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  1. The chance isn’t that low, It’s the amount of cubic you need to get that is insane. For example, 1 year ago I was doing Jeromi’s quests in Lakrum to farm bronze cubics and I got my griffon wisdom cubic to lvl 4, 40/80 by June, when those quests were removed and open-world cubic drop was introduced. Almost in 1 year my progress is: lvl5, 20/100. So in 1 year I could farm 60 bronze griffon cubics. For me it’s not the issue when something is hard or too easy to farm, as long as it’s the same for everyone. With cubics it was like that : very easy in the beginning, then more difficult and, fin
  2. Yeah, cubic "bundles" (that contain 1 random cubic) for battlefield coins or XP marks we don't even mention here, because it's a total joke.
  3. It was obviously a joke because - what can I reply to a post like this ? Trust me, there is absolutely no problem in farming flowers - you join the alliance/league, and you loot flowers with everyone. You can even stay afk while other people are killing flowers, there is nothing wrong in that. However, there is a bunch of people who want some particular attention and create drama out of nowhere, naming people that are afk or not replying to them "bots". I spent the whole day leading a league of ppl farming near Udas temple in Inggison and there were many people applying, coming and leaving all
  4. That’s because this game is designed to be played with auto-hunt. Without it the game is broken and all the measures NCWEST introduced (double XP weekends, garden event) are not fully helping. Imo, there are only 2 options here : 1) enable auto-hunt in open world or 2) make the garden a permanent event like abyssal and include cubics drop to it
  5. No, but you need one to kill flowers or so I heard. That’s why those bots are bothering ppl because they simply cannot compete with a bot with full +15 paragon killing flower, ahah.
  6. And we will be even happier when we finally get some info on stormwing egg transfer issue @Kibbelz
  7. Exactly, the sense of Kibbelz’s post totally escaping me. Like you said, there are 2 possibilities : 1) a GM was implied 2) there is a serious in-game bug on all Aion servers around the world that must be fixed. If it’s not GM then they simply can’t be satisfied with just banning people who exploited this, a true fix is needed.
  8. Well, Kibbelz gave no info honestly, because if he says that GMs are NOT involved, then - HOW did those highly enchanted paragon items appear ? I heard about animation hacking, glide or gravity hacking, but I never heard of a hack that allows you to summon a piece of gear or materials or force enchants to succeed. What people would like to know is 1) how those illegitimate items appeared in the game, 2) how did some players acquire those items and 3) what actions were or will be taken against both who made those items and the ones who purchased them.
  9. Also some info on HOW they actually got their paragon +15 items.
  10. Too late, we already stopped spending money after they refused stormwing egg transfer.
  11. So much time passed from the moment Siel server existed, your friend may already stop playing or changed nickname. But I wish you best of luck abd hope you find him/her.
  12. I had a +6 orb and imagine, it was still totally useless even compared to half-enchanted hearthuard weapons of my alts...
  13. Yes but some people say that paragon starts to glow at level 10. So I’ve been wondering whether that purple glow on paragon is a clear indicator of level 15.
  14. And luckily it was just a +5 rune, what would be if it was a +8 ???
  15. And I have never heard about a possibility to "overwrite" a runestone because it's not possible to socket a runestone in an already socketed piece of feather. Just tell the support that we checked, double-checked and triple-checked for their sake and its not possible. So if your rune got destroyed, it was a bug and in that case, I don't see why you should even waste your token on that. It's a bug - they have to restore it for free.
  16. Don’t worry, they will delete it for you and probably will also give you a warning or laybe a suspension. To double-punish someone who already suffered from a bug in their game.
  17. In this light, the rumors about asmos getting extra tokens for stormwing egg transfer don’t sound so unfounded.
  18. Let’s estimate, my sorc with sovereign gear and full Luminance/AoA has 22.5k magical attack (because of imbued orb), socketed full attack manastones. So if I had a full DT set I would be at 22.7k. With full bitterthorn that may go close to 23k. If we remove all attack manastones from there (23*3*17 = 1.2k roughly) we get 21.8k attack. The only attack collection I am missing is halloween (150 atk), with it, that would make 21.95k attack. So we are missing 500-600 attack at least, that should come from paragon or some buffs maybe...
  19. What I wanted to say is that if Berdin works on it, that means they give 17mil base XP rather than 5%. If it was fixed to 5%, they would always give 5% no matter what.
  20. Also, saying that using XP crystals "defeats the purpose of leveling" is wrong because currently in Aion there is no purpose in just leveling, the game is designed in order to achieve the max level in 1 day and from what lostcrazyman says it doesn't seem to be different in Aion 8.0 since there are many ppl at lvl83 already which is still quite fast if we compare it with old Aion where leveling to lvl75 could take months. So as for me, using XP xtals in 8.0 will not ruin Aion NA in 8.0 because 1) they are not given for nothing and are obtained through instances alike the experience itself, 2) i
  21. Well, there is nothing said in the tooltip they are locked to lvl80 and I doubt they are. Also, the tooltip is wrong because it says they give you 5% XP but if you use Berdin lucky star it's much more, so it's rather a fixed amount of XP they give (around 17mil) regardless of what the tooltip says. Many tooltips in Aion are simply incorrect, so we shouldn't pay attention to it. BUT as lostcrazyman pointed out, and I rather feel the same, they are likely to be deleted or made unusable when 8.0 hits. BUT also this is ncsoft, so I would still put a hundred of them aside
  22. Well, I’m sure your fellow asmos thought the same way like you and that’s why they asked support to give them additional tokens after having « wasted » theirs on restoring paragon. 😆
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