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  1. 4 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Actually though, it's quite interesting BECAUSE we had the maintenance on Thursday. Normally, this KT bug occurs on Sunday night or Monday early on -- 4 or 5 days after the weekly normal maintenance. But this time, the bug occurred in the early AM hours of Tuesday -- again, 4-5 days after the emergency maintenance. So it's like the server can only work for 4-5 days at a time without a restart. The emergency maintenance extended its "life" this week. So if we had an emergency maintenance on Friday night or Saturday, KT might not have become bugged at all this week.

    Well, let’s hope it will help developers to determine the origin of this bug which seems to be no less mysterious than the origins if the universe and life.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Sookoll-KT said:

    omg... they actually gonna reset server and don't wait until tomorrow's weekly server maintenance!

    Yeah, otherwise that would've been rude to leave everyone in an unplayable game for more than one day.

    I'm yet amazed how the weekly bug still arrives punctually despite the emergency maint we had last Thursday or Friday.

  3. 4 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    While i am anti-luna guy luna is going to give you the EXP and the luna materials you can use for kinah bundles to get the XP extractor's.

    I understand, there are many other ways to get those also. I'm just talking about some major changes in game balance this update brings. Something that before cost only experience (here I consider genesis crystal, stellium and BM a kind of experience since you get them from quests), now will cost experience and a fair amount of kinah as well.

  4. The only exciting thing about this update is the (old) new instance BT. Generalizing token system is a good idea, but not replacing them with XP marks. Before, any player (even undergeared one) could do one camp in Lakrum and get 100 genesis xtals to craft hus daevanion box. Now he has to pay around 2 mil kinah in addition. 500k kinah for retune, 200k kinah for enchant/manastone socket, >500k for XP extractor... Where are we gonna get that much ? The only ligical thing would be to make XP extractors free of charge or cost 1  Kinah. We already struggle with XP for renown system, and niw we get this...

    Personally, I dont like this update and hope they skip it in NA.

  5. 4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    In before you can actually get the skills themselves. I still haven't gotten them myself.

    No big surprise since those skills for sorc don’t seem very interesting. Me I mostly pve so for me they are totally useless. As for pvp, when I was pvping several years ago, I had wintry armor spec with an instant aoe sleep linked stigma, which is much better than those. I wish they made a daev version of empyrean wrath nuke with 0 casting time instead.

    1 hour ago, Hallo-DN said:

    It took 40+ skill books combining before I got mine. Now its at 12+, I failed 6 times now with essence to get to 13+ .No matter what don't use essence on 10( save point) to 11, complete waste since it doesn't increase chance to succeed.

    That’s because the enchant rates after +10 are 20% with different skillbook and 50% with the same skillbook. Since enchanting daev dp skills with the same skillbook is unrealistic, I agree with you, some modifications are needed.

  6. Thank you guys for your feedback. I wish everyone who experienced this issue leaves here a comment so we show that this bug is indeed very common. Of course there are many people who don't look very much on forum, but at least...

    Imagine not being able to use your skills with a dozen of mobs on you ? in a timed instance ? in front of an enemy player ? for a healer at boss ? This bug undermines the gameplay and must be investigated and fixed asap.

  7. I posted about this in the special bug n issues thread but my post didn’t draw any attention, so I repost ithere. I’m talking about the bug where you cannot use most of your skills neither by mouse nor from keyboard. It is happening more and more often for me and other people Iplayed with.

    I can only use magic rush, aetherblaze (but not vaizel’s wisdom) and teleport. Pots are usable too. It is very annoying since it happened already 2 times in Eso with many mobs pulled. One time our pt got wiped cause we didn’t have strong enough people to kill so many mobs without me.

    The bug disappears after relogging or teleporting. Please fix it, it happens often in most unlucky situations...

  8. 6 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Every region that has it implemented is a botfest. Do not fool yourself thinking you can auto hunt and get titan coins for your main. Most likely someone with 1000 accounts will auto hunt everywhere and there will be no mobs left for you to hunt even manually! They will obviously auto hunt with their 3rd party software which is more professional (since they are made for this) and your "report auto hunt" button will be obsolete.

    Lets be happy they took this decision to our servers.


    Exactly, that's what I'm also try to explain to people. Botting is only good when there are few bots and no one else can bot, like it was in Lakrum when there were a couple of bots in the middle area who cleared arachna mobs, so they got thousands of magic xtals to sell on broker, while I was only able to make several dozens trying to compete with them killing the mobs manually. I simply don't have enough patience to hunt mobs even for 30 mins it's too boring. This is very good for bots (and apparently devastating for the game and other players). If everyone can bot however the situation will be different, there will not be enough mobs for all the bots, so everyone will loose. Even without auto-hunt system in Inggison the competition for mobs was already feeling in some areas.

    The lucky point is that personally me I don't need much titan coins anymore, I only use them for weekly enchantment stone bundles and as for newcomers, they should not waste their time farming them but rather get directly their Sovereign gear from the coin event.

  9. 2 hours ago, Shaidessa-KT said:

    HM 2 runs mid - about 4-6 books per run. And 3 books open world just doing Genisis crystal quests closest to town. Wasn't really keeping track of the number of mobs.

    I did have to port back to the standard server to get the survey to appear after the first book dropped.

    My statistics from mobs near Lakrum main town : 224 mobs, 11 books dropped (5% drop rate). Which is not that bad in fact.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Shaidessa-KT said:

    It's RNG.

    I got 14 yesterday from 2 runs of Herelym and Lakrum mobs.

    Thank you for the info. Can you give an estimate of a drop rate, like how many mobs did you kill, one hundred or rather one thousand ? I am sure many people would like to know whether it is worth it.

    As for HM I did 2 runs of the right path and got 4-5 books each time.

