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  1. 58 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    My 10th attempt on my main by the lugbug, another fail obviously, so far 10/10 fails



    Well, Aion rng can be weird. For example, I can’t get choking winds skill on my sm alt (or the other one from the same branch - inescapable choke) since many weeks. I opened around 30 boxes, unlocked every single skill but choke.

    As for this event, I crafted unicorns on my main and one of my alts this week. And I’m gonna wait till the end of the event to build up the mats and make all tries on the same day.

  2. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Well I did try 9 times so far and I will try 4 more times by doing lugbug on my main, so if at 13 times it doesn't give a weapon, it is what it is.

    when are they giving the ultimate contracts? Is it next maintenance?

    They said on 24th, it’s a pure torture. I just want to clise the game and only lig back in on 24th.

  3. 10 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I tired these with enchants too.


    The issue I have is if 9 tries = 9 fails what tells me I wont fail another 9 times trying with alts. If I got at least 1 I would have known, 9 tries could possibly be 1 weapon, right now for me the chances are 0%.

    anyway this is 100% gambling, there is no effort-driven reward system. Some people will post their success with 1 try, others will say they tried 20 times and failed. So it is what it is, pure gambling and nothing else.

    That’s why I’m only doing on 2 alts because I do realize that all my attempts may fail, yet it may all fail on 12 alts too, so I try to put a reasonable effort. I am ok with not getting anything in this event, ultimate promotion was worth swiping, this one is too expensive - 110 USD for 1 weapon and a couple of tries - nah.

  4. 50 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Someone that got it told me he tried 20 times before he managed to get a weapon.

    Here is how this would only work, with 8800 you can get a solar and a lunar weapon, and with another 4000 you can get a meteor (unless I am wrong about what those BCM sales give). I think you need all 3 weapons to be able to get the skill books with the regen buffs.

    I might try the alt method you said, I have 12 geared alts in my account so I can do the daily 12 times per day lol, that would take ages of course.


    I would rather uninstall this game than make daily lugbug on 12 alts.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Aaaaand another alt that had some enchants, 4 more tries and all failed. So far 9/9 fails.

    Unless someone is p2w and is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on BCM, there is no reason to try this. I should have known this was another enchant sink event because the previous one was also an enchant sink event.






    Your rng is cursed, man. I know someone who got his on 1st attempt. I don’t have bcm enchants so my plan is to do lugbug on 2 alts and then I can try 8 times and if it fails it fails. There is a selectable weapon box on bcm also for 8800 coins but I’m not gonna spend money for that.

  6. 6 hours ago, Hakumix-KT said:

    I reported the bug with magic resist with Limit breaker many months ago, I think like 8, why is it fixed now instead of back then.

    Well, I posted about the bug in the dungeon event (it is stated that daily and weekly lugbug give additional shard bundles, you can see that bundle in the reward list, unnamed, but it is not acquired when you claim the reward) and it is totally ignored by everyone including gamer community. And this one will never be fixed at all because the event ends soon, so you are not alone being ignored.

  7. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    These weird events again. Last time I wasted 300 legendary enchants and got nothing.

    I saw in a video a guy got 4 boxes out of 30 attempts in Russia, so I assume it should be around 10% chance.

  8. As far as I’m concerned, lugbug daily should be delivering shard bundles for the new dungeon event. Indeed, there is some nameless bundle indicated in the reward list. However, upon completion of the daily you only get the usual items (gold ingot, ancient memory shards, jelly, etc.) but no bundle. @Kibbelz can you please look ?

  9. There is a portal that spawns in Kata main town at a certain time only (9pm server or so). You need to use the potion and go inside. Like all sieges it’s out of my timezone, so I never done it. However, I doubt any player ever tried to do it, so you have to do it by yourself if you want to find out more.

  10. 10 hours ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    I already have 2 ultis, even if I didn't, I would want both cast and atk speed. Also Azphel is the hardest to get, grinding gelk renown as an elyos is nigh impossible, and I'm 4 shards from finishing the Ariel Apostle.

    You just need an event to grind it, like Jotun event that helped many ppl reach level 9 in Gelk in 1 week.

  11. 4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    He clearly asked best apostle for sorcs, the best apostle in general is the one that gives the most c.speed, the most c.speed you can get from those is 35%. So then we check if any of them gives attack speed... and two of them do. So there you have it a c.speed/attack speed apostle transform is the best for sorcs.

    Lumiel's Apostle and Vaizel's Apostle would do.

    The reason he is asking is because Stormwing Orb will give you a select-able apostle when you update it in the last level.

    What makes you guys think you can actually select one of 12 apostles from that box, huh ? Haven’t you already encountered the so-called “legendary transformation selection box” ??

  12. 4 hours ago, Iostcrazyman-KT said:

    It was changed from 1-3 to 1-6. I d/e over 50 royal heart pieces I never got 6 but I got 4 a lot and 5 once or twice. 3 was definitely the most common though

    Also @Gabrielis-KT There are quite a few players who as odd as it was upgraded 2 earring or 2 ring they can d/e and get something back since it is not optimal to be using 2 of these accessories

    I replied like that on the statement “you have to upgrade it to extract”. I’going myself to extract my earring (the only 1 I have btw) because it didn’t give me a blessed slot. I have bless +2 on red on my AoA necklace, so I can’t replace it with Luminane unless I get the same bless there, and I don’t feel like spending billions on socket resets.

  13. 10 hours ago, Pharoahra-DN said:

    I was talking to legion about this because I believe the best apostle to go for is Azphel for Elyos and Ariel for Asmos because it saves you the time of having to grind 1,500 exp marks and all the renown in the opposite faction's zone. All the other ones can be obtained in your zone or through combination although rare.

