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  1. 27 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:


    Personally I have never managed to make an ancient item from LUT to +15 with ancient stones exclusively. I usually take them to +13 and then use legendaries. The chance is nowhere near 48% that it is supposed to be.

    But now with morphing recipes gone for so long, it is quite tricky to enchant LUT items to +15. How long is it that we do not have them? Half a year?

    I still had some old mats laying around, but I used them all.

    I just had around 500 ancient stones and it took me 300 to make 1 yellow weap to +15. And yeah, it’s been half a year since morphing is blocked. Guess, it’s as hard to fix as pivot on sw egg transfers...

    just had an idea- daevanion enchant after +10 is 50% right ? And ancient enchant on ancient is 48%... Do those 2% make such a difference ?..

  2. 1 hour ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    Aren't the other 4 just obtained through legendary combination?

    That’s the point of all this discussion cause there are 4 apostles - yustiel/triniel and lumiel/vaizel that CANNOT be obtained in game, there are no shards for them and they are not obtained via combination. And people who made transfers got them, including cheaters who used more than 3 tokens and completed their collections.

  3. 20 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    There is defo a problem in the enchanting algorithm, once your item gets to +10 you have to stop enchanting for a while, it kinda gets stuck and you can have like 20 fails in a row when the enchant rate is close to 50%. and it happens pretty consistently, it happens every time I tried to keep enchanting.

    Itm ight appear like superstition but changing map, relogging or waiting for some time seems to have a good effect on negating this enchanting bug.

    When I make a piece of gear +10, I stop enchanting and start again only the next day. Also idk if you tried to enchant yellow esoterrace weapons for item collections, it can be such a pain. I used 300+ ancient stones to make it +15 because of the same problem -  after +10 (48% rate) it can fail like 10 times in a row or more.

  4. 20 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But how do we get to know if it indeed happened?

    At this point the game feels like a private server where the GMs and their friends are getting exclusive content by GM commands while thee rest of us simply exist to be the dummies for them to kill.

    We cannot have any control of that, and that’s why we should insist to re-open transfers, so at least we can get the same thing that they got.

  5. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    If anyone got more than 3 tokens then yes that is totally breaking the rules. In the past we had GMs that helped their friends ingame and they got kicked and the players banned.

    Yeah, in fact, the story goes beyond the egg transfer question now. I heard a lot of saying that some players got more than 3 tokens and used them to get 5 apostles, and from different sources. So basically, what happened is that first, the support allowed to some privileged players to get 4 or more (with extra tokens) apostles and then stopped it for everyone else. And now they are saying that they cannot pivot on this one... What is going on here @Kibbelz ? I don't feel like playing a game with such a level of corruption. And they don't realize that more time they ignore us, further the discussion will go and more facts will arise.

  6. 2 hours ago, Arkanus-DN said:

    i would 100% vote to remove ALL apostles from whoever got it for free.

    I would 100% vote against that, and for re-enabling egg transfers with tokens. Simply because the existence of the fact that some people somehow got more than 3 tokens and used them all for transfer, proves that support is corrupted. In that case, how can we be sure they really removed transformations from all those people ? There is no way for the community to check this. At that point, they could just select a few victims and remove their apostles, and leave the privileged people untouched.

    I would suggest 1) re-enabling egg transfers as fast as possible, so the support doesn't get overwhelmed with requests the last week of event, 2) investigating the cases of people who got more than 3 tokens, ban them and fire the support managers who allowed this.

  7. 5 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    in this case it seems that (at least right now, after much discussion) we cannot pivot on this one.

    To be honest, I can't imagine other thing that you could do. Any possible compensation we could suggest would be similar to just re-opening egg transfer with tokens (and this is also the simplest thing to do). Like one of GMs said in a support ticket, your goal is to make players "happy", so the only possible solution would be re-opening tickets.

    Another way would be removing apostle contracts from ones who got them with restoration, but I don't see how this could make people happy... So it's either enabling transfers or making players quit or stop spending money.

  8. Just now, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Defo a delay in some sort. At least if you can see the real timers in the program on your pc that is what matters. But if the whole lgo on your pc is not same to the log uploaded then the site is pretty much giving false information.

    Oh, this is always like that. For example, once I wanted to make a group PF nm, just for fun, where I had 400k dps on Frigida in my dps meter. And when it uploads on the website, it was only 371k, which is very different. And if you install myaion, you will see that the numbers on the website are always lower compared to the ones you see in your dpsmeter. That's why I asked here why is that and which numbers are correct ?

  9. 4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    ~46 minutes later

    yeah, look this is an example of a Frigida session


    and this is the famous AoA session that lasted more than 1 hour, according to myaion (where I have 9k dps, OP)


  10. 3 hours ago, Maika-DN said:

    6) There's no way for me to be optimistic given the current situation. Like you said there's lots of posts here ~159. Some people posted 14 times (including you). Some of those posts are in response to each other like right now. We've been posting about this matter for a few days. You would think we would get some sort of response from them, but none at all. Like Tyd said, they always do this to us. Give us false hopes of better communication and when posts like these are posted, they don't bother responding to us. We get ignored once again. We still have roughly 3 weeks of this event so they may change their mind. I've been sending tickets to the GMs and my tickets about this matter get immediately closed or ignored. Everything is possible, but it seems like the chances of them re-opening are very low. That is why I made the suggestions. Given the current situation. I'd rather have some compensation than none at all. Yes, I'm not a GM or part of the support team. But suggesting ideas doesn't mean you have to be a GM or part of the support team.