  11. Update Problem resolved, he wants 25 (!) books in fact, I skipped that part. Omg where I am going to farm that many ! I got 4 of mine from Herelym Mine. The event also says they drop from Demaha, Lakrum and Kata but in which way ? I did my dailes in Demaha yesterday but got no books (and I farmed some non-quest mobs too, they didn't drop any...)

  12. I replied "almost" because there are so many things to spend the XP marks on, one can never have enough of them. I believe however that this XP boost should've been made permanent since there are no way we can afford Renown items without it, the XP gain is too low.

    Let's give some examples of some most useful items cost :

    1) Ultimate enchantment stone (lvl7 Inggison) x15 marks

    2) At least one Demaha box, 5 rerolls 2+4+6+8+10= x30 marks

    3) 30 ultimate etium weekly = x10 marks (there are also fighting spirit fragments and legendary etium that I didn't count here)

    4) Leibo protection for Lugbug weekly = x2 marks

    5) Stigma enchantment stones, 2 per week, 5 marks each = x10 marks

    6) Daevanion skill box (Demaha) = x7 marks

    7) Daevaion mark of knowledge 4x3 = x12 marks

    This list is far from exhaustive but already that makes a total of 86 (!) marks per week ! You'll need to fill up your XP bar 43 times for this and spend up to 48 millions of kinah on experience extractors ! So I would say the amount of XP we get with the event is just right, less means you can only afford like 15 marks per week and be happy with that.

  13. 10 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

    auto bot system means they will nerf everything that u can get grinding, cubics, titan coins, exp, everything imagine farm hours and hours just to get a few cubics and almost 0 exp ...  u can test early access server from GF if u want lol and see how it is


    Well, I hope the GMs realize that disabling auto-hunt means disabling OW drop nerf, otherwise what a nice update this is going to be : zero OW drop, sorc skill nerf ... It must be mentioned that already the OW drop in Inggison is virtually nothing , only titan coins have a decent rate, and a crazy competition for elites/hidden monsters. Even magic xtals do not drop in Inggison ! When this update was coming I was expecting similar OW in Inggison like it was in Illuma.

  14. 1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:



    A few months =/= 2 years, Thronos.

    Exactly, but it's not only that, I said 2 years in average, according to probabiliy theory 0.5% drop rate means you get 1 cubic every 200 mobs on average, in reality in can take less but also much more. I just gave these estimates to show the people that even putting completely unrealistic effort and with best luck possible, and considering you already got lvl3 in all cubics, it's still a matter of years to complete them within the current system. If you look into last patch, there were 3 repeatable 2 times = 6 weekly quests in Lakrum for 20 one-shotable mobs each. Each quest gave 5 bronze cubics as reward, which means 1 cubic per 4 mobs, which would be equal to 25% drop rate, which is 5 (!) times higher than in the current patch (5%), and the mobs are much stronger also. I completed my lvl3 bronze cubics in 2.5 months during that patch = 20+40+60= 120 cubics. It's been already almost 3 month since the new patch is live and I only got 20-40 more bronze cubics ! But for lvl4 and 5 I need much more than that (180) !

    There should be a reason why with every patch farming cubics becomes more and more difficult, I won't be surprised if with the new update they make cubics only drop from HM bosses with 10% drop rate.

  15. 2 minutes ago, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

    I permit myself to repost some of the data of TheSecretCowLeve was so kind to provide :

    Bronze 5.4% drop rate

    Gold 1.1% drop rate

    These values perfectly support the estimates I gave in the beginning. My conclusion stays the same : farming cubics is impossible in the current patch.

  16. 6 minutes ago, Thronos-DN said:

     What instance gave u bronze,silver,gold, plat atk, accuracy,magic attack, defense etc cubics all at the same time in the last patch which u were able to do daily? The only cubic instance I was aware of that awarded specific cubics for bosses was cubic lab which did get changed from daily to weekly but the reward amount was increased.

    Your answer is here : https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Qubrinerk's_Cubic_Lab

    Citation :


    Upon killing Madrukin, a rank is assigned to the player. This is based mainly on the time remaining. Depending on the rank received, the amount and quality of Cubicles from the cubes will be different.

    GradeScoreTime Remaining

    S878,600 points51 minutes

    A878,600 points48 minutes

    B878,600 pointsAnything below

    Three cubes will spawn in the middle of the final chamber. The Aggressor's Cube will give cubicles respective to offensive stats (Physical Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack and Magic Accuracy), the Defender's Cube will give defensive ones (Physical Defense, Shield Defense, Parry and Magic Defense) and Survivalist's Cube will give vitality and survival ones (HP, MP, Healing Boost, Evasion and Magic Resistance).

  17. 15 minutes ago, Idle-KT said:

    You simply just cannot compare last patch to this patch in terms of how cubics are farmed lol you could easily run 8/12 toons in cubics 7 runs a day (before it got changed to weekly) 

    If any old player is still missing cubics that's basically on them for not doing it while it was super easy but now cubics are literally not accessible to any new / returning players cause of the amount of time needed / patience to sit there and kill mobs for countless hours every day and get random cubics in the end.

    Best case scenario is them adding the old cubic system back inside Cubic Lab so that way it is accessible and at the same time it's not as fast cause it's a weekly instance but it'd be a progress rather than mindless farming

    There are many words I could say but I will be concise : Thank You.

  18. 3 minutes ago, Thronos-DN said:

    It took a few months for most people to complete their cubics, why should you get to complete your cubics in less than that amount of time? And how much time are u asking to spend to get all your cubics done? 

    If there are people who completed all their cubics at least starting from lvl4 in the current patch (which started in May 27), I would be glad and thankful to hear from them about the ways how they did this. I am sure these people do not exist.

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