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  1. @Kibbelzand btw another question, what happens with the pink quests from daily contaminated underpath ? And will the boss drop infected flesh lump anymore ?
  2. If they mean the daily 50-kill quest, this is awful news, cause if I have to kill 50 mobs on every alt every day to get my luna, I’m gonna freak out.
  3. I'm going to add my opinion to this, and I have 2 points : 1) I personally think that auto-hunt will kill this game. Yesterday I logged in and I was recruiting for SLNM. I checked my friendlist and what I saw - 50% were afk farming the garden of growth, 30% - afk luna, others - doing the same thing on alts and about remaining 10% are simply afk in town or in Oriel. 😁 And this when the auto-hunt is restricted for 1 hour. Imagine allowing it in OW all the time ? rip game 2) On the other hand, I do acknowledge that many events and features of this game become more and more fixed on the
  4. I did all the following and now auto-hunt button is there even in inggison. So I suppose it should work in the instance too. Thank you @Kibbelz for a fast response
  5. Thank you, thank you, I already submitted a ticket 😁
  6. Haha, everything genial is so simple, thank you ! XDDD
  7. These suggestions are very nice, thank you, but once we do all of them how are we supposed to check if it worked ? I already lost my daily entry today, should I wait till tomorrow to check ?
  8. I actually had no idea what version I've been using, I just installed the launcher and the game from the website. I checked in the task manager and it says that launcher is 32 bit and aion folder is in Programmes (x86), so I guess it's 32 bit ? How do I install the 64bit one then ? oO I'm confused
  9. Can they at least ONCE release an event that works without bug from the start, for a change ????
  10. I have exactly the same issue, i just quit the instance and sent a ticket to support. I’m sorry but I’m not supposed to know about that option to enable, they might have at least mentioned that in the event notes.
  11. There are mixed opinions about auto-hunt in Aion and I personally agree with Arhangelos because when 100 ppl put their chars and their alts to auto-hunt there won't be any mob left to farm and they only be able to kill let's say a couple of mobs in 5 min. In order to make auto-hunt possible for dozens of players, they need to put 1 mob per every square meter in inggison map which respawn every 3 sec. Otherwise, calling someone dumb because he has different opinion than you is kinda... dumb 😁
  12. The game doesn’t but apparently there is a problem here because one of my friends also got HB viola 5 times like me and @Arhangelos-KT. No one gonna ever convince me this is rng.
  13. Well, apparently GM's are convinced that giving the community a selectable minion box will result in a major disaster, probably causing a comete to fall on the Earth, like the one that killed the Dinosaurs. Like the same thing when I was saying to limit the meloon shugo to 1 per account so everyone can get their reward. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted tho. For me also it was Tenacious Viola or nothing at all, I was ready to roll to the 10th time. Also I don't think that I deserve that minion more than you or any other person who didn't get what they wanted to. This is one of unfa
  14. I don't know many things about digital randomizer algorithms, I only followed basic probability theory and statistics and what happened to both of us can not be called random in any case even for a not-true randomizer, it just cannot be random when there are 10 possibilities and many ppl get 5 same things in a row. If they cannot realize a good random algorithm that means they should remove rng from the game for good.
  15. Nah, rng can not be like that. I rerolled 7-8 times and 5-6 times out of that it was giving me HB Viola. So I kept rolling and luckily it dropped a tenacious Viola. Idk how this box works but if it’equal probability 0.1^5 is 0.001% probability to get 5 times the same thing. It’s like winning euro million.
  16. More precisely, they promised it “not later than 20th of January”, so today is really the deadline. Technically, it can be even tomorrow or in 1 week and they will say “we apologize for the delay”, won’t be surprised
  17. So happy typos are finally going to be fixed, been waiting for months.
  18. Nah, don’t fix it, we love bugs and crashes 😊
  19. Paragon is enchantable till +20 with the rates 0.4% after +11, for detail see Moo’s tables :
  20. Let me put it this way - when I use Marcutan from a potion instead of Viola +4 it gives me about 20% more dps (and Tiamat is better than Marchutan). If it was called “20% dps buff” instead of ultimate potion, would it sound attractive ? And here I’m talkin about the pve, because in pvp it’even more remarkable because of speed. It sounds depressing that there is no way to farm ultimate transformation, but this game leaves us no choice. But I agree that if it’s only limited to event zone it makes no sense to buy it.
  21. Arhangelos - a renowned server bug researcher 😁
  22. Imagine a commercial center advertising 50% sales and then "oops sorry we changed our mind, it's gonna be 30% only, enjoy"
  23. I mean, we all remember well what happened on the last day of anniversary event which was supposed to bring us 5X XP and drop buff 😁
  24. And 10% chance your character is deleted upon login failure
  25. Yeah, I like Tiamat but I always wanted to look like Pink Tiger. Hope it comes to NA soon !
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