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  1. When they say something was « adjusted » it always gives me a bad feeling.
  2. Then I hope XP gain is ajusted because I imagine that 50% of level 80 and 50% of level 85 are values of different orders of magnitude. If this is the case, would it make sense to stay twink at lvl 80 for an easy XP farm ?
  3. Ok guys, now another question - what about XP marks ? Will cost of an XP mark in XP change ?
  4. Wait, you mean - you are not asmo ??????
  5. I don’t see the image, is it 100% sure it is coming next week ? also guys, what about XP crystals after all ? Are they getting deleted ?
  6. (To the small font) Yes and I am thinking constantly about it, I am afraid that if I don’t stop jokes about player abuse and ban, it will end up with a major disaster but for the time being I cannot hold myself. Please halp 😮
  7. Looks like another player abuse. Where the support is looking at ?..
  8. Hmmmm, I think abusing /escape function should also be bannable.
  9. Yeah, something that will give experience extractors and socket stones as a reward.
  10. Obviously this is not for Classic, alas. We are lucky that the other event where you have to find porgus and post screenshots is for Classic though, I don’t have time for this.
  11. It’s been a while since I did it last time, I think it’s around 8 coins for a win. People used to form EC on KT-E lfg, I think if you post, people will apply.
  12. It can actually be fun when the both sides have comparable forces and the rewards are nice because you can buy daevanion essence with battle coins and sell for 60mil at least which is good for farming kinah. But you need a pre-made because going on sorc without templar and without heals in the group means you will die 2-shot.
  13. Just make a pre-made alliance from lfg and mention « no afk ». If you apply for a quick entry it is normal to have some people afk.
  14. Yeah, I was kidding, it was not mine, it was Arhangelos ‘s suggestion to disable the BCM.
  15. OR if they actually give the selectable box, it may be a mistake because it was not intended to be selectable and the players who select their items will be banned for abusing a game feature.
  16. I think so too, and I already know what is going to drop for me : 50 socket stones. Just hope I get them on the right character so I won’t have to spend my tokens to transfer them.
  17. It seems they followed my advice and disabled the BCM.
  18. Finally some clarification from NCsoft on this bug. I got banned from forum for calling the client « shop error » bug a 🦞. They told me that I cannot use 🦞 « to insult a player or a feature ». Since client bug is not a player - IT IS A FEATURE ! So working as intended guys, and stop complaining, @Arhangelos
  19. Once I crossed an asmo in Lakrum while entering HM and right at that moment the shop error happened, 5 sec freeze and I was back at obelisk.
  20. I don’t understand your claims, guys, yes they did say it will be delivered by September the first, BUT DID THEY MENTION IT WILL BE IN 2021 ? Nope. So chill out guys because NCSoft never fail their promises.
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