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  1. Hey OwL, did you try without ping reducer, just to test ? Apparently, some ppl now have higher ping using it.
  2. When you come back after so many years, there will be certainly many things to catch up with and many changes. You will certainly not like all of them, but don't just drop it until you've tried it. There are many things to learn about the new game, but isn't that exciting ? No, you will not learn all of them in one day and you will not become top #1 in the game in a week. But that's Aion, not kind of mobile phone farm game, here the pleasure is in learning new things, getting stronger and playing with your friends, and from this point of view nothing changed since the first day of this game. A
  3. With so many unscheduled maintenances due to the weekly bug, and now this extended maint, Demaha altar sieges became almost inaccessible for EU players, and the others to a some extent as well. I believe that a compensation in a form of renown tonic/stellium is in order. @Kibbelz
  4. It just scary, the turn this game is taking. Auto-hunt now and what next ? Auto-lfg, auto-running instances, auto-loot the boss ? Our character will just live their own lifes and we will just login once per week to check what they are doing.
  5. Yeah, one can say : don’t you worry about kinah guys, you won’t have that much xp anyway, what whould require some noticeable kinah investment
  6. Nah, i was just trolling honestly. I could not resist it, sorry
  7. It's just this new bug schedule is not comfortable with our playing time. Could you please, Kibbelz, Loki, start the bug after altars on Sunday like it was two weeks before ?
  8. Arhangelos, I agree about Katalam but I disagree about Demaha. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve been farming Demaha and I was engaged in pvp maximum a dozens of time, for me Demaha is pve map, unlike Lakrum and Katalam. Of course, if they remove one zero from xp extractor price it would be awesome, but we shouldn’t dream... As for kinah, I guess he was doing camps on all his alts and selling the gear for kinah, still 340 mil per week looks too much. I better quit the game than farm kinah thus way, ty.
  9. Replying to what @lostcrazyman-KT said, I do like that auto-hunt is disabled, and I do think farming kinah should made easier, so the only think ncsoft should do to adress the new patch kinah issue is to lower the price of an XP extractor to like 100-200k kinah.
  10. Finally, I’ve been waiting the whole day yesterday. This bug is starting to get late.
  11. Yes, I already mentioned that before, and I will say that again - this system creates disbalance because the stuff we could buy only with “tokens” now will cost kinah + “tokens”. That means, farming kinah should be made easier.
  12. Let’s wait what Violeta says, but they cannot change previously acquired pieces imo, because new sets are retunable, so they cannot swap existing maxed stats for a random retune. It will also be interesting to compare new katalam accs with bursting altar.
  13. I wanted to add that combining 2 legendaries is a way to complete collection/unlock new transformations too, but in that case it's also a waste of 1 legendary per combine. You are absolutely right that it's better to wait, and it's not only about legendary transforms. It's not new that there was stuff ppl wasted money/time on it and then it was given in an event for free, likewise with this transformation promotion event we had in the end of summer. Bet le me ask a question - how long did it take since ultimate transformation were 1st introduced until this promotion event ? 1 year or more ? If
  14. Thank you for that nice and detailed guide. The question that I’m asking myself is, if this progress bar is useless, why is it even here ? Why the developers put it there if it’s not necessary for correct game functioning ?
  15. Arhangelos, try to remove him from your blocked list first and then, block him again, this should work.
  16. +500 pve attack and +1000 pve defense will be gamechanger for all the instances (I just hope the shugo robot is not bugged this time). I think it’s an awesome event that can encourage players to try more hard mode instances, thank you very much for this event !
  17. Yeah, we should be grateful there is only pin bug, they could have introduced a possibily with a certain chance your account gets destroyed upon unsuccessful login attempt, like with enchantment.
  18. OR (the most likely) after another maintenance like “the weelky maintenance will take place today ... ty all and 0 info” the ppl will log in to discover that all the quest npc are gone and start to spam lfg like “did the pumpkin event end ?” “Help me I cannot find the npc to turn in my 35 pumpkins” etc.
  19. And I’m sure it will be a kind of announcement in weekly maintenance post like “today the pumpkin king event will end”.
  20. I think that gives an idea of legendary drop rate from a regular contract, should be around 0.001%. So you will need to open 100k contracts for a reasonable chance of legendary. I doubt that even with daily contracts reward, the whole community can reach this value during the event.
  21. @Arhangelos-KT @Violeta-KT Guys I have a question for you Are the pumpkin quests repeatable ? I mean if I complete the 35 pumpkin quest, will I be able to retake it or there will be only 10 and 20 ones left ? Thank you in advance for your reply
  22. Any info on how many candy blasts we need for alliance instances ? VT and BENM ?
  23. Primeth Forge NM The pumpkin is on the highest platform in the gliding area before Frigida, you will see it if you look down frim where Tarukan was standing. (And I just naively hope that the location in PFHM is not the same). Stellin Laboratory easy The Pumpking is next to the door to the last boss.
  24. Well, the purpose was to make you guys test what it feels like to have an ulti transform, so you spend more money to get it.
  25. Omg I’m dead shocked here *uses the emote from Vantheria’s vid
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