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  1. If nobody expresses their dissent in anything that happens then no change will ever come. I am playing retail, the class that I always played but I avoid things that are not compatible with my class. I do not stress it anymore and I do play other games too. This is aion, I still log into it and I have an opinion. As for classic I was there, I did play that and I saw how bad it was and stopped playing it actively, I only log here and there to check it, but the time I log to check it doesn't make me less valid on writing my opinion. I have a ton of friends who still play it actively and we
  2. This is the forums not the game, I still log into the retail as usual, I might log to classic once a month just to see it but without subscription obviously. I already play other games too, when I am on the pc I have 100 tabs open and multitask, it is not hard to be on this forum too. There are people who make youtube videos on Aion even though they do not play it and they simply come back, check what it is and they leave. Are they allowed to try and express opinions or are you going to tell them to eggnog themselves out? In the same sense, If you do not like this thread then wh
  3. Exactly, not to mention some times it is better to sell the raw materials you gathered as they are for a better profit than crafting them and ending up selling it for less kinah overall.
  4. I personally won't even try Aion 2 before I actually see what it is from others or read about it or go to forums and check how unhappy people are already. They are not luring me to pay a sub before I know what they are selling me, not again. If they ever decide to make their minds and say "hey we are opening a 3rd Classic server with sub only and no cash shop and no free to play", I won't even try that because I know within 1~2 months they will inject p2w. I can foresee what Aion 2 will be -> another junk game they will ruin within the first 1~2 months by p2w, glitches, hacks and
  5. Well I already pre-answered all the questions. The p2w you "understand" is a self destructive short term choice on the company. I do not understand it myself. They could have had a game that would run for years and sell cosmetics or convenience items on store. P2W makes absolutely no sense in a game that is an mmorpg that is supposed to last years. Case 1: 3000 people paying sub only and potentially some cosmetics or convenience, 45.000 per month + the rest in this case you have a healthy mmorpg, that will last for years and potentially grow to bigger numbers. If the game is f
  6. They made the single most important group unhappy -> the legit actual playesr that want to play the game and not hack it or p2w. Someone will come and say "they made more money from the 50 biggest spenders than the rest 1000 people that only pay for subscription"... fair enough, they should be happy when the player base reduces to just those 50 people eventually, and then question why don't these 50 people spend any more money on the (dead) game and try to find the reasons their game died. If you are going to have p2w then you can't have normal players, nobody wants to be the walk
  7. They cared way too much to give some free to play (which is not enough for an actual player) . Who is that 1h free Siel's Aura per day catering to other than farmer chars which creates the biggest problem economy wise? They thought "hey subscription for those who asked it so legit players will be happy, p2w for those who need it so whales can be happy too, lets give 1h free aura per day so cheapskates and bots can exist so they can be happy too... wow we are so smart we made everyone happy" They don't understand that pleasing a specific group of players automatically displeases the o
  8. It is like the "Groundhog Day Film" where everything repeats every day. After all we all live in a repetitive simulation, we have to break the matrix 😅
  9. They didn't need my money when I wanted to play Classic and they decided to throw f2p and a cash shop. Same to the thousands of players that quit after the first 1~2 weeks when they saw what a cesspool model the Classic has.
  10. I can't be sure if this article is correct, but the design is said to be purchasable by some NPCs: Asmodians: http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/152205128/ Elyos: http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/152200128/ Go to the tab "Sold by NPC" and try to find those NPCs in game.
  11. On a side note, how can you guys play with such a field of view, don' you get nausea?
  12. The 80/20 rule sounds like 80% of all the people that got into the hype quit because they realized it is not the classic we were promised so the 20% of the only thing left playing. I am still "shook" that people are actually paying money so they can log into a game full of glitches, hacks, AP trading, bots and whales! Unless you are one of the people doing those activities what is the point? If anyone claims they are legit players how do you even justify paying for classic?
  13. ...can you imagine the amount of people coming to forums to complain they never AP traded but got banned,. And then someone will make a post, talking about "check my logs" and will sound 100% legit, some people will make fun of him, others will support him and he will persist and they will unban him and everyone will go nuclear against NCWest for banning at least 1 innocent person. Then more people will start claiming they simply did open world pvp and they will have people against them again until their posts get deleted. Some tenths posts later a CM will come and say "we assur
  14. It is free to have a discord channel/server and there are no limits to the number of users, channels, or servers you can create. There is something called "server boost" which it is mentioned in the first post, I think you pay some money and you unlock features, much like the premium vs free discord users. But none of them are mandatory to run anything, it is like buying skins or unlocking special emoticons etc.
  15. So let me weight the options: 15$ per month to go to SL-A where the faction flourishes and you will enjoy everything an alive server has to offer 15$ per month to go to IS-A where the faction doesn't exist, you will be a walking dummy to elyos, no content or progress, but hey you got a 30 days pet. Yeah... no! The ONLY way anyone would ever bother to start in IS-A at this point it would be because it is 100% free to play. And even then many would think twice because once balance sorts itself they would have to start paying, so if the reason is "100% f2p" then these are che
  16. In short you are asked to pay 15$ so you can enter a game with a ton of free to play alts, p2w shop, AP trading, obvious hacking during pvp with video evidence. It is like retail only slower, harder and not 100% free to play.
  17. I wrote foot so now I need to defend me, I take the food+drink by the "foot", don't ask! I am never wrong. 🤭
  18. Yes, do not log from Russia or your account will be banned. I am from Hellas too and I play from Hellas only, to them it might appeared you are Russian and you used a Hellenic VPN IP or something (if there are any lol) and then you forgot to put the vpn so they "saw" you logged from a non compliant IP.. In any case, logging from banned countries means your account will get locked, sad but true.
  19. When does it open? I know there is a Katalam map rift that takes you to the old frozen area of EB for a limited time, and I know there are sieges there Does anyone have a timeline? and if you own a fortress there do you get some special teleport that you can go at any given time? I'd love to just go and roam around the whole map if possible because that EB area is closed and you cannot escape it (before it ends and you get booted out of the map)
  20. you most likely have the option clicked, I tested mine and it didn't auto arrange when changing maps.
  21. But the game is pretty much going downhills BECAUSE of the f2p aspect. Unless you mean f2p that means sub only and no p2w in which case it changes the whole meaning. What we asked and got promised was subscription based and no p2w shop, we got none of them. There is sub but there is also free to play and the free siel's aura 1 hour per day and then you got a ton of p2w which is amplified the f2p aspect.
  22. I also made the suggestion to separate the forums, but yeah I doubt it will happen
  23. Hm, I think this makes you get less AP in general but probably you might not get a message on who killed that person or whatever. Maybe when you die yourself you do not get "awarded" a pvp on that char so they can't track it via kills. Because when the char spawns, his whole HP including heals etc matter to the amount of AP you get. Unless it is another thing. I do not even log into classic every day anymore so I am lost in what goes there.
  24. Well let him be, I never heard of him or his channel, if he manages to gain money via this all power to him. other people get money from onlyfans, so who cares. I knew people that asked for real money to get you into their OP legion in the past, or pay real money for things related to legions and fortresses (back when they mattered a lot).
  25. I only mentioned Timeless Terrace because it is now in lugbug and I forgot it even existed the last year. The easy ones is the potions, the XP mark, the foot and the ulti potion, so that is 4/8. The rest require to kill mobs, go to rift, or go to lakrum to go to HM etc and some times I am bored to do those things.
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