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  1. Stormwing event, dungeon even, XP marks event, transformation promotion... Looked like the best opportunity to indulge the old players and to attract the new players to the game... But then on a peaceful Easter Holiday Aion NA reserved us a bitter surprise - egg transfers were stopped and a part of the community was insulted by calling an "abuse" the legal feature that existed in game many years in a row. A doubtful move that ruined all the joy spring events were supposed to bring... Is that their intention to make people quit ?.. To avert the newly joined ones from the game by showing how the
  2. I feel totally the same. I was thinking of buying prestige this month but then I said to myself that unless they make up for that horrible thing they did, I’m never gonna spend a penny on this game anymore.
  3. They did it to your friend but to you they said no. And the answer was “because it’s up to us to decide”. That basically means they can do whatever they want to players... hmmmmmmm that doesn’t sound nice, does it ?
  4. Several dozens of ppl commented on this topic already and we get 0 reply from GM. They want to give apostles to some players for free and the rest are expected to pay for them. Discrimination is real and doesn't seem to be adressed in this game. Players submitting tickets and support just ignores them. That doesn't look like a kind of game I would spend money on...
  5. The only fair compensation would be to re-enable egg transfer and they better do it fast, because the time is ticking out. I don’t see why players are only discussing apostles, for example I wanted to transfer it to my alt to enchant and unlock its daevanions. I have no clue what “majority of ppl who already got their apostle contracts” you are referring to, I know much more ppl who didn’t attempt to transfer it yet.
  6. All new players must realize that in the current version of Aion, everyone MUST have 12 alts. This is not optional. Of course people say "I don't have time playing 1 char, I don't feel like creating 12". You should realize that you only have to do this job once. Creating 1 character and making it lvl 10 only takes around 10-15 min now. 15min*11 = a bit less than 3 hours. Just spend 3 hours of your time creating all those characters and making them level 10. After that, you are not obliged to lvl them up to 80 in 1 day. Be lazy, do a few lunas in a while on some chars, make a few quests and one
  7. What is really frustrating is that these last days, several dozens of ppl commented on the forum and tagged @Kibbelz asking to resolve the issue with the egg transfer. And we got 0 reaction from GM so far... I saw many discussions about apostles and whether they are important or not. Ofc they are important. BUT we are not discussing this here. We are discussing the issue when players are treated unequally. I am an active player and I also used to spend some money on BCM on this game and even if I didn't, why am I denied something other players get ? If this is how this game works why shou
  8. Or this is someone who made all transfers and completed his apostles collections and now doesn't want any others to do so, trying to convince everyone that ppl who were granted the transfer by support didn't get any benefit.
  9. To be honest, it’s beyond my understanding how ppl could abuse the support. Did they put a gun to their head and asked to transfer the egg ? Players cannot do anything if supports disagrees. If someone could abuse anything, it can only be the support.
  10. Exacty, it’s not only a question of apostle but also the daily rewards like daevanion books and enchants that have been used, how could they reroll on that ? It is totally not possible to revert this, there are only 2 options - re-enable the transfers or spit in the face of half the community.
  11. They basically said « sorry but we don’t want to do it anymore »
  12. This is unacceptable, all players should be treated in the same way. Either you transfer for all who want or you don't transfer for anyone. @Kibbelz
  13. Dear Livo, Thank you for having created and maintaining myaion dps meter, an awesome tool that helps us to explore the game and improve our performance. However, I'd like to point out some discrepancies in the software redarding sessions timing. I noticed that in 100% of the cases, the dps given by the application differs from the one uploaded on the server. Sometimes the discrepancy is small, sometimes considerable and sometimes totally irrational. For example, I have an AoA NM session that lasted 63 minutes according the both software and the website ! Also, while checking the website
  14. I think that KT economy has reached a difficult point because with every update, kinah sinks multiply, for example 1 yornforged weapon upgrade requires 94 XP marks which is an equivalent of 50 mil kinah, we are getting more and more gear that is retunable (up to 400 mil per piece for retuning), the new event selling reset scrolls andbuffs for kinah, and at last but not least, enchantment cost and exorbitant broker fees. At the same time, we see the sources of kinah farm shrink with the removal of luna light from contaminated underpath. With no efficient kinah source, population becomes poor an
  15. Yeah, I totally agree, just pressing 1 button and getting a fully geared max lvl character is obviously not enough, they should have included an ultimate transformation to that. What can I say, another screwed-up event...
  16. I mean, they had the whole week after the event has ended to organize things. Their support has 0 info and doesn’t even remember when the events start and end...
  17. yeah, or just say "it will be delivered in the future" this is 100% sure, good idea
  18. The event has JUST ended ????? JUST ended ???? It's been 1 week since it's ended
  19. 14:35 server - a mail arrives. Is it, finally, THE reward ??? Nah, just my AT red dazzling returned from broker...
  20. Omg @Kibbelz do something please, ppl are in the risk of getting fired because of the event now !!! 😮
  21. looks like a perfect way to disappont people, bravo ncsoft !
  22. another possibility is March 24, 2022 because it's not legaly stated which year in their post
  23. and they WILL bw delievered on March 24... at 23:59 pm
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