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  1. Thank you very much for this info ^^ Comparing to +8 Paragon, it is way better with a lot more defense. you mean - paragon is better or the new gear is better ?
  2. In my timezone the siege is even at 4am so I cannot even go there lol
  3. 1) Is that the best end-game set (without considering highly-enchanted paragon) ? 2) how does it compare with +8 paragon gear ? Would be nice if you can clarify this for us
  4. Not only you could win an ultimate transformation with 11th anniversary coins, but also you could use them directly to get some XP. 12th anniversary coins are only good to buy some consumables, that’s strange. And even the anniversary skin was purchasable directly with coins, not after a quest chain that ressembles Miragent.
  5. Yeah, those broker policies are 100% unfair because both sides loose money - the vendor looses on broker fees and the buyer obviously too. The same thing happens with dazzlings, you put for 2bil - no one buys, you put for 1.5 - same and finally you end up selling for 1 bil, after having already spent another 1 bil on broker fees.
  6. Me neither I didn’t get what they meant, there is nothing wrong in putting items all over again, broker has unlimited space. People should feel free to put whatever they want on broker to encourage item exchange between players.
  7. Another bad decision like removal of luna from daily afk inst.
  8. Yes and you are obliged to put items at high prices because of inflation we have. Imo, listing an item should be free of charge at least for the first 7 positions, after that they can apply a fee. People are hesitant to register their items on broker and that’s why the market is dead. Even though I don’t like Classic I admit it was awesome to see the broker that full.
  9. When they say something was « adjusted » it always gives me a bad feeling.
  10. To avoid player abuse of patch notes.
  11. Then I hope XP gain is ajusted because I imagine that 50% of level 80 and 50% of level 85 are values of different orders of magnitude. If this is the case, would it make sense to stay twink at lvl 80 for an easy XP farm ?
  12. Ok guys, now another question - what about XP marks ? Will cost of an XP mark in XP change ?
  13. Wait, you mean - you are not asmo ??????
  14. I don’t see the image, is it 100% sure it is coming next week ? also guys, what about XP crystals after all ? Are they getting deleted ?
  15. (To the small font) Yes and I am thinking constantly about it, I am afraid that if I don’t stop jokes about player abuse and ban, it will end up with a major disaster but for the time being I cannot hold myself. Please halp 😮
  16. Looks like another player abuse. Where the support is looking at ?..
  17. Hmmmm, I think abusing /escape function should also be bannable.
  18. Yeah, something that will give experience extractors and socket stones as a reward.
  19. Obviously this is not for Classic, alas. We are lucky that the other event where you have to find porgus and post screenshots is for Classic though, I don’t have time for this.
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