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  1. 6 minutes ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    My advice is to keep your items in WH, no more problems. This auto-finish quests sucks. I've lost items as well.  

    We can’t store all our items in WH as we cannot predict what other buggy quest may steal them again, also I don’t feel like loosing 25 XPmarks and days of farming  random npcs for 4 io crystals. The issue must be fixed and concerned players reimbursed.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

    Yeah automatically giving back quests that share items is a bummer. You could have discarded that quest but that is a hustle to constantly be alerted on which quests you have before you accidentally get all the mats for it and lose them.

    Not to mention that you automatically get those quests whether you want them or not, the moment you step a foot on the territory.


    The solution would be to have a "reward" button on each quest just like we had for years.

    This is the quest that is not related to any camp, it is acquired automatically once you log in Apsaranta. And believe me, I never had an idea there even might be a quest like that. I just bought 1 more Io coin and - pooof !  - all disappeared from my inventory. And the same thing happened to 2 of my friends yesterday.

    It's frustrating how Aion support doens't want to even make an effort to understand a little bit more about this game and simply rejecting people's requests as usual.

  3. Apsaranta's campaign quest "Tragedy of Apsaranta" requires you to collect 7 Io Coins and 7 Io Silk. However, there is another weekly quest from Wisplight legion that requires the same materials but in somewhat lower quantities. As all weekly quests, it is turned in automatically without player's consent. Yesterday, upon buying another Io Coin from the merchant I noticed all my materials (around 3 Io Silks and 4 Io Coins) disappear from my inventory and another quest "Apsaranta Treasure Hunting" was turned in while I didn't intend to do it at all !!! So now I'm back to the starting point of the campaign quest with 0 materials and I have to restart again a few day's work !!!


    Then I contacted support and OF COURSE I was told to nyerk off.



    @Kibbelz@Lokiplease, I want this issue to be fixed and my materials returned to me because they were taken from me without my consent, which I believe violates the game's user agreement. Left like that, it makes the campaign quest undoable since once you log in to Apsaranta you automatically loose the materials that are already hard to farm.

  4. 2 hours ago, Ele-DN said:


    Sure it does. someone getting their perfect stat for virtually no cost. then someone months ago had to spend 1-2b on it. sounds fair right? 



    So you are feeling hurt because you spent billions on retune before 1-kinah buff so you decided to screw up everyone now ? How low is that ?

  5. Yes, please no first come first serve, we have already enough of that in apsaranta.

    *2 weeks later  -  first-come first-serve shugo event coming

    NCSoft : « sorry we already got this event from Korea but we will take your feedback into account next year « 

  6. 22 hours ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    Lot's of ppl still do it. Free kinah from selling the daevanion essence on broker (you can buy with the coins you get from winning pvp instances), or buy enchants from the same shugo, if you need.

    It’s true but it’s less attractive  now, on kt-e 1 essence is same price as 1 holy water, but it’s much easier and faster to farm a holy water than 25 battle coins. Enchants are interesting, but still, pvp instances take too much time I don’t have. It takes too long to wait for pop while I could use this time to farm apsa.

  7. 9 hours ago, Briearios said:

    While this post is hilarious I think people should realize not only from Ncsoft's actions/behavior the game isn't doing so well. Not only in NA but every region. I have gotten emails from Ncsoft advertising other games even Gw2's new update. A game newer than Aion (BnS) got a core engine update.. If that doesn't scream "We hope this game dies so we can transfer resources to the products we actually care about." I don't know what will. Plus look at this patch. Barely any thought put into the content at all. Tis is how it is.

    Yes, the lack of effort is obvious, looking at Apsaranta land and how fighting spirit set looks like (except the orb which looks beautiful, but no one going to notice because it's an orb q.q)

  8. 7 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

    We assume it is for Classic because of the rewards, level 70 enchants, shards, awakening scrolls and it also mentioned discounts on candies on BCM etc.

    Not sure if it does work on classic of course because I personally don't play there, I rarely log in when I am bored.

    It’s funny but if you type “black” in the Retail BCM search, it gives this bundle as one of results.

  9. 3 hours ago, Delicat-KT said:

    I have no issue with the boss, you're probably hitting it before he gets the debuff.
    Even if boss is under the light, if he doesn't get the debuff, you will hit for 1. Wait until the debuff is on him from the light before you attack.

    You didn’t pay enough attention, there is a bug. I know well SL mechanics lol im doing this inst since a few years no need to teach me. When boss is not under light you hit 1 ALL the time. When boss under the light in 8.0 with the bug, some attacks hit normal damage and some hit 1, there is big difference in that. You cast a flame spray that makes 300k damage, next your mana vamp makes 1 damage and you restore no mana, then next skill does normal damage. The bug is real.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

    And no information on it or an announcement. The only Black Friday event they bothered to annoucne was for classic.

    They also need to put a title on all news and events to know where they are directed to. I was reading that event until I realized the rewards were shards and I was like "ok you need to get out of this page"

    I would go a bit far and suggest if not another website but at least a different tab for classic. 
    They really went too far because Aion website in google search is called “Aion Classic” like retail never existed at all.

  11. 2 hours ago, AriaTheMelodious-DN said:

    Yeah I know all classes had normal skils swapped to DP, but that hasn't really mattered to me since DP can be generated on the spot. That's why I was asking about other classes, and how (if at all) this has negatively affected them. Like your sorc example, is it difficult for sorcs to generate DP? Does Winter Binding cost a lot? etc etc

    I assumed AT and Ranger are riding on easy-street now that they can keep their active DP skills on indefinitely

    That means that before you can use teleport in pvp you have to refill your dp, even tho it costs 1k, but every moment in pvp is precious. Curse of roots also needs dp, which is sorc most used sleep. So basically, sorc pvp is nerfed.

  12. 32 minutes ago, AriaTheMelodious-DN said:

    Which classes in particular have been nerfed by the DP system, and how? Genuinely curious; I haven't much time to toy around with my alts in the past few months so idk the details of each class.

    More or less agree; I enjoy the ease of DP acquisition though there's a learning curve i sometimes trip up on, which is memorising which skills give and cost DP and how much. In the heat of battle you might forget or revert to pre-8.0 instincts, but I'm sure in a few months that'll probably not be the case

    Many classes were nerfed in one or another way. Even sorc was nerfed because winter binding is DP skill now.

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