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  1. Yeah, you can get the same box for 1 hour in TT so it doesn't make sense, I agree.
  2. Fissure of Oblivion somehow made it back to the game with 1 weekly entry.
  3. Btw it serms that 2k coins boxes are rerollable and can give dazzling / a prime rune, so it’s after all not that expensive.
  4. Well, it’s obvious they are a bit disconnected from the game reality with those prices. After almost 1 year of RC and world bosses, dazzlings are not that rare in the game anymore. We were expecting them to put a dazzling gem box on BCM for 100 bucks but 250... This is largely an overkill
  5. With all the desire to support the game, I still can’t forget how me and many other players were treated when NC refused stormwing orb transfer, I don’t feel like spending money on this.
  6. And judging from the rewards it gives, the name "void" was not choosen by chance.
  7. This is a topic related to stormwing orb transfer and it’s unfair suspension. Please create another thread for other inquiries and don’t change the subject here. I remind you that the issue still hasn’t been resolved.
  8. Imagine getting kicked from alliance by a bot. x.x
  9. Even if you saw it immediately, you would mosr certainly get a pin bug trying to log back in, which would take you 4 min. Btw, I noticed that it kicks you out of garden very fast on dc, much less than 10min like in other instances.
  10. It’s 1 hour per day per alt, so 12 hours per day per account. No difference in terms of cubics and event coins. As for XP, mobs in garden give more XP compared to open-world and mobs respawn faster. So 1 hour auto-hunt there worth many hours in open-world. Not to forget that in the garden you are alone and in the open-world you will compete with armies of bots.
  11. I lost 2 entries of garden of growth without the double XP buff q.q
  12. Yeah, in that case all will be satisfied - people who wanted auto-hunt will be able to use it for XP and cubics and those who don’t want the open world infested with bots.
  13. It's because there were many player abusing double XP week-ends so they had to suspend it. Exactly like stormwing orb transfer. 😁
  14. what I suggest is to make the Garden a permanent event, and add stat cubics drop from there
  15. According to my estimation, you have to kill 600 mobs every day during 6 months to come close to completing your stat cubics. Good luck.
  16. I had to use my garden entry now that I was saving for double XP, buy XP marks ! q.q
  17. Please someone close this thread @Kibbelz
  18. To make it even more painful, they said they won’t change anything first, and then kept ignoring. q.q
  19. Sorry I didn't have heart to mention it. :c It was easier for me to think that we were simply ignored.
  20. Yes, they will. No, they didn’t.
  21. For those who missed or are not in the course of the situation here I make a short chronological summary of the stormwing orb issue transfer : 1) it was possible to restore the stormwing orb (at the final level) to one of your alt characters using restoration tokens, after the transfer, the egg kept giving the final quest for selectable apostle box. Hence, people could get up to 4 apostle contracts per account using tokens (1 from the initial egg + 3 upon transfers) 2) shortly after granting the transfers to a bunch of people, NC west stopped the transfers, so some people got 4 apost
  22. GoOd mOrNinG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good timing to wake up
  23. Well, he was not alone in this thread. An alarmingly large number of people had the same opinion. Aion community is toxic, and the toxic people usually have more urge to express themselves here on forum.
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