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  1. I think that KT economy has reached a difficult point because with every update, kinah sinks multiply, for example 1 yornforged weapon upgrade requires 94 XP marks which is an equivalent of 50 mil kinah, we are getting more and more gear that is retunable (up to 400 mil per piece for retuning), the new event selling reset scrolls andbuffs for kinah, and at last but not least, enchantment cost and exorbitant broker fees. At the same time, we see the sources of kinah farm shrink with the removal of luna light from contaminated underpath. With no efficient kinah source, population becomes poor an
  2. Yeah, I totally agree, just pressing 1 button and getting a fully geared max lvl character is obviously not enough, they should have included an ultimate transformation to that. What can I say, another screwed-up event...
  3. I mean, they had the whole week after the event has ended to organize things. Their support has 0 info and doesn’t even remember when the events start and end...
  4. yeah, or just say "it will be delivered in the future" this is 100% sure, good idea
  5. The event has JUST ended ????? JUST ended ???? It's been 1 week since it's ended
  6. 14:35 server - a mail arrives. Is it, finally, THE reward ??? Nah, just my AT red dazzling returned from broker...
  7. Omg @Kibbelz do something please, ppl are in the risk of getting fired because of the event now !!! 😮
  8. looks like a perfect way to disappont people, bravo ncsoft !
  9. another possibility is March 24, 2022 because it's not legaly stated which year in their post
  10. and they WILL bw delievered on March 24... at 23:59 pm
  11. 12:14 am server, no reward, no reply, no nothing gg
  12. well, it would be nice if they at least mentioned it in the maintenance post and given at least approximate time, cause it was probably the most anticipated event ever
  13. Well, this event has a good and a bad side. On the bright side, we have double entries and cheap reset scrolls so ppl can farm kinah, sovereign and yogo weapons. On the bad side are bugs (I’m sure many of us seen garden mobs in instances) and miserable rewards from event bundles and lugbug alike. The best reward I got so far was giant lucky star which was not even account tradeable nor brokerable.
  14. We can observe here one of the examples of reasons that drive ppl away from this game - ppl who got lucky in a rng event are feeling superior to the ones whose procs failed. So childish.
  15. Getting gems and runes is SUPER easy - farm kinah by doing easy mode instances (any gear can do easy mode), sell gear from pf boxes for kinah and buy the shining gem from broker. Even on KT the prices can go as low as 40mil for shining - equivalent of around 15-20 pf boxes. Yorgos weapon dropped ? Sell it for 200 mil on broker - here you go. I’m sure that most of your problems is because you don’t know how to do things correctly. Try to ask your friends, legion, lfg, even here on the forum. You will see that most of things are much easier than you imagine.
  16. Well, if you expected to advance all you stigmas and daevanion and become the top in pvp in 2 months starting from scratch, no wonder you are disappointed. I’m not going to convince you on anything, but many problems you report here are not so important as you present them. Enchanting daevanion is one of the most straightforward things in this game especially with the stormwing event going on. Enchanting and advancing stigmas was never as easy as it is now, with 100% enchants and, yes again, stormwing event. Getting the top pvp gear just requires some rng - otherwise go for Dark Talon, where a
  17. For me, to make 1 ulti out of 5 legendaries, it takes only 1 XP mark.
  18. Well, Aion rng can be weird. For example, I can’t get choking winds skill on my sm alt (or the other one from the same branch - inescapable choke) since many weeks. I opened around 30 boxes, unlocked every single skill but choke. As for this event, I crafted unicorns on my main and one of my alts this week. And I’m gonna wait till the end of the event to build up the mats and make all tries on the same day.
  19. They said on 24th, it’s a pure torture. I just want to clise the game and only lig back in on 24th.
  20. That’s why I’m only doing on 2 alts because I do realize that all my attempts may fail, yet it may all fail on 12 alts too, so I try to put a reasonable effort. I am ok with not getting anything in this event, ultimate promotion was worth swiping, this one is too expensive - 110 USD for 1 weapon and a couple of tries - nah.
  21. I would rather uninstall this game than make daily lugbug on 12 alts.
  22. Your rng is cursed, man. I know someone who got his on 1st attempt. I don’t have bcm enchants so my plan is to do lugbug on 2 alts and then I can try 8 times and if it fails it fails. There is a selectable weapon box on bcm also for 8800 coins but I’m not gonna spend money for that.
  23. Like I already mentioned, the rate must be around 10%. The weapon box seems to be acc tradeable so in theory if you do lugbug dailies/weeklies on 12 chars you will get mats for 48 attempts.
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