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    Hey guys, im just returning from a 4 year break. A lot has changed in this game. I'm currently lvl 80, it took 2 days to lvl from 65-80. Ive figured out how to get the free gear at lvl 76. My question is what is the highest PVP/PVE gear out there and how do i get them? I was pretty maxed out on the best gears when i left. I want to know what instances i need to run to get the highest grade PVE gears. How do i get the PVP gear? im looking at the growth quest for the free gear but that cant be the best can it? If there's an NPC that sells the best PVP gear please tell me where he is and how to get the coins to buy it. Also what is the name of the highest coin? When i left it was blood mark and something else that i cant remember right now lol. Thank you for your help