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  1. It's amazing how Aion community members support each other. They don't even know why the topic starter's friends were banned or whether it was actually by mistake, but they are already happy to jump to their throats. I do hope those people got banned as well without any reason like it happens sometimes, and then they get exactly the same treatment on forums.

  2. 31 minutes ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    That's the thing, RNG is a big factor in progression,  I totally wouldn't half of my advanced stuff if it wasn't for events and luck.  A few weeks ago, for example, I had one daevanion skill to upgrade and it was really hard, with no events or a single selectable daeva skill on broker, and I kept getting the wrong skills either from renown npc or  craft.  Finally, I got lucky with craft / renown box and was able to advance it.

    RNG can f*ck you over and over a lot of times, and at some point people just quit, because it sucks.

    It also takes time to lvl up all the 12 characters, gear them up and farm to feed your main. If the player is not willing to follow certain steps to achieve a goal and don't have a plan, well they will certainly quit.

    And Sovereign is not endgame gear, not really. The most geared players have truestorm / paragon / yornforged. Now tell a new/returning player to go and try to farm those.

    No to mention that when they see the situation of the game they will feel like it's less and less worth to try it or invest time / money on it.




    Aion has always been poisoned by rng, and it was on top the issues players were not happy with and even Kibbelz mentioned it but so far there was no remedy other than events… It’s the developers that have to change this alas.

    Again, stigma/daevanion rng is no big deal, here I don’t accept any complaints, it’s already quite easy. The real cancerous rng is transformation combination. As for paragon, imo all this gear should be removed from the game, it’s ruining it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Shampoo said:

    My point was that progression is tied to events, not so much to playing the game. The other day i tried 50 stigma enchants and couldnt even get a single stigma to +9, and thats +9 you need another 50 if youare lucky to +15 it, so tell me how can you get 100 stigma enchants thru playing the game not events? Tell me outside of stormwing event or payed promotions where else would you get that amount of stigma enchants. And thats one stigma whole stormwing event might not even be enough to get a full set of stigmas. So again i ask, how can a new player get their advanced stigmas thru means of gameplay? I checked broker there are 3 +9 stigmas and thats not per class and a couple of advanced, so buying even if you are able to grind the kinah is not always the options, so again you are waiting for events to get +9 stigmas, and when was the last of those, january? So how can a new player get advanced stigmas in any meaning full way, without waiting probably 6 months for a stigma event and another 6 months for storming? And the same with daevanion skills, you need 100s of books, which once again you are waiting for an event, stormwing but then what first, stigmas or daeva skills or enchants?

    You missed my point, i dont ask for the progression to be fast, but its artificially crippled so that the main source of the items needed is events not gameplay, and if new players miss the best events usually end of the year, they end up in the limbo that is waiting for 6+ months while grinding for scraps.

    What you suggest is being carried in the hard mode instances, without advanced stigmas, daeva skills your dps in there would be really bad, and without fully enchanted armor you will be a burden on the healer as well. So how many listings you see LFG for the hard instances and are willing to carry people?

    My spiritmaster has only 3 pieces +15, only 1 advanced stigma and the rest are +9 and no advanced daevanions (only 3 daevanion are +7) and makes around 150k dps on pfhm 1st boss (with 50% cubic, which anyone can farm very easily, even returning players). As for stigmas, you were simply unlucky if you didn't make a +9 with 50 enchants, I made many +9 from +0 using around 20 enchants maximum. It's not always you have to spend 150 stones to make a +15 from +0. Excuse me, but only 1 week ago we had an event for stigma enchants. Another option is to buy them with renown or kinah. Again, you say we have a good event every 6 months but again - how much time do you expect to get full advanced stigmas ? For me it took much more than 6 months to get them, you know. It is totally normal if it takes the same for a returning player. And again, if you want, you can buy a full set of advanced stigmas from day 0 for kinah, just post in lfg and people will find you. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to grind. We already have no obstacles with gearing up, you want already full advanced stigmas in 1 month ? I think it's logical that a person cannot have in 1 week what others put months in farming. Otherwise I don't see a point in playing this. All the points you mentioned - stigmas, daevanion, etc. are straightforward to get there is no point complaining about it.

    The only real issue is transformation system, it needs to be adressed yes. But not the points you mentioned.

  4. I played this event for a few days on a few alts and can give some opinion. I do realize that not all events can give awesome rewards like legendary transformations or dazzling gemstones/prime runes. But there is clearly a problem with this event. Here is the list of what i got : 1) most of the time it's greater transformation shards, 2) runestone shard boxes, 3) gemstone shards boxes, 4) glyph fragments and 5) shining gemstone box (dropped only 2 times out of around 50 bundles) and 6) ancient transformation contract (1 time). I have never gotten a glyph box so I can't confirm that it comes with no enchants but I wouldn't be surprised if this is so.