    We've given NCsoft countless feedbacks and suggestions regarding the game. There's even a suggestion thread in forums that very few people use. I would think none of us are GMs. Does that mean that we stop making suggestions or giving them feedback because we aren't GMs? (Based off of what you said)

    I understand what you feel, but here the issue is the equal treatment of players. And the only way to achieve it - re-enabling egg transfer. I don't agree with any compensation you propose. It's either all or nothing.

    I understand that it is in their policy to do whatever they want and how they want, and they can keep ignoring us and don't reply. Yes, they can do all that. But, on the other hand, I could easily quit for EU server. And many of my friends too. No company is obliged to deliver a good customer service. But also, no client is obliged to stay with this company. Easy.

  11. 4 hours ago, Shaunda said:

    Sure we get that, We just dont want this happening on higher instances. Why do 3 of us have 20 minutes resets and his is always 10 hours.


    End-game instances cd works in a different way, it's a fixed number of entries per week that most often resets on Wednesdays. With prestige you get slightly more entries.

  12. 5 hours ago, Maika-DN said:

    That is the most fair, but I doubt they will re-open. Support team isn't cooperating at all. The GMs in Support Ticket don't care and last resort was to have Kibbelz relay this, but no communication from here either. That's why I was proposing something else to do cause it isn't fair if players get absolutely nothing by the end of this event because they refuse to open up transfers.

    "Majority of players" based off this post. I only see few people and the same people commenting in this thread. I skim read through comments and saw how someone said that someone is posting with their alts. There's only a few of us and the same people asking NCsoft to reopen the transfers. There are probably more people who didn't get to transfer and didn't write, but I don't know of them. Everyone I've talked to has done their transfer.

    You may want it for other reasons but the reason why some of us are mad is because everyone else got their 3-5 free apostles (and 5 cause some GM was being generous to grant them more transfers than their tokens)  while the rest of us got less than that or none at all.

    There are several things you are missing. First if you check the number of different ppl posting here, you will count a few dozens, at least. And they are real ppl, and not someone ‘s alts because I know them from the game I play (no idea if you do it as well). I don’t know what your goal is by devalueing the impact of this tread (that reached a record number of views and comments on this forum), but your saying is wrong. And the second thing is that the majority of ppl who plays this game and keep it alive are not even reading this forum, and the ones who do read it, never comment here, some of them because they don’t speak English well. So behind every person who spoke here there are dozens who feel the same. Believe me, the majority of ppl hasn’t transferred the egg at least on KT-E server, I know it because, again, I play this game.

    you are not a part of the support team and not a GM so it makes no sense to suggest what is possible for them and what is not. Everything is possible, including reopening tickets.

    NA Aion support have to realize 1 thing - whatever decision they take now - will have a big impact on the game and players attitude in this game. So unless killing the game is what they want - they better act fast.

  13. 8 minutes ago, Nalariel-KT said:

    Hi @Kibbelz and everybody today I just experienced something really weird in my life I never believed it before I thought it's bullshit but words can really kill someone or save someone life it's no joke o_O

    Today I was having bad coughs and I thought I'm going to be really sent to hospital but my mom spend hours talking with me encourage me ,repeating love ,talk all good things and then I stop coughing I feel really ok now it's like an event I was going to hospital was a dream.

    So yep this is real thing don't weaponized your words against someone because you could potential kill them if they lost willing to live they will die as soon as in 3 days.
    This means to you too @Kibbelz don't ignored our suggestion or no reply to them. You're slowly potential killing a lot of us too.

    I didn't expected anyone to believed this I didn't believed myself but I can't denial what just happened.
    Also thanks to @Vinley-KT for caring in another thread :)

    I also purposed unban @Valedia-DN it's been 2 months already.
    I don't believe Valedia offense is much worse than bots/hackers in game.

    Thank you for listening I hope everybody happy :D

    So Valedia was banned after all ? That would explain her long absence.

  14. 14 minutes ago, AnyDaTech said:

    This might fall on deaf ear, since there are players that profited od this, but if we, as comunity agree on not spending this April on BCM, it will send the message.

    In April ? Seriously, if the attitude of GM is like that, I probably won’t spend anything at all on this game. If we let this pass now, what makes you think it won’t happen again in the future ?

