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  1. Well give it a try, if Xigncode "sees" it it will close the client, you don't get banned for xigncode positives, it is full of false positives all the time so half the server should be banned by now. I also play in high details, but those reshades etc seem to be able to alter the whole look of the game. But that is good mostly or only for screenshots.
  2. There was this Black Friday sales for it, I missed it, but back then I didn't own an a-rank pet. https://na.aiononline.com/en/news/announcements/11232017-black-cloud-friday-sales-now-live.php Last month I paid for a prestige and took some alt chars in my main account to lvl 53 to make the quest for the 4000 coins which translates to 40 minium. If I had more time I would have been able to make me 1 char per day and do the quests for it and then continue the next day. BUT, I couldn't play many hours so I made only a handful of chars at 53 lvl so I couldn't complete my sheeba. First tim
  3. I guess something was off in my client and it redownloaded it all. I usually rename the movies folder so I won't have to see those cutscenes every time, but I saw that and it was OK so I am not sure what was it. As for the events, I think they do have a saying on what event they put here. It is just these drop events are not really events. I guess we should see it as if "hey there are times there are no events at all, so lets be happy we got some sh!tty one now, better than nothing". Lets stay positive, we get some useless event drops now that we can delete like the junk we do.
  4. Are there any, and if yes under what section? wouldn't it be at least reasonable to have a search ability in BCM to save all these questions?
  5. I was in EU and they sold the servers to GF and GF back then ruined the game, then I came here. In servers that already die you do have the audacity to tell people to leave.
  6. Is the maintenance's update today THAT big, it downloaded 668MB. Also what is it with those fake events we get? An event needs to have its own thing. This is not an event we have now, it's like a drop boost for some additional items (the event ones) to do some quests. It forces you to do pve instances that are normal, to get some event rewards. A real event is the one that you play by itself, in its own instance or that is irrelevant to existing non-event instances an mobs. Take a look at the events they got in Europe, not only they get REAL events, they have 4 real events at once:
  7. These are presets for Reshade, the problem is whether Reshade can even detect Aion now or not due to the client needed and because it is a ./bin and not an .exe and you cannot run the game with a bat file. Don't wait for a reply from Cyan though, this is a 3rd party application and as long as it doesn't change the graphics to exploit, it shouldn't be their choice to tell us whether it is allowed or not. After all I have a rather good graphic card, I can play with full details because of it and because of the renderers it has and because of the drivers and they can't tell me that I exploit m
  8. But then someone told me there are only three options for this tunic, and they are all passive pvpv buffs!!! Oh well you learn a lessons every day These are the options:
  9. Alright to sum this up, I talked to the GMs and they told me ok, they will revert my item back to +20 (o,O) yes, they thought this was a broken item and that I wanted it restored. I told them that it is not a broken item since it is a master harvester and I want to take it from +21 back to +19 so it loses the skill and I can retry to get a new skill. They said OK, and they ended their phrase with this: I am going to excuse them for a second time because they still probably don't know the issue here. The skill you get its totally random! -------------------------------------
  10. It doesn't have according to the official site. https://reshade.me/compatibility Also in the forums someone asked if it is possible to tweak aion to make it work with it and someone said no because you need the launcher and you cannot run it with a bat file or turn it into an exe from bin. https://reshade.me/forum/troubleshooting/3633-aion#24544
  11. Then everyone will be running around with upgraded lvl 80 items passed to them via their bots. Those who have a lot of alts would be insanely boosted, those without would be even far left behind. This would also make a market for it. Upgrading pve to lvl 80 is pretty easy, the pvp part is much harder.
  12. If killing mobs was beneficial for normal players once it was beneficial bot bots tenfold, obviously, BUT nerfing this made it obsolete for real players to even farm at all and bots will still slightly benefit from it. Bots do not care, farming 24 hours non stop in a free to play game, with an outside program that plays for the owner, the mobs still drop things, not so good but they do. BUT truth to be told, before the nerf, the fields were full of bots now you rarely see them if any at all, but there are still gold seller spams in starting villages hence they still make money. It is a plac
  13. I find it quite ridiculous these two programs have preset versions for a sh*tload of (unknown) games but not Aion!
  14. Someone needs to make my post about it sticky so people will simply accept the glitches we have to play with. nobody reported you. And even if they reported you nothing would have happened, because it is very well known reporting someone leads to nothing 99% of the time. This is a feature turned into glitch that was never removed from Aion from the Korean servers. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2351-evergale-feature-you-forgot-to-remove/
  15. I said the exact same thing, you know? u.u
  16. THEY will revert my item back to +19, I will lose the enchants I used, obviously and I will gamble one more time for a new skill. I pray the new skill won't be the exact same one
  17. And bump... bumpity bumpus bumper bump. This should have been fixable in a moment. Leveling minions is hard enough already, 2 weeks of these minions lost = 10000 points lost.
  18. The broken google translation they used to translate the client is amazingly awful. It is better to just read the skill name, it is more informative
  19. If this is being removed in 6.0 then I should not bother with it. It is not fair to get a totally random skill and have absolutely no way to get another one. I asked in a petition to GMs to take my item from +21 that it currently is back to +19 so I lose the skill and hope to get a better one, but that is a wild dream I am asking.
  20. The problem is that it lasts 24 hours. When my prestige was over since I do not play too many hours, I had it for the rest of the week and then had to wait online for the rest to wear off for the 4x XP week.
  21. All my friends get worthy skills in their items. In my pve weapon, I got a speed buff!!! In my pvp weapon, I got the exact same speed buff!!! both are virtually useless next to other more op skills you can get. In my pve main armor (master harvester) I got a passive pvp buff that reduces my pvp dmg taken by 5%, this would have been PERFECT in a pvp armor, but it is in a pve armor! And these skills are not reassignable with a scroll.
  22. I made a thread about this some time ago, this is a feature that was in korean servers, those that played from the official internet cafes got more entries and more rewards (like Fissure of Oblivion of Opportunity). These features were not totally removed and some of them are simply sitting there being useles (like fissure mentioned) or they act as bugs/glitches that ruin the game play, like the bug with the EC crash. See the post below to understand.
  23. Is this 100% sure? Because I socketed my items with +10 stones because someone told me that they will be removed or something. Oh well. I will have to resocket then
  24. Guys is it true they will be "removed" and by removed does it mean the items that have them socketed will also have them removed somehow? Or will the items that already have them, keep them as they are? I assume those not socketed will be traded for other stones, probably. Any info will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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