    Now, in my opinion, such a thing as "greater transformation shard" should never exist at all in Aion 7.8. If you want an event rewarding green transforms, just add "greater transformation contract" directly. And I'm not even mentioning that without a way to get the corresponding breath of transformation, they make totally no sense.

    Second, "gemstone shard box". Seriously ? I'm just extracting my gemstones for socket stones or throwing them away, they are just taking space in my inventory. No one is interested in regular gemstones in Aion 7.8. This is a totally useless reward. Even new players can get full set of shinings, skipping those regular gemstones.

    Runestone shards is not a bad reward itself. For example, I am enchanting regular runes to use with my ultimate transformation, because they are easy to get. Second, you can combine them and there is a good chance to get an apostle rune. Or simply you can sell them as they are. Same goes for glyph fragments, they are nice to farm glyphs with alts. Those two have a decent drop rate and could be worth to do this event. BUT there is another thing. Let's ask ourselves - how the difficulty of this event correspond to the rewards ? It's not that this event is difficult, but it requires active play and sometimes can be annoying. If you are not paying attention, you can easily loose a few porguses, for example, fissure event was easier and really hard to fail rank S, this event you CAN easily fail the highest rank. Sometimes mobs turn at you at a bad moment, sometimes they are bugged and don't reset when you hide in a basket. So if you want the highest rank you need really to concentrate. And for what ? The topic starter said rewards are "bad" but no, we can't call them bad, they are simply USELESS.

    Now, if we talk about XP extractors, you know, I can do lower udas temple instead of this event and it would be much easier so I'm not even mentioning XP rewards here.

    The first day I did this event on 7 alts, now I am doing only on my main or maximum 1 alt more. I would expect this kind of rewards to drop from some 30-min afk event rather than this.

  5. 9 hours ago, Shampoo said:

    Return to what, theres nothing to return to, i see people returning all the time, they play for a couple of weeks spam IDD, realize that there is no way to catch up or progress then leave. Because theres nothing to do, you cant do any of the endgame instances like IDDHM PFHM AOA AOG, for that you need yearS of waiting for the event that lets you BUY stigmas, daevanion skills, transformations, enchantment stones that gets you close to not getting one shotted in those instances. And thats what happens when you make your game based on events and artificial scarcity to drive up the FOMO sales once you decide to grace us with an event for stigmas or daeva skills or whatever.

    The main problem is that you need events to even have some chance of catching up, because no way in hell you can do it you know the old fashioned way of actually playing the game, you have to wait to be blessed by our overlords with events that give you the chance to spend a ton of money or if you don't you are in the drought of waiting for months without any meaningful way of obtaining endgame stuff and nothing to do but mindless busywork.

    And the worst offense, the PRETEND CARE producers letters or asking for feedback that is never really used to improve the game, its just used to data mine what we want so they can pay wall it and nickle and dime us.

    That is not completely true. You say “it takes years to gear up to not get 1 shot in instances” this is BS. It only takes 1 day to get yourself a FULL end-game armor/weapon set from IDD. Enchanting it will require some grind but still pretty straightforward. Once you make your pve set close to +13 at least, you won’t get 1 shot in pve. Farming pvp gear is a bit more complicated but still quite easy.

    As for accessories, XP marks accessories are very decent and if properly retuned are good for any end-game inst including AoA and pfhm 1-3 bosses and iddhm 1st boss.

    Daevanion skills are also easy - farm marks and craft boxes.

    When you say “it takes years to catch up”, I don’t really understand you. For me it took 1 year to get my character fully geared with decent transformation collection and ultimate xform + full advanced stigmas and daevanions. So how much time you want to be it for you ? 1 month ? Then I’m afraid you’d better look for another game.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

    I could possibly not be able to keep my estate because I would have to outbid for one, because after they nerfed the afk-luna and removed the bundle I haven't made any kinah since I am not going to go around killing 50 mobs for every char to get the s-rank pouch and hope to get the recipe and hope to get more than 5m. But I see a lot of chars doing the 50-kill and many people have a lot of billions due to that.

    Speaking of kinah boxes, if before luna nerf, legit players were able to farm luna on 12 alts with daily instance afk and craft them, now this is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for bots. Because no one will go and kill 50 mobs on 12 alts every day. I'm doing it on 1-2 characters a day and the luna I farm I use for other purposes (like instance reset, luna ress and retune). That was really one of the worst decisions NC has made.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

    Funny thing is that DN people were indeed asking for transfers and many people have quit because it never happened and they had to stick to the dead server. This merge is a little too late I say.