    I am ok if the orb restoration is denied or allowed BUT it should be te same way for EVERYONE. You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

  15. Stormwing event, dungeon even, XP marks event, transformation promotion... Looked like the best opportunity to indulge the old players and to attract the new players to the game... But then on a peaceful Easter Holiday Aion NA reserved us a bitter surprise - egg transfers were stopped and a part of the community was insulted by calling an "abuse" the legal feature that existed in game many years in a row. A doubtful move that ruined all the joy spring events were supposed to bring... Is that their intention to make people quit ?.. To avert the newly joined ones from the game by showing how the company treats its customers ? 114 posts, 2.8k views, with every day being ignored the frustration of the community builds up. Will Aion NA GMs come to their senses and correct the terrible injustice that was made or will they keep ignoring the voices of an already shrinking game community ? Future will show...

  16. 15 minutes ago, Kemana-KT said:

    There was actually some stuff I wanted to buy off the BCM this month. After players are being treated so unfairly, I'm no longer in the mood to give this company any money.


    I feel totally the same. I was thinking of buying prestige this month but then I said to myself that unless they make up for that horrible thing they did, I’m never gonna spend a penny on this game anymore.

  17. 11 minutes ago, Gallium-DN said:

    I am totally disgusted with this company.  I requested to use my own three restoration tokens to transfer my egg, like every other player was allowed to do. When they initially denied me, I give them an attachment that a friend provided me with that showed a GM quote "verifying" that they "can transfer"  the fully developed egg. Support then replied with this:


    This was NOT quote "abuse from players". Players asked if they could move their eggs, even asked if it was ok to do so, and they were granted their request. Multiple times even.  That Support then tries to say that they quote "reserve the right to deny a transfer request" even if the item was quote "eligible to be transferred in the past" is a very flimsy defense. Players made requests to transfer their eggs as soon as 5 days ago. 5 days ago is not "the past", 5 days ago is within the  current month.

    This dishonesty is terrible customer service.

    Six Reasons You Shouldn’t Lie to a Customer: https://hyken.com/customer-confidence/six-reasons-shouldnt-lie-customer/


    They did it to your friend but to you they said no. And the answer was “because it’s up to us to decide”. That basically means they can do whatever they want to players... hmmmmmmm that doesn’t sound nice, does it ?

  18. 8 minutes ago, kkun said:

    Guess there's no GMs in this game any more. Ignoring players' demand to be fair, really great company and GMs. Players, which your customers want to be treated fairly and NCsoft is ignoring. NCsoft thinks, we players are voiceless who just spending money on game.

    Players, who transferred storming orb, are not saying anything here because they already got all apostles. But think, you could be the next ones who get treated unfairly. If we can't fix this kind of problem right away, NCsoft will do like this all the time. And they will not listen to us. Players please show them your opinions on this matter. 

    GMs, is this really that hard to treat players fairly? Please treat all the players fairly

    Several dozens of ppl commented on this topic already and we get 0 reply from GM. They want to give apostles to some players for free and the rest are expected to pay for them. Discrimination is real and doesn't seem to be adressed in this game. Players submitting tickets and support just ignores them. That doesn't look like a kind of game I would spend money on...

  19. 34 minutes ago, Maika-DN said:


    @Kibbelz If you don't plan on transferring the eggs anymore, try to find a way to make it fair for the people who got affected? Bring some Apostle event or hand out a survey with Apostle selection boxes to people who couldn't get their eggs transferred because Support changed their mind. It's hard to get those Apostles anyways. And by Apostle event not that crap event where people were competing for the Apostle contract and it was in limited stock.

    The only fair compensation would be to re-enable egg transfer and they better do it fast, because the time is ticking out. I don’t see why players are only discussing apostles, for example I wanted to transfer it to my alt to enchant and unlock its daevanions. I have no clue what “majority of ppl who already got their apostle contracts” you are referring to, I know much more ppl who didn’t attempt to transfer it yet.

  20. On 3/31/2021 at 3:08 PM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I was going to mention the same thing. LUT is the best for starters, you get a few millions in all 3 runs per char. But of course that means you need to have more level 80 chars for this. It might seem like a big job to do, but invest in making 12 chars into your account so you can benefit from things like this.

    The items box you get from the last bosses are also account wh storable in case you need to give an alt an item that is better than what it wears for starting.

    LUT is very good for item collections as well as it gives the essoterace items that are heavily implemented in the item collections and the instance is pretty much doable with a naked char.

    All new players must realize that in the current version of Aion, everyone MUST have 12 alts. This is not optional. Of course people say "I don't have time playing 1 char, I don't feel like creating 12". You should realize that you only have to do this job once. Creating 1 character and making it lvl 10 only takes around 10-15 min now. 15min*11 = a bit less than 3 hours. Just spend 3 hours of your time creating all those characters and making them level 10. After that, you are not obliged to lvl them up to 80 in 1 day. Be lazy, do a few lunas in a while on some chars, make a few quests and one day all those alts will become lvl80. Then, again, do some camps, farm XP marks in a totally lazy way : luna + 1 XP mark from lugbug = 2 per day. And one day, again, you will have all geared-up 12 lvl80 characters. You worked for them, and now they will work for you - events, abyssal, enchants... You get 12 times more profit than a player who plays only on main. No pressure, go slowly, wait for XP buffs to level your alts. But this is only a job you do once in this game.

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