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  1. You buy with acorns from shugos all around Beluslan Or whatever you Asmodians have as shugo analogs
  2. In my case I 1) pop shield 2) use return 3) forget to go back inside, go afk at obelisk and loose my entry 🤗
  3. They owe us a selectable apostle since Stormwing 2021. #stormwing2021weremember
  4. 100% sure it was giving rewards on alts and now they fixing it to be 1 char only
  5. Oh do they ? I knew it was going to happen
  6. Yeah, remember how I been saying that it’s a bot that is posting maintenance posts and Arhangelos replied - let’s wait next week post, maybe they announce some event. And ofc the next post was the same « maintenance will take 3 hours that’s all bye », so I posted « told you it was a bot » and they deleted it ! That could be such a good joke !
  7. It was a terrible decision but do they care ? They are only here to delete our posts.
  8. Yeah, instead give them to the people who loose so they can improve.
  9. Damn guys, think of people who are reading this topic. Please make a short summary of your posts.
  10. I think you were hungry when writing that. Overall I agree that the patch didn’t really met our expectations but for me it’s rather a fault of bad management from NC like no events and no feedback.
  11. More like crème brûlée or millefeuille ? Gz on your tunic btw
  12. Could be it’s not the real Kibbelz that makes maint posts but a bot.
  13. Think that spirit already killed him because it’s been a while we didn’t hear from him.
  14. This one gives like XP crystals and stuff.
  15. And I’m not even mentioning the corgy mount we’ve been waiting since more than one year
  16. Do you think we can play on KR servers without speaking Korean like some people do in NA ?
  17. There is no hope then :c selling gear on BCM is a new low
  18. Time to reroll EU, it became too toxic here anyway and we will have better ping.
  19. The same moderator that banned me because I used a word « cancer » referring to a game bug.
  20. This is retail forum, we have gear with universal stats in 8.0 instead of pve/pvp and AP is not the issue.
  21. I can, anniversary was also the happiest time till this year. And even last year when ppl were complaining that the game dies, was very happy comparing to this.
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