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  1. You are not very bright are you ? I’m playing retail.
  2. I personally think that all f2p players should quit classic and leave it for candy-lovers. That’s what I did myself.
  3. Apparently it’s much worse than that - they used ping reducers 😱
  4. In fact, there are 3 kinds of population on classic, based on my experience during the first week, - 1) like you said - people who quit retail a while ago and came back to classic, 2) people who are playing retail atm and also trying classic now and 3) new players with no experience in Aion who came play classic straight away.
  5. I’m just laughing at people who were saying how much classic is better than retail, how fair it is and no p2w, and how everyone will quit retail for classic and be happy. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. 1) outfits were NEVER considered a p2w you don't have to "explain" anything to me on this subject 2) In your first message you said that "retail has significantly more p2w" and this was the only reason I replied to your post. In your second post you say "you never claimed that retail has more p2w" and then ninja-edit it in a couple of minutes only because you can't edit your first post anymore. I'm not going to prove anything to a person that contradicts himself/herself, this only prove that your are talking nonsense. I'm not going to loose my time talking with ppl like that, thank you, b
  7. And the first step would be disabling all those « guests » from posting on forum.
  8. I mean, in truth we all realize that no server will die at least in a short perspective - neither retail nor classic. But thinking that all ppl from retail will quit for classic was just very naive, in contrast, classic may bring new players for retail. While ultimate promotion is certainly not for freshly-joined players, it will bring back / motivate a huge part of people.
  9. Looks like a bunch of words that make no sense, certainly you never played retail and just copypasted this nonsense from someone else. Since when outfits are considered p2w ? What you are going to win with outfit unless you are aiming to charm your opponents with your costume and make them yield. Black Cloud Wings - what is this at all ? and, finally , GEAR - is not on BCM and I don't recall it was there. And you cannot buy gear with kinah or $ directly on retail (not talking about paragon now, it's different). But you can on classic. ALL gear on classic is brokerable, and on retail it is NOT
  10. And also need this event to attract new players. Classic will die in a few months so need to keep taking care of retail as well.
  11. when i was questing for miragent long time ago, the most difficult part for me was the hot heart of magic because it involves rng, I was failing many times and had to farm mats by myself. But at the time we didn't have tiger candies ! Now it will be the easiest quest ever - buy mats on broker and try again.
  12. That’s the point of candies. With candies you can easily get unlimited kinah by selling them to merchant and the rest by broker or private store and with those kinah you can buy max gear for every level, fully socket it with manastones and enchant at least to +10. That will make leveling / AP farm super easy for you. And then people say it’s not p2w. It’s actually much worse than retail, cause even on retail you can’t buy gear with kinah or at least it’s less obvious cause you have to find ppl selling loot right for a random drop.
  13. you are not common with sarcasm, are you ?
  14. And also give some brain to you, on additional request
  15. What you mean, classic is not a p2w game, no, cause candies are “optional” and daeva pass is optional and kinah is optional and everything is optional, unlike retail where p2w is not optional and innocent players are forced to spend money so just enjoy playing classic and remember - it’s not p2w
  16. Classic Aion is much more kinah-dependent than retail version because EVERYTHING can be sold/traded for kinah including gear. Tiger candies in classic quna shop is exactly the same as if kinah were put directly to BCM on retail. However, on classic if you have unlimited kinah you can buy every single piece of gear simply off broker without even entering any instance. I already saw XP amulets available from the paid Daeva pass, ppl say AP relics can also be obtained from it. LOL that makes classic much more p2w than retail is. With the only difference : on retail, if you want to stop paying m
  17. I’m still trying to figure out why ppl are complaining about p2w on retail server where you have a choice - play for free or pay for prestige or BCM items, while on classic it’s exactly the same (if not worse) but everyone says « don’t pay attention to it, it’s optional ».
  18. I even heard there gonna be an analogue of prestige on top of the paid subscription, gg ppl saying “there is no p2w in classic”
  19. There are going to be 2 options for classic - either they keep updating it, which would be surprising for me because then it wouldn’t be classic. Without updates, players will just get bored of it and quit at some point.
  20. Unless at some point they update classic to 6.0 and everyone will start farming transformations again XD
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