    Realistically all 6 of the lower apostles are rare to get so if you would rather grind the ariel/azphel shards, then just go ahead and pick the apostle you need most for stats/collection, although again I highly recommend ariel/azphel due to the high crit damage collection they give.

    And that is the reason I would never pick Azphel (and since I already have Ariel, my temptation is strong), because Azphel can be farmed and other apostles not. So you have a choice - to get another apostle and then get Azphel a bit later or only get Azphel. Simple choice.

  14. 8 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Yes they are, I am farming XP every day in Inggison. You obviously are not farming the right mobs if you are getting a crappy number of experience marks.

    I farmed my Ariel apostle for 1500 XP marks so believe me I know what mobs to kill to farm XP.

  15. 18 minutes ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    This issue here, is that once you have your gear there is absolutely no incentive to keep running the hard mode instances, I got my PF HM neck 5-6 months ago? I've tried Frigida once since getting the neck with an inexperienced group. Even for these static dream teams, they get their gear and then pretty much stop running, and for many of those groups IDD HM still isn't that easy and it's time consuming. Also for some reason they still haven't added the platinum cubics to IDD HM making it near impossible for all but the top geared people.

    There is some truth in that, mainly ppl who get their gear stop running instances not because runs are tough but because even for a static group it's always an effort to pull the ppl together, because of general lack of commitment. That's why I don't do pfhm/iddhm at all and just do AoA NM. And many ppl do the same. AoA is easy, takes 1 hour 3 runs and you get get boxes and gear your alts too. AoA is the best instance in Aion.

  16. 29 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Generally I would never bother with it in pvp as it never works, I do try to use it in mobs with a lot of HP and then I fire my daevanion aoe that hits a target in mid airand does a little bit paralyze with 0.5s cool down, but even in mobs it doesn't always work and at those that it works they usually have little HP so they die pretty fast and and I cannot take advantage of the other aoe daevanion.

    Still the cool down of this is quite long like all of my skills.

    Also I don’t really understand this aoe - why paralyze target who is already in aerial thrust ? Oo

  17. 4 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:


    I think he means that Hard Modes are impossible to do unless you have a static dream team, and the easy modes are already done a few hundreds of times and people have had enough doing the same instances for the last 2+ years.

    Open world pve is useless, no gathering/crafting/morphing or other pve activities, just early 2000s grinding style hoping to get cubicles. I personally now log to do lugbug daily/weekly and SAS/minion vault/HM (whenever not bored since I have more than 1 billion AP).

    I do not do a single pve instance with the exception of LUT when I am feeling like doing something and since pvp instances are obsolete I also don't do those anymore. Some times I do an EC just for the fun of it and there is no fun, we either have enemies in our base within 2 minutes, or we enter the enemy base within 2 minutes.

    PVE is either too easy with no worthy rewards, or too grindy for little to no rewards or insanely impossible so you simply don't bother with it.
    So yes, pve wise it is a dessert for many people.

    I agree that HM is only doable with a static with an exception of pfhm 1st and iddhm 1st. Pfhm 1st boss is a joke, you can do it 4-man without heal easily. Iddhm 1st I did with lfg once and it worked ( without even discord). AoA is doable with lfg / a couple of friends in easy mode (because not everyone makes cubic for NM).

    Otherwise if you have no friends in game yet, you have to pass through lfg anyway and try to know ppl and make some friends to do runs together. This is challenging due to low population (yes, even on KT elyos) but possible. But for new players without gear I would advice gearing up your char before posting, often ppl who wants to be carried and spamming apply/whispers are pretty annoying to the point of block. Current Aion update gives all possibilities for independent gearing - if you are lazy to get your XP marks gear it doesn’t mean the others are obliged to carry you and pass you loot.

    As for easy mode, I do solo PF every week for kinah and gear for my alts or duo with my friend. Also doing some SL and BE, it’s always pretty fun. So I disagree that pve is boring/non-existent.

    As for static dream team, I spent weeks with my friends to learn AoA and it was worth it. Persistence is the key.

  18. 5 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    We generally require to be very precise or it wont' work, this is why our class kinda sucks in the general rule. And because we have the least amount of HP and least general defenses all those little timings that might not work are a recipe for disaster. The only sorcs that are pvp worthy are those that got all the exclusive breakthrought with special weapons, and special runes/gemstones etc and they always manage to outburst an enemy.

    One of the most basic skills we were constantly quoted for is sleep, but that was back when there weren't that many other CCs like paralyze, pull, knockdown, aetherhold  and a ton of stun series. And because sleep is solid cast it is now outdated, 2 seconds to cast a spell in a fight that will last 1 second or even less, or even if you do not die in while trying to cast it, in these 2 seconds the enemy most likely will throw you 10 skills, half of which will be more effective instant CCs thus will simply break it. If you need to do 100 tricks to land one skill then this is where it fails, archer for example wil hit one button and instantly sleep the enemy, no need to try hard to land it.

    Not to mention that our direct aetherhold skill practically never works on pvp, I am not sure if they changed it but we are the only ones that had it at 70% chance to work on pvp unlike everyone else who have it at 100%, not sure why we always got sh!t thrown into our faces like this. Our aoe aetherhold works far more often.

    @TheSecretCowLeve-KT does our aetherhold still have a pvp nerf? (not the daevanion aoe one, I am talking about the normal aetherhold skill)

    Just tell me honestly, do you even use the simple aetherhold skill ? I see only 1 use of it - as a pre-skill for flame ray, when you are clearing mobs but again, in most situations red gem skill or flame waltz do their job goid enough. And idk maybe I have a problem with magic accuracy but it doesn’t always work on elites in instances, and on open-world mobs I don’t need it.

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