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  1. An asmo who liked to come zerging to elyos areas killing noobs and undergeared people.
  2. What an awesome event Fissure of Oblivion is ! Not mentioning the battleground event and 1-kinah retune + dungeons extended which is great !
  3. My walkthrough : 1) do not transform, open the gates, transform into fire and go straight to the first minion place (where avatar of a certain element fights the mobs, you can also transform into corresponding element, it will kill minions faster but it’s nice not mandatory here) 2) kill the first minions of oblivion and clear the mobs on the bridge ( here and further only killmobs that give points, the amount of points is indicated below mob’s name) 3) skip the large pack of fighting mobs that give no points and go to the collapsed stone wall, either a group of point mobs or a
  4. For me it felt like I had higher atk/cast speed with ulti transformation so I would still use it. fatties are needed for the quest, but idk if you have enough time for rank S in this case.
  5. I did this quest on some of my alts and never had problems with it. You get 2 kinds of traps in your inventory - tipolid trap must be used where all tipolids are, it’s near the outpost, drake trap must be used near drake farm entrance. Make sure you are using a correct trap first and if it still doesn’t work, try to move around the spot a bit. Also, you don’t have to spend “days” to figure out how to do this quest, it’s not mandatory and not even a campaign quest.
  6. So many people were misled by that incorrect information on NA official site, as well as minion name changes. I think, another S minion promotion is in order to rectify this @Kibbelz
  7. Or make a separate retune for each of 4 stats - you can choose the stat you want to change and it gives a random other stat excluding the other three from the list. That will make it faster and easier and help in cases when you get 3 good stats and 1 bad, so you can retune that last one separately. But I agree, that in general, it has to be made easier and more straightforward, whatever way they choose.
  8. Alas, the weekly kinah limit only punishing regular players, not bots. The bots create dozens of accounts so they don’t care even if the limit was 10mil. Legal players cannot farm on more than 2, maximum 3 accounts.
  9. I always found it so cruel that minions have to eat other minions to evolve
  10. It’s not about website, minion names are all screwed up in that salvage box. Luckily I noticed 3 weeks ago my Tenacious Viola became Rugged so once I got a rugged viola from salvage box I knew it’s what I needed.
  11. It seems they are already successfully implementing this advice since long time, don’t worry.
  12. yeah, 1-kinah retune event is wasted for new players as well as for old players who needed gear on alts
  13. Well, remembering how we were ignored with stormwing orb transfer issue, all that doesn’t surprise me much.
  14. 100 IDD entries during the 1 kinah retuning event means a new player can come to the game and get full sovereign set and retune it in a matter of 1-2 hours. 2 IDD entries means a new player will come to the game, make 2 IDD runs and get two pairs of gloves and will have to wait another week till he can get another 2 pair of gloves so he can finally quit.
  15. that's awesome but that won't change the fact we lost an entire week of hundreds of IDD entries DURING 1-kinah retuning event, and that's why you make an emergency mantenance to fix it and don't wait 1 week for a scheduled one
  16. Can’t wait when we reach 80k to get a random red manastone box.
  17. If we didn’t get the community reward survey that means we haven’t reached the 10k threshold yet, which is not surprising given that they deleted stormwing boxes. As for minion promotion reward, it is stated they will be delivered “not later than on mMay 19th” so I don’t expect them before May 19th at 23:59:59 NA time.
  18. the 1st week of the event almost at the end, we haven't even reached step 1 reward, oh well
  19. report gold selling button in chat doesn't work and lfg is unreadable @Kibbelz
  20. Apparently, in NA they didn’t apply the improved enchant rates and gems still corrupt at any level. « working as intended »
  21. Yeah, I counted that 1 mil kinah you get along with the piggy but obviously it is not accounted in the weekly kinah sell limit. My estimation without prestige - 4 pf nm solo = 50 mil kinah minimum, the rest is 300/15 = 20, 2 runs on 10 toons.
  22. Yeah, you can farm kinah easily with th that and you don’t even need 3 entries per toon, because 350/16 makes approx. 22 crucible runs, which can be done with 2 entries and 11 chars. I would even stop solo pf nm, unless it wasn’t dropping yogo weapons. Prestige becomes less attractive and needs to be revamped : prestige quests are outdated, vending machine prices are too high and they could have updated the items there.
  23. Imaging having brain and paying 25 bucks instead
  24. Weekly limit was 200mil only a few weeks ago. And yes, it has to be increased because this patch is a major kinah sink.
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