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  1. Idk what is it for but it takes place exactly during altars siege in Demaha
  2. Thank you all for that info, now my question is : being a sorc what ranger should I play ? I threw away / sold all my old weapons that were cast speed / atk speed fuse and in the current game (idk why they don’t like sorc so much) we have absolutely no way to increase our atk speed other than ulti xform... I’m not going to complain here that it takes like 10 min to cast all the three “instant” buffs (magic rush, vaizel and aetherblaze) before i can attack something...
  3. I suggest removing one 0 from the number of mobs and adding one to the number of coins !
  4. Yeah, I would prefer an xp extractor to this belt.
  5. That is why "les règles du jeu" must be announced in detail in the patch notes before the introduction of every new feature ! If this is true, you can combine 10 times 2 minions to get +30% buff and then finally combine 4 to get 70%+30%=100% success rate for your S-rank minion ! For that you will need 1+10+3 = 14 rank A minions. It means that CHUKRI could have used 14 of 19 minions he failed to obtain his rank S !
  6. If you mean the bug you get on logging in when it says that you entered 5 times incorrect pin and your access is restricted, i got it just few hours ago relogging on my alt.
  7. So from what I managed to translate everyone who attempted at least 2 times fusing 4 a minions get a selectable S minion box. That sounds fair, hope we get it also !
  8. The damage formula is for a regular hit. A critical hit deals 1.5 times damage the regular one. So for crit damage you have to multiply this formula by 1.5. A critical hit arrives with a certain probability which is determined by the value of your "magic crit" or "physical crit". Each value of this stat corresponds to a certain probability, i.e. 5800 crit means 33% crit probability. You can see your crit probability by pointing your mouse cursor over the value of your crit stat in your profile window. You can find tables on the internet with crit stat values and corresponding probabilities.
  9. I think they should just give an S minion to CHUKRI and everyone else who failed that much. The rate is supposed to be 70%, so failing 6 times should be 0,3^6= less than 0,1% probability ! It took me 6 months to level my 4 rank A minions, and now I’m scared even to try to combine them.
  10. Personally I would like all enchantment stones and manastones be not only tradeable but also brokerable again like it was in the game several years ago. Manastones have to be brokerable so ppl can exchange them for the ones they need for their class, and same for enchantment stones especially with the new system pve/pvp enchantment that I don’t like either. I’m sure there are lots of ppl who want to exchange pve to pvp stones and vice versa. I’m sure now there will be a lot of smart people who will come and say that you can extract unneeded manastones and craft new ones, so I reply to th
  11. Well, let’s hope it will help developers to determine the origin of this bug which seems to be no less mysterious than the origins if the universe and life.
  12. Yeah, otherwise that would've been rude to leave everyone in an unplayable game for more than one day. I'm yet amazed how the weekly bug still arrives punctually despite the emergency maint we had last Thursday or Friday.
  13. Omg, you were lucky you could still finish it.
  14. I understand, there are many other ways to get those also. I'm just talking about some major changes in game balance this update brings. Something that before cost only experience (here I consider genesis crystal, stellium and BM a kind of experience since you get them from quests), now will cost experience and a fair amount of kinah as well.
  15. The only exciting thing about this update is the (old) new instance BT. Generalizing token system is a good idea, but not replacing them with XP marks. Before, any player (even undergeared one) could do one camp in Lakrum and get 100 genesis xtals to craft hus daevanion box. Now he has to pay around 2 mil kinah in addition. 500k kinah for retune, 200k kinah for enchant/manastone socket, >500k for XP extractor... Where are we gonna get that much ? The only ligical thing would be to make XP extractors free of charge or cost 1 Kinah. We already struggle with XP for renown system, and niw we g
  16. No big surprise since those skills for sorc don’t seem very interesting. Me I mostly pve so for me they are totally useless. As for pvp, when I was pvping several years ago, I had wintry armor spec with an instant aoe sleep linked stigma, which is much better than those. I wish they made a daev version of empyrean wrath nuke with 0 casting time instead. That’s because the enchant rates after +10 are 20% with different skillbook and 50% with the same skillbook. Since enchanting daev dp skills with the same skillbook is unrealistic, I agree with you, some modifications are needed.
  17. Thank you guys for your feedback. I wish everyone who experienced this issue leaves here a comment so we show that this bug is indeed very common. Of course there are many people who don't look very much on forum, but at least... Imagine not being able to use your skills with a dozen of mobs on you ? in a timed instance ? in front of an enemy player ? for a healer at boss ? This bug undermines the gameplay and must be investigated and fixed asap.
  18. I posted about this in the special bug n issues thread but my post didn’t draw any attention, so I repost ithere. I’m talking about the bug where you cannot use most of your skills neither by mouse nor from keyboard. It is happening more and more often for me and other people Iplayed with. I can only use magic rush, aetherblaze (but not vaizel’s wisdom) and teleport. Pots are usable too. It is very annoying since it happened already 2 times in Eso with many mobs pulled. One time our pt got wiped cause we didn’t have strong enough people to kill so many mobs without me. The bug disapp
  19. Exactly, that's what I'm also try to explain to people. Botting is only good when there are few bots and no one else can bot, like it was in Lakrum when there were a couple of bots in the middle area who cleared arachna mobs, so they got thousands of magic xtals to sell on broker, while I was only able to make several dozens trying to compete with them killing the mobs manually. I simply don't have enough patience to hunt mobs even for 30 mins it's too boring. This is very good for bots (and apparently devastating for the game and other players). If everyone can bot however the situation will
  20. Just wanted to say thank you for being vigilant and always posting that on forum so it can be fixed fast.
  21. Did I undestand right that HP cubics will be removed from Crucible Lower reward ? How people are going to farm them since this was the only way to get them ?
  22. My statistics from mobs near Lakrum main town : 224 mobs, 11 books dropped (5% drop rate). Which is not that bad in fact.
  23. Thank you for the info. Can you give an estimate of a drop rate, like how many mobs did you kill, one hundred or rather one thousand ? I am sure many people would like to know whether it is worth it. As for HM I did 2 runs of the right path and got 4-5 books each time.
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