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  1. read my forum name (on the left) and it will tell you what server I am playing
  2. We have no reason not to trust this guy and the fact that people who were publicly exposed using +15 paragon still not banned is one more argument that support is not doing their job right. Seriously there are many examples of inadequate support behaviour, let alone the guy who cannot restore his rune because support telling him it was "overwritten" and it is an "intended game mechanics", while half the server are telling the opposite. But they know better. I also don't understand people who are telling "why you bought this item from broker while you knew about the ongoing paragon scandal
  3. There is a simple test - buy it and wait. If your account gets banned, means was definitely an exploit paragon.
  4. Like I said, only nonsense coming out...
  5. I admit, I always skip your posts and comments and I didn't even want to reply on that one at all. I never seen any remark you made that made at least a little sense. But I want to clarify for the others that may read this thread, that there are many people who have +6 and +7 paragon after Tiamaranta eye event and it is totally normal. And I know someone who enchanted his paragon to +7 during Tia event and was selling it. There is totally nothing wrong in seeing a +6, +7 or even +8 paragon on broker and buying this. I do sincerely hope that the person I mentioned, managed to sell his para
  6. LOL it seems they keep screwing up the game. I'm sorry about what happened to you but I cannot say it surprises me much. Speaking for myself, I was playing Aion since 2012 and was always f2p but since last year I've been playing more actively because of covid lockdown and I decided that I could spend some money on this game. I was always surprised to see how some players were talking about ncsoft in a negative way and thought they were just overreacting. However, since several months I saw many shocking things about how players are treated here by GM and not only I decided to stop spendin
  7. it's based on H.ello's video in which he testing runes combine. What he says there is "you can obtain a prime rune by combining 2 greater runes, however, I combined many of them and still haven't got a single prime rune, so the chance must be very low". And trust me, when that guy says "many" that means A LOT.
  8. You can get a prime runestone when you combine 2 greater ones but the chance is very low. As far as combining 2 prime runes, I have no info about rates, but I would never do this.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣 Seriously, use ticket to reroll before it’s too late
  10. The chance isn’t that low, It’s the amount of cubic you need to get that is insane. For example, 1 year ago I was doing Jeromi’s quests in Lakrum to farm bronze cubics and I got my griffon wisdom cubic to lvl 4, 40/80 by June, when those quests were removed and open-world cubic drop was introduced. Almost in 1 year my progress is: lvl5, 20/100. So in 1 year I could farm 60 bronze griffon cubics. For me it’s not the issue when something is hard or too easy to farm, as long as it’s the same for everyone. With cubics it was like that : very easy in the beginning, then more difficult and, fin
  11. Yeah, cubic "bundles" (that contain 1 random cubic) for battlefield coins or XP marks we don't even mention here, because it's a total joke.
  12. It was obviously a joke because - what can I reply to a post like this ? Trust me, there is absolutely no problem in farming flowers - you join the alliance/league, and you loot flowers with everyone. You can even stay afk while other people are killing flowers, there is nothing wrong in that. However, there is a bunch of people who want some particular attention and create drama out of nowhere, naming people that are afk or not replying to them "bots". I spent the whole day leading a league of ppl farming near Udas temple in Inggison and there were many people applying, coming and leaving all
  13. That’s because this game is designed to be played with auto-hunt. Without it the game is broken and all the measures NCWEST introduced (double XP weekends, garden event) are not fully helping. Imo, there are only 2 options here : 1) enable auto-hunt in open world or 2) make the garden a permanent event like abyssal and include cubics drop to it
  14. No, but you need one to kill flowers or so I heard. That’s why those bots are bothering ppl because they simply cannot compete with a bot with full +15 paragon killing flower, ahah.
  15. And we will be even happier when we finally get some info on stormwing egg transfer issue @Kibbelz
  16. Exactly, the sense of Kibbelz’s post totally escaping me. Like you said, there are 2 possibilities : 1) a GM was implied 2) there is a serious in-game bug on all Aion servers around the world that must be fixed. If it’s not GM then they simply can’t be satisfied with just banning people who exploited this, a true fix is needed.
  17. Well, Kibbelz gave no info honestly, because if he says that GMs are NOT involved, then - HOW did those highly enchanted paragon items appear ? I heard about animation hacking, glide or gravity hacking, but I never heard of a hack that allows you to summon a piece of gear or materials or force enchants to succeed. What people would like to know is 1) how those illegitimate items appeared in the game, 2) how did some players acquire those items and 3) what actions were or will be taken against both who made those items and the ones who purchased them.
  18. Also some info on HOW they actually got their paragon +15 items.
  19. Too late, we already stopped spending money after they refused stormwing egg transfer.
  20. So much time passed from the moment Siel server existed, your friend may already stop playing or changed nickname. But I wish you best of luck abd hope you find him/her.
  21. I had a +6 orb and imagine, it was still totally useless even compared to half-enchanted hearthuard weapons of my alts...
  22. Yes but some people say that paragon starts to glow at level 10. So I’ve been wondering whether that purple glow on paragon is a clear indicator of level 15.
  23. And luckily it was just a +5 rune, what would be if it was a +8 ???
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