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  1. We will get our first 12-gift boxes this wednesday, lets see what they are. Most likely RNG and we will be getting the 70x A minium or something. [Event] ‘Stomach Butterflies’ Wings, lol stomach wings! I assume it is like the dragon wings where you have a dragon floating on top of you or something, like this:
  2. That is whale people problems. He has everything and has nothing else to pay for so the game trolls him by giving him everything he first had to pay for.
  3. Yes but if you didn't get the shards you would get 2x the potions but the event is clearly for shards only... so nope they can't afford gifting people 2x the potions instead, they would have to ban you if you got 2x potions per day! Stay safe, don't play with fire.
  4. With the boxes I think they will give 12 gift boxes by the end of the event, 2 per week in 6 week period in total. The event is not yet over, but don't take my word on the 12x boxes in total. I could be wrong or misread something. And yes they literally misadvertised this by putting the ultimate shards there when the only way to get them is via the lugbug boxes and boxes are excluded.
  5. 6 months is half the year so 365/2 = 182.5 days, so lets round it to 182 days. That is also 182/7 = 26 weeks 182x daily lugbug chest + 26x from the weekly = 208 ultimate shard chests in total. You would need 500/208 = 2.4 shards per chest on average to be able to do this. ~~ Some friends told me they keep getting 0~3 shards mostly, so it might not be 100% sure you will make it by 6 months even if you do not miss a single lugbug reward. It all goes down to RNG, but you are still working towards a secure ultimate.
  6. The chests are not affected from the event, only direct shard rewards are. The ultimate shards need 6x ultimate breaths of transformation to combine, which would take you 6 months for the breaths and if you are religious about doing lugbug daily and weekly then you will most likely have the 500 you need to combine them.
  7. So normies can finish it too I guess.
  8. It is like a tank+canon with instant skills. Plenty of defenses and insane offense and HP.
  9. I remember those legion politics you are asking for. It made people stop trying to get better and many started quitting. This is what classic was supposed to be about and this is what it indeed is.
  10. Does a duel still award you AP though? I mean you do not kil the enemy, he reaches 1 HP and loses, does a DoT remain after duel to finish you off? And yes of course you would get caught into the AP trading issue even if it is not what you wanted. People would take videos and accuse you.
  11. So people didn't quit because of p2w and cash shop, or the free to bot model, and they will quit because the patches take longer? I don't think so. 1.2 is boring because it has no content, once they make the 1.5 upgrade people will have things to spend their time with enough to stay long enough
  12. ...they put timed items in paid rewards???!!! Damn.
  13. Heard it from a friend who Heard it from a friend who Heard it from another you been trading AP! They say you got an enemy friend You're out late every weekend They're talkin' about you how you're trading kills ~ REO Speed Wagon ~
  14. I am more than sure it counts, but don't take my word. NCWest has been very cheap on using words to explain events so lets wait and see if they reply. You can always rift to the enemy map and kill the farming bots.
  15. I used to get that in retail too after we got 7.9 second patch and it went away after some time. I would get a freezing for 1~5 seconds and some times I got a shop error too.
  16. It looks like everything in game still has decimals and they get rounded. When we had some luna materials doubled in some recipes they look like they previously had a decimal which was taken into consideration. If you see the weekly lugbug it gives 15x legendary breaths of transformation, I think previously it gave 7, so it must have been 7,5 in number originally so the doubling made it 15. We get these edits and local customization with multipliers so they decimals are omitted but they are taken into consideration when other multipliers apply. Also I think the memory shards th
  17. Nobody needs to update the code for NA, Korea already had the new 1.5 in their classic so the only thing they would need is to implement it here.
  18. This perma rift thing gives cloth users nightmares, as if having the most obnoxious classes that use hide being the utter anti-cloth wasn't enough, now we have to go do the 50 kills while wearing pvp gear because you will die in 2 frames worth of time to someone in hide, with pvp gear on you might die in 3 frames worth of time still better than 2. 12th anniversary hasn't come yet as far as I am concerned.
  19. So we are having enemies invading the main towns for this. In short no content for the duration of the event.
  20. If I could make another suggestion to make it less clustered, the first image you could put is a gathering of the important numbers only per server/side/upper or lower abyss. Something like this: After that you can put the whole image with individual classes etc (because people might still be interested to see how many clerics, tanks, dps classes there were) ## You already do a good job but that tiny addition will simply make it easier for everyone to look at the numbers that matter more to understand balance, attendance and max levels vs population.
  21. Hahahah some times we do get an LFG message from people asking us to log "our elyos alts" to try to pop EC, I assume elyos do the same with Asmodian alts.
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