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  1. Pin Bug = NCWest feature

    Sure, what I will do tomorrow is to burn all my dailies event/eso/SAS and then put my char to the Dream World garden before the bug, so it can at least gain xp while everything is bugged.
  2. Pin Bug = NCWest feature

    Yeah, after someone told on the forum that pin bug was fixed (o.O), it drew a wave of very bad login luck for me, and now I have it also like 2 times out if 3, before that I had almost 3 months without any bug.
  3. Crucible (Lower) Final Boss

    I'd like to share with you my way of doing the lvl15 boss in the Crucible Spire (Lower), since many people ask about it and I think it will be useful not only for new players but also for all who has not been doing this instance for some reason and want to start. Why to do Crucible Spire Lower ? Because this is the only way how to get HP cubics (Life Garkion cubic). Maxed life cubic gives a player +5500 additional HP. Now about the final boss which can be challenging for anyone who doesn't know the mechanics. I am playing a sorcerer but I hope this will be useful also for other classes. 1) Watch out for the debuff he puts on you. Once you see your HP bar turn green, dispell it immediately (using a Greater Healing Potion for example). This debuff will leech you HP and you cannot heal yourself while it is on. If you let the debuff stay and the fight gets long, you will quickly end up at 25% HP or less, which can be very dangerous. 2) Kite the boss around the circle clockwise or anti-clockwise. Why ? Because this boss spawns around him puddles of purple smoke and if he is staying near one of them for a while, he will heal himself massive amount of HP like 25-50% (yes, that's a lot). Going around the circle seems to me the best strategy since this is the only trajectory you can follow in one direction as long as you need and the purple smoke puddles despawn after a while, usually when you go around the full circle. So, cast 2-3 spells and move 15m, cast 2-3 spells and move 15m, rinse and repeat. However, don't get frustrated if you see the boss heals. It will always heal at least once, sometimes he spawns way too much smoke and it's almost impossible to completely prevent him from healing. If you see him heal, no worries, that's not your fault, just keep casting and moving around the circle. Another thing that supports this strategy, is the 4 towers that are positioned at the rim of the circle. They are there to make it more difficult for you to go around the circle and lay your spells on the boss, because otherwise that would be simply too easy ! 3) For the same reason - do not use any root/movement speed debuff on the boss ! That will keep him near the purple smoke for longer. I also use silence often, but idk if that can prevent the boss from healing but still use it just in case. 4) Again - keep mobile ! Do not stay at the same spot for longer than 2-3 sec. If you keep the boss at the same spot, not only he will heal himself back to 100% HP but he will also try to nuke you with a 20k dmg skill, which can be especially fatal if you didn't remove the poison debuff. I also keep my DP nuke for the end of the fight, once you see the boss at less than 5% HP try to nuke him down fast ! The regular attack of the boss deals usually a low damage, but can be around 2k for low-geared people. If you cannot stand it, pop luna buff. As a conclusion, this fight is not only a dps, but also a survivability race, if you see it takes longer, don't despair but rather continue the same strategy I described and the boss will finally die. Don't give in fast. I think that's it, feel free to add if you have some other tips or a different strategy for this boss. I only want to add that I use the same strategy for lvl5 boss since they are very similar.
  4. Bugged Katalam Server = 4 days life span

    Maintainance images of the week
  5. KT bugged (breaking news)

    Whatever they can or cannot do, I assume that it’s possible in the era humanity planning expeditions to Mars and other planets, to fix a simple server bug.
  6. KT bugged (breaking news)

    Since they don’t know the exact origin of the bug, they cannot prevent it from happening. All they can is to restart the server asap
  7. KT bugged (breaking news)

    4 day life span of the server most likely confirmed
  8. Random server maintenance

    Maybe they wanted us to have twice instances reset to celebrate tomorrow’s drop buff with a PF-SL-IDD fest. people on lfg already anticipating the bug
  9. Random server maintenance

    Let’s see if it happens tomorrow, if it does, it will not be a mere coïncidence.
  10. Random server maintenance

    If the 4-day life span hypothesis is true, the weekly bug should hit us precisely tomorrow. And if it does, it will be still reassuring since there will be at least something we know about it. Otherwise, it will remain a total mystery, almost scary like all unknown.
  11. Random server maintenance

    Ahahaha I felt totally the same. In fact, we get 25 min before altars not 55 min, that proves how confusing the system is. I'm playing from Europe so I had first to convert CDT to European time and then also to the server time to discover that it's not the same as CDT.
  12. Event instance - Tips

    Another technique I saw in a video was to bring the boss to the wall so it faces the wall and all stay backs to the wall, so when it casts fear you don't run far away. The problem I encountered is on the mecha boss, it takes too long to kill so I wonder whether there is some technique I've been missing ? This discussion takes a dangerous twist since the sorcs cannot play dps classes cause no atk speed and they cannot either play the temp since no phys atk. It seems like sorcs will soon have to play only among themselves for this event.
  13. Random server maintenance

    It should be ok now, they modified the main duration to 1h5 so we should have 55 min before altars. However, there's another question i wanted to pose. We have 1) server time 2) CDT which is 1 hour different from the server time and 3) all possible local timezones for different players. My question is why to give always the maint time in CDT while CDT is not server time ? It would be easier for everyone if it's given in server time and then you can also add CDT, European time and so on.
  14. Event instance - Tips

    Thank you, that's what I thought as well, since we are screwed up with atk speed we should play temp, even if that may sound counter-intuitive. However, I'm amazed at how this instance is conceived by the devs, it should be designed so all the player have equal stats and performance in playing any ranger they want.
  15. Random server maintenance

    Idk what is it for but it takes place exactly during altars siege in Demaha