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  1. Thank you for the info. Can you give an estimate of a drop rate, like how many mobs did you kill, one hundred or rather one thousand ? I am sure many people would like to know whether it is worth it. As for HM I did 2 runs of the right path and got 4-5 books each time.
  2. Update Problem resolved, he wants 25 (!) books in fact, I skipped that part. Omg where I am going to farm that many ! I got 4 of mine from Herelym Mine. The event also says they drop from Demaha, Lakrum and Kata but in which way ? I did my dailes in Demaha yesterday but got no books (and I farmed some non-quest mobs too, they didn't drop any...)
  3. So I farmed 4 Sorcerer books and brought them to the npc to exchange for Nightmare coins, but he says the books I brought are not for Sorcerer class and he only needs Sorcerer books. I don't understand what's happening here... please halp ! :3
  4. I replied "almost" because there are so many things to spend the XP marks on, one can never have enough of them. I believe however that this XP boost should've been made permanent since there are no way we can afford Renown items without it, the XP gain is too low. Let's give some examples of some most useful items cost : 1) Ultimate enchantment stone (lvl7 Inggison) x15 marks 2) At least one Demaha box, 5 rerolls 2+4+6+8+10= x30 marks 3) 30 ultimate etium weekly = x10 marks (there are also fighting spirit fragments and legendary etium that I didn't count here) 4) Leib
  5. Well, I hope the GMs realize that disabling auto-hunt means disabling OW drop nerf, otherwise what a nice update this is going to be : zero OW drop, sorc skill nerf ... It must be mentioned that already the OW drop in Inggison is virtually nothing , only titan coins have a decent rate, and a crazy competition for elites/hidden monsters. Even magic xtals do not drop in Inggison ! When this update was coming I was expecting similar OW in Inggison like it was in Illuma.
  6. Exactly, but it's not only that, I said 2 years in average, according to probabiliy theory 0.5% drop rate means you get 1 cubic every 200 mobs on average, in reality in can take less but also much more. I just gave these estimates to show the people that even putting completely unrealistic effort and with best luck possible, and considering you already got lvl3 in all cubics, it's still a matter of years to complete them within the current system. If you look into last patch, there were 3 repeatable 2 times = 6 weekly quests in Lakrum for 20 one-shotable mobs each. Each quest gave 5 bronze cub
  7. It says on the website “The event concludes on August 19” so it was only for 2 weeks , (shocking
  8. I permit myself to repost some of the data of TheSecretCowLeve was so kind to provide : Bronze 5.4% drop rate Gold 1.1% drop rate These values perfectly support the estimates I gave in the beginning. My conclusion stays the same : farming cubics is impossible in the current patch.
  9. Your answer is here : https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Qubrinerk's_Cubic_Lab Citation : Rewards Upon killing Madrukin, a rank is assigned to the player. This is based mainly on the time remaining. Depending on the rank received, the amount and quality of Cubicles from the cubes will be different. GradeScoreTime Remaining S878,600 points51 minutes A878,600 points48 minutes B878,600 pointsAnything below Three cubes will spawn in the middle of the final chamber. The Aggressor's Cube will give cubicles respective to offensive stats (Physical Attack, Accuracy, Ma
  10. There are many words I could say but I will be concise : Thank You.
  11. If there are people who completed all their cubics at least starting from lvl4 in the current patch (which started in May 27), I would be glad and thankful to hear from them about the ways how they did this. I am sure these people do not exist.
  12. Thank you for all these suggestions that I find nice and logical. However, the purpose of my post was not asking for a way how to farm cubics, but rather to bring up some real numbers into the discussion. Indeed, in a group you can kill mobs more efficiently, however you also need to share the cubics with the other ppl, so let's say you can farm 4 times more efficiently in a group (which is impossible, in reality it will be as low as 1.5 more efficiently than solo), what it will change ? 6 months of daily farm with a group (I wish you good luck finding a party that will farm 600 mobs with you
  13. There are currently many debate around cubics farm in the new patch so I decided to come up with a simple analysis based on my own experience of farming several thousands mobs in Forest of Antiquity (I didn't bother to collect a precise statistics but rather my feeling which yet makes a very good estimate). I prefer to farm Raging mobs (when Elyos own the camp) since they are supposed to have higher drop rates). So, according to my feeling, the drop rate of a cubic (all types confounded) is around 10% with drop rates varying from bronze (5-6%) down to gold or platinum (around 1%). I believe th
  14. Now the people who are not on prestige are screwed
  15. In fact, reaching lvl2 in enemy's map is quite easy, there's a daily quest given by a Centurion in Inggison for Elyos (so try to figure his counterpart in Gelkmaros, I never played on asmo). You'll need to enter Inggison (in your case) through a rift and talk to your Archon Squad Leader (the one I kill each week for quest :P). This quest gives you 13k renown and total to level 2 is 125k so you'll need only 10 days from 0 to reach lvl2. Important thing - you must buy Gelkmaros return scroll before doing that ! You need to have a scroll in your inventory when talking to your Archon, otherwise yo
  16. I agree although I stopped doing all the camps once I hit lvl7 renown in Inggison, since lvls 8 and 9 have no good items for sale (ariel's apostle shards and rift stones - i don't need those). I went to Gelk trying to flip I camp because I was so naive to think I can flip it to Elyos and do the quest for renown in Gelk, since there are literally no way to gain renown in enemy's land - other than kill gate guards and Mastarius in Gelkmaros fort which doesn't seem realistic.
  17. It is true, once I was in Gelk and I was near a camp so I decided to flip it, and once I killed the cap it didn’t turn to Elyos but all npc have just disappeared...
  18. I am really disappointed by the modifications made to the sorc skills. Increasing Boon of Iron Clad defense doesn't change a thing, this shield has a big cd and a very short duration and usually can only be used once in a battle. However, nerfing our self-heal is very disappointing, sorcs already have the weakest defensive stats. Giving us an opportunity to fill up our HP bar once in a while seems only fair. The amount of recovered HP is proportional to dmg dealt, so you cannot heal much from tough enemies (be that in pve or pvp) and decreasing the percentage from 50% to 20% while increasing b
  19. Congratulations and thank you for all the useful info you post on the forum ! Now the only problem is to get sufficient amount of XP and kinah for XP marks to buy all those nice items your renown level affords !
  20. I didn't find these issues in Loki's list, so I add some : 1) skill bug - i was in Silentera canyon today with a friend and at some point my skills became unusable (i was not silenced), i couldn't use any skills except magic rush, aetherblaze and sanctum port (but not vaizel's wisdom - strange...). The skills were unusable from both mouse and keyboard. The problem disappeared after teleporting. Other ppl have experienced the same issue, they had to relog to fix it. 2) "sudden death bug" happened 2 times for me, the first time in Sanctum, i was going from sanctum port to the broker a
  21. I didn't know there was a possibility of flaying in this game, i think I missed something...
  22. It would be nice to get an estimate of maintenance duration...
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