    I know a few DN players who even made another account on KT and invested in it a lot because DN was dead and transfers were closed.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Titan said:

    They favor the populated server. If DN was populated and KT not, they would transfer KT people to DN.

    It is not fair for DN people but you all come aggressive against KT players here. Which is exactly what happened when the server bug occurred. You were all vocal to get free reset as well, when you got them nobody came to speak in favor of KT players that had their server bugged for a whole day at times losing sieges and entries. There were times the server would bug before the daily reset and we couldn't get a free reset as well while you got it. Whenever something serves you you do not speak, when you feel that it doesn't, you go against KT players.

    You are alienating us with your behavior.

    And what is noteworthy that none of those loudmouths are active players, they all mention themselves that they quit or just stop playing.

  9. 2 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

    They ARE favored and you can't tell me otherwise. It was KT that brought all the issues with Luna and NCWest had to force-change it to prevent crashes, but when those crashes happened, people enjoyed nearly daily reset on instances and other stuff. It's like 1 kid on class causing trouble so the teacher punishes the whole class for it.

    It's still UNFAIR, regardless what KT stans say, regarding housing. One server gets to keep their houses, but the other does not. Only NCWest can come up with this shite ideology and say it's fine.

    I am on the side of DN people when it comes to unfair treatment from ncsoft, but I have zero sympathy for the ones who are attacking KT server and KT players and blaming us for your issues. You mentioned you are not playing live servers anymore, what makes you so concerned ? Again, the KT weekly bug issue was already discussed many times, and it was DN who enjoyed it most because they got instances reset without having their server bugged for hours. You probably didn’t know this since you are not playing.

  10. 10 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

    You can tell KT is very much favored by NCWest because they get to keep their HOUSING, names, legion names and all of that

    I don’t think it’s because KT is favored, they just want to reduce the amount of work for them after merge, with name conflict. So instead of resetting all, they decided to reset only 1 server with a lower population and this is DN.

  11. 1 hour ago, Gallium-DN said:

    Well I'm going to go ahead and make a Poll. I'm counting on support from both DN and KT players here. I'm proposing that all players from DN should be allowed to petition for name ownership for their main toon. I'm losing other names, but I think everyone agrees that losing the name of your main toon is blatantly unfair.

    Please vote!

    I don’t understand what you mean “allowed to petition for name” ? If you mean submitting tickets to support to retrieve your name back, that was already done during previous merges, right ?

  12. By the way, I think they also have to make ultimate sovereign weapon box more accessible. IDD gear cannot be put into collections, so the only way is still BENM which is hard to do because of low population.

  13. 56 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    You won't, they will be in the same server/faction and as long as you have both you won't be able to make any new chars if you have vacant slots.

    In the past they allowed people to transfer their colliding characters into another account but that was when we still had personnel dedicated to Aion, I doubt they will bother doing something similar now.

    This is what they should do I think. However, let’s wait for the official details on Monday before discussing further.

  14. Legendary sovereign weapon box used to drop from IDD nm before 100-IDD update. This weapons are needed in many item collections. Imo, it would be reasonable adding them to PF nm or SL easy drop. Another option would be BE easy but lootable by each party member.

  15. 2 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

    It would  be nice if they dropped more frequently, or at least make them account tradeable!  It really irritates me when people roll on them when playing an alt.  And the gear you can craft is a bit better than soverign.  Ive been saving for a while and Im almost halfway to making a hat

    I don’t know what class you are playing, but for sorc, sovereign is better than this gear. Heart of protection gear doesn’t have crit and is not retunable. Full sov cloth set + weapon gives you a minimum of 1600 crit, are you ready to loose that ? You can make up for that crit if you socket all armor with crit (86 * 6 * 3 = 1548), however in that case you will loose 414 attack. So go figure.

    Instead of increasing the drop rate of these useless marks, they better make this gear set retunable. But how it is now, I have around 250 hearts in my wh and I woul be glad to give them up to you, but they are untradeable.

  16. 5 hours ago, ITisNOTme said:

    you can cry about this as long as you want but believe or not but i got 1 weapon with my hands. Mostly because of my fps 100 and ping 30. 

    Only 1 ? Lol

    but this shugo was there every day during several weeks, and hackers got much more than just 1 lol

    on a separate note, what you say only proves how unfair and discriminatory that event was, because the large majority of players don’t have that low ping

  17. 3 minutes ago, Ulti-DN said:

    Time for you to realize that the world doesn't revolve around you and nobody gives a crap what you want. Entitled much? You don't like it? Quit!! We won't miss you. Stop making demands...nobody owes you anything!

    That guy says “we” like if he spoke for KT server. Meanwhile I have no clue who it is lol

    Don’t submit to such cheap provocations

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