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  1. Yeah, it seems you have played Aion for so long that you have no soul indeed ! 🤨
  2. Why you guys are like this ?? :C 🥺
  3. Only empyrean lords names or region’s names are used for server names, however shugos play an important role in Aion too. I suggest the new server be named after a shugo.
  4. If it was huge, ugly and vomiting some green stuff, that was it. And yes, it has fast running speed and can be lured everywhere.
  5. Maybe it happened while you were botting 😄
  6. I’m sure someone from DN having this nickname now bombarding support with tickets to claim it back, because it was stolen by KT.
  7. Ragnarok is Gelkmaros world boss that spawns near forts and looks like the Alien.
  8. I think the easiest way would be to make several channels to in Oriel so everyone can get a house and limit the amount of housing (mansion/estates) per IP and per account.
  9. At least, if you check myaion records, only one Pebbles is there and I assume this is your friend. So if that other Pebbles is active player, at least he is not doing any pve/pvp instances and has never their gear checked by someone with myaion dps meter, which raises suspicions about their activity. From my part I can confirm I never seen any Pebbles on KT since 1 year and a half that I’m back to the game.
  10. This is true, sometimes people are applying to my groups with randomized names and I have to explain to them why I can’t invite.
  11. Ok but what if I take a vacation of 1 month which is normal in my country ? Do I have to loose my mansion and buy it again ? In my opinion, holding housing while inactive should be allowed, for a few months at least.
  12. I don’t care about classic
  13. Ye but there will be no merge anymore q.q
  14. Also, can you please submit a photo that proves you are playing with your hands and not with bot ? We don’t trust you >.>
  15. That may be a nice idea but it should be of limited usage to prevent players jumping between races once per week. I think it should rather be handled by support like server transfer and limited to 1 use per account for all time.
  16. I don’t have a solution in hand but I agree, there are many issues in the current housing system and they should be addressed , but in a way that won’t harm anyone, including old players who take a few months break from the game.
  17. This is retail forum, please
  18. Kibbelz in his post clearly said “+200% drop” that means additional 200%, we got additional 100%, and the same goes to XP and the rest, please correct the buffs so they correspond to what was announced, @Kibbelz
  19. Or bring back garden event and add stat cubic drop to it with high rate.
  20. Classic is a proof that it was not the content that drove the ppl away. They gave the old content everyone was crying it was removed from retail, but 1 month after we see exactly the same player exodus.
  21. Well, you remember how we were ignored during stormwing event, when they stopped transfers. And we had a thread with hundreds of comments and 4k views. No surprise they ignore a few cries from a dying DN population.
  22. Loosing item collections would be painful because they take most of effort to complete. In no way they should be neglected.
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