12. ...do transformations get removed in 7.0 or something?
  13. I am logging in every day with my main and I do not even bother doing the event anymore. I do not get the 2x from the npc and I also my prestige ended like 2 days ago and I will not be renewing it. This game is empty, I am not going to get prestige to get etra pve instance entries that I no longer do.
  14. I should have made a video too, it is just opening 610 snowballs I didn't want to bother. also the rewards from the failed +9 snowballs is better than a +10 snowball!
  15. I am sure someone else will come here to tell us his RNG success story, but RNG is never good with the majority. Just do not waste real money on this one for sure. Share it with your legion mates so they also not waste any money on this bs. If the developers think they are so smart, at least hit them where it hurts -> their wallet. Also give a feedback on this post (like etc), I know GMs never see posts that are not important, so if a post gathers a lot of feedback, GMs pay attention.
  16. OK I had like 6020 snowflake crystals to combine and make 602 snowballs (had them from last year's snow ball event), I got 2x from the NPC and another 6 or something from being online since I am a prestige user. That is close to 610 snowballs. From these I got 10x +10 snowballs only, which is far worse than last years RNG. opening these gave me the below rewards. So my advice is if you are RNG lucky, go open them, if not sell those +10 prisms while they sell for 50~70m (depends on server and function) because within a week these prisms will sell for like 10m each when people realize the rew
  17. OK, I will not pay a single dime for retuning. The whales can do so, ths is part of the p2w model. Make sure only some rich-stupid people will get end game gear with good stats while the filler players remain as low as possible, so those whales will justify their purchases (aka to make them win easier against those who didn't retune). And of course retuning is just the example ehre, I do not believe anyone will get super duper awesome just because he selectively retuned and got slightly better stats than the free to play gamer. It is just that it all adds up a little bit.
  18. if it was 0.2$ per retun, I would have paid for it and they would have made profit, since it is 2$ for it I won't pay it a single time, so they will get 0 money from me (and many more) In this mindset why don't they make us pay 1000$ per month to play the game... they will be making money right? Guess again, NO! they would close the game instantly.
  19. ...you need to start reading english better. What I said is that if you have one account with 8 chars in there, that means they are all yours and they should share the inventory. Being able to trade items in the SAME account should be possible because every character in the same account belong to you and whatever they have, you farmed it yourself, thus it is not trading with other players, it is trading between your own characters.
  20. ahahahahaha they even said that? Nice, I knew 6.2 is going to be an effort for them to make us all quit, nothing to do, 90% of the game deleted, no events, nothing. Theya re probably trying to make us beg for 5.8 back, even if that means get back all the +30 gods that could kill a group. I literally snorted my drink out of my nose dude. They really said they want to ruin the economy by not allowing people to do anything, so no events, nothing, just 24/7 griding, hoping others won't report you for botting or something
  21. I have taken like 200 shugolin gems since reset wednesday and this is from waiting afk on my prestige, I also think I did 1~2 quests by mistake while I did the dailies. Other than that I will never bother wasting time on this worthless event just to take some worthless transformation potions.
  22. The compensation gear is not the issue here, if all we did up to 5.8 was simply deleted, I would have personally quit the game along with plenty of people, point blank period. Heck even now I have little to nothing to do in game, all pve instances I did drop useless items for me (except IDD/PF but why should I bother dress in pve, so I can pve more?). If they rendered my items useless and made me start from scratch that is deleting all I did. The problem here is bad drop rates of legendary enchant stones for pvp and the fact enchanting rates are super low. You cannot say compensation
  23. Whoever still plays is an old player that never quit, 6.2 is the least new player friendly update ever. There is absolutely nothing a new player can do to even get 10% of what old players have that got ready since 5.8. I am sorry you are leaving, but this is the right choice. I am practically the same, I just keep logging in to make some dailies and weeklies and then wait till Wednesday reset, and I got ready since 5.8, it is just that there is no content to even play.
  24. I am not even sure why there is pve in game. Lets say you dress your char in full ultimate +15 pve. OK then what? You did IDD and PF... you did once, twice, ten times... will you keep doing it 100 times? Why? So you can get more pve things that you do not even need? You are already ultimate +15, that means pve is now useless, and all the job you did is useless. Maybe that will help you on daily grinding, I could live with full legendary for open world pve, killing mobs to get some shards. Separating pve from pve was kinda wise but this made pve totally irrelevant, it is not like you can mak
  25. Ancient item +10 -> +15 using only ancient stones is about 0.17% chance to happen, that is about 590 ancient stones needed. Ancient item +10 -> +15 using only legendary stones is about 2.6% chance to happen, that is about 40 legendary stones needed. Of course the above numbers are just chances, and chances mean you can get it first try, or never get it at all. A theory of chances also says the smaller a chance to happen is, the more prominent it is to never happen. Example: A 99% chance of success is more likely to act like a 100% chance because that 1% will most likely never
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