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  1. To those that say they wanted a "it depends" options, it depends on whether NCWest will fix what... botting, cheating, AP trading and glitching? Don't ask for that option then as the options have to be realistic and they have to do with your choice based on the current situation which none of the "dependencies" have been met yet.
  2. I paid for 1 month and didn't renew lol. Sometimes I am surprised with myself on how ahead I am of my time It is as if I managed to foresee all the bs that would happens right at the beginning.
  3. You mean you get THAT much Xp by pvping that you could level up so fat and you need XP loss on the spot?
  4. You quoted the wrong person. I agree on them getting the AP removed and I insist that changing how you get AP is not going to solve the AP trading.
  5. Correction, I was buying 100x potions from GST* to put in transmutation.
  6. Yes I always do those, but I was bored of doing it so slowly so I was trying to do the 100x potions from lugbug, I spend 100m one time and other times too. Right now I sold 3 legendary transforms from abyssal that I have been farming since last promotion and I got 2,5B per se, so I was tempted to try it again but I'll skip it. Kinah is so rare to make that I am clinging to it like mold on the edges of bathroom tiles.
  7. The only cubicles I miss the last 1 year or so is the platinum cubicle for m.attack and the platinum cubicle for p.attack (which I do not care for). Once a month I get a drop of one of them and I feel happy. I was about to do transmutation hoping to get those at some point but when I spent 100m one time doing it I got all kinds of junk cubicles so I stopped trying it this way. When I asked for cubicle event I did it for the people who didn't play since 6.x where cubicles existed in cubic instance and we could upgrade lower cubicles into higher ones.
  8. I have a ton of cats at home in real life, but they have no RNG included Is this event one more week or so?
  9. A I didn't know you could get more than 1 fragments. That changes it all. But of course since I have 2x ulties and I am about to get 1 more now with the promotion, I'll probably skip it. I haven't done lugbug since ages and I think they changed the quests now. 4/8 are easy to do but the rest 4 require quite some playing and that Timeless Terrace... boy I forgot this map even existed, lugbug reminded me of it now.
  10. I played in EU, I know what gold pack is, EU is free to login, you can barely do anything without gold pack.
  11. "the aion mega discord"... well people chose to go there, just leave it. I never heard of it myself. Make another discord for Aion, invite people, be fair and let it grow. These things usually sort themselves out. If he is abusive then people will simply leave his channel. Don't expect others to do the same, if anyone continues to enter there it means they enjoy it and we won't dictate what others do. If anyone gives this guy money, then it was never mandatory. people get donations for all kinds of weird stuff.
  12. This is far more complicated, you can kill the same people over and over because of sieges or because of rifting etc. Plenty of parameters to see and far more creativity of the AP traders for not getting caught, like the AP of the two chars engaging in pvp, in what circumstances it is made. The only way this could work is for a GM to actively inspect a player's game play and decide. If you want to be creative as @HealingSquid-KT said you can get away with AP trading and nobody understanding a hint.
  13. Damn, *depression intensifies*. On the other hand EU has the gold pack without which you can't do much so ti is like Siel's Aura type of model there.
  14. That is interesting, I never knew about it, it must be a later addition. WoW though has a different approach to Aion and all NCSoft games. NCSoft games are mostly pvp oriented, WoW is not, when I was playing I remembered there were a ton of people I knew from university and they had huge legions, running to kill the hardest bosses and dungeons and they were happy they were gearing and getting the loot etc. WoW is far more pve oriented than Aion. I was playing Lineage II back then and I asked them "when do you guys have a siege" and they were like "what is a siege?"
  15. The problem is that you either have an abandoned f2p game, or you have a subscription based game that has a GM active at all times. Imagine paying a subscription every month to play a game full of bots, cheats and p2w from the company itself!
  16. It is intentional for low levels to not be able to get higher ranks, imagine the governor being a level 25 twink.
  17. My cat is still in BCM courier and I didn't even claim it, I actually got it 3 days ago because I was like "let me try it" but I already knew from day 1 from other people how bad the RNG was and how much kinah it would require so I skipped it.
  18. This is why Blizzard runs their games better, they make their games as good as possible, they support them, have comicon conventions, have competitions with great prizes, they have a whole universe and when they made an mmorpg they have tenths of servers full of people, and many of the servers were pve only. Now take this to Aion's 1 server in Retail and 1,5 servers in Classic. Inject candies from day 1, make it sub for actual players and free-to-bot for botters and free-to-AP-trade for AP-traders and totally forget about actual players. The funny thing is that there are people who e
  19. I haven't even bothered the moment I saw it requires kinah to "upgrade" (or whatever) these catnips and then gamble on whether it will upgrade or not. I didn't even understand what kind of RNG diarrhea they decided to put there but the fact it requires kinah was a big-fat nope. And all of this so once you manage to get it to the end level you can get 7-day enchants, yeah... no!
  20. Empyrean Lords Shedim (Asmodian Lords) Azphel (Lord of Shadow) Lumiel (Lady of Wisdom) Marchutan (Lord of Fate) Triniel (Lady of Death) Zikel (Lord of Destruction) Seraphin (Elyos Lords) Ariel (Lady of Light) Kaisinel (Lord of Illusion) Nezekan (Lord of Justice) Vaizel (Lord of Freedom) Yustiel (Lady of Life) Tower Guardians Israphel (Lord of Space) Siel (Lady of Time) Source: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Aion_Wiki
  21. I know they do not always put events every week because we get used to them and we never appreciate anything. So we will get a new event next week or after 2 weeks. The last event with the cat was not for most people, it was a BCM sales event with ingame kinah sink for the cat progression -> The promotion ulti event is something everyone anticipates every 6 months, so that is indeed the best event they bring about. We will spend 1~2 weeks without events and then we will most likely get a new one. You can relax for a week. ~~ If I could make a suggestion, I would sug
  22. Inbefore people simply match their entries with their own alts for a secure win and more AP.
  23. The problem is that if they do make a 3rd Classic server and have sub only with no p2w and no free-to-play and all the things the community has asked throughout the years until the release... we already lost our trust on NCWest, they WILL eventually implement some sort of p2w once they find the game is alive. And that will end up killing the game again, and us losing our time yet another time. 15$ per month is nothing for me, but I will not give a single dime in subscription for any Aion version NCWest ever decides to put behind payment from now on. Is it 100% free to play... let me waste
  24. Yes but nobody goes to a 42 leveling area to fight the 50s. It is like the twinks claiming they only hit other twinks when in reality twinking died when FTS was implemented and all levelers left in safe mode. What you can do is go outside Beluslan/Heiron cities, you will find: Very low level pinks trying to level which you can ignore as they useless to you but they are also harmless if they even decide to send you a hit out of curiocity. Level 50s that came to the rescue when LFG will mention an enemy is there. So there you have it, pvp with 50s where level 42 people don't
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