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  1. @Kibbelz Please tell us something on our S grade minion boxes. A lot of people are waiting on them I have also messaged tech support but got a letter saying tech support has NO CLUE what you guys do and can't comment anything at all on the matter.
  2. FIX THE SERVER!! bugs...crashes.. seriously guys? it's like you don't even care at NCwest at all. This has been getting worse for a year now.
  3. Obviously disabling luna didn't help... Don't u devs think the KT server crashing and NPC bug are related..? There is a major problem that needs fixed BADLY! It's been a year the server has been acting up.. Come on guys... Quit releasing "new" shit and fix the broken ass server already
  4. KT went down again.. Please fix it (you know like... actually fix.. not cold boot the server and post on twitter " FixEd ThE ProBleM"
  5. 100% agree. If this is supposed to replace Enchanting snowballs of last year.... HUGE FAIL!
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