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  1. Also, can you please submit a photo that proves you are playing with your hands and not with bot ? We don’t trust you >.>
  2. That may be a nice idea but it should be of limited usage to prevent players jumping between races once per week. I think it should rather be handled by support like server transfer and limited to 1 use per account for all time.
  3. I don’t have a solution in hand but I agree, there are many issues in the current housing system and they should be addressed , but in a way that won’t harm anyone, including old players who take a few months break from the game.
  4. This is retail forum, please
  5. Kibbelz in his post clearly said “+200% drop” that means additional 200%, we got additional 100%, and the same goes to XP and the rest, please correct the buffs so they correspond to what was announced, @Kibbelz
  6. Or bring back garden event and add stat cubic drop to it with high rate.
  7. Classic is a proof that it was not the content that drove the ppl away. They gave the old content everyone was crying it was removed from retail, but 1 month after we see exactly the same player exodus.
  8. Well, you remember how we were ignored during stormwing event, when they stopped transfers. And we had a thread with hundreds of comments and 4k views. No surprise they ignore a few cries from a dying DN population.
  9. Loosing item collections would be painful because they take most of effort to complete. In no way they should be neglected.
  10. It's amazing how Aion community members support each other. They don't even know why the topic starter's friends were banned or whether it was actually by mistake, but they are already happy to jump to their throats. I do hope those people got banned as well without any reason like it happens sometimes, and then they get exactly the same treatment on forums.
  11. Which one you prefer - Katalaria or Danalam ?
  12. Did you know that glyphs are storable in account warehouse ? All my alts have glyphs because I’ve been passing them from my main, getting them from weekly lugbug.
  13. Aion has always been poisoned by rng, and it was on top the issues players were not happy with and even Kibbelz mentioned it but so far there was no remedy other than events… It’s the developers that have to change this alas. Again, stigma/daevanion rng is no big deal, here I don’t accept any complaints, it’s already quite easy. The real cancerous rng is transformation combination. As for paragon, imo all this gear should be removed from the game, it’s ruining it.
  14. My spiritmaster has only 3 pieces +15, only 1 advanced stigma and the rest are +9 and no advanced daevanions (only 3 daevanion are +7) and makes around 150k dps on pfhm 1st boss (with 50% cubic, which anyone can farm very easily, even returning players). As for stigmas, you were simply unlucky if you didn't make a +9 with 50 enchants, I made many +9 from +0 using around 20 enchants maximum. It's not always you have to spend 150 stones to make a +15 from +0. Excuse me, but only 1 week ago we had an event for stigma enchants. Another option is to buy them with renown or kinah. Again, you say we
  15. I played this event for a few days on a few alts and can give some opinion. I do realize that not all events can give awesome rewards like legendary transformations or dazzling gemstones/prime runes. But there is clearly a problem with this event. Here is the list of what i got : 1) most of the time it's greater transformation shards, 2) runestone shard boxes, 3) gemstone shards boxes, 4) glyph fragments and 5) shining gemstone box (dropped only 2 times out of around 50 bundles) and 6) ancient transformation contract (1 time). I have never gotten a glyph box so I can't confirm that it comes wi
  16. That is not completely true. You say “it takes years to gear up to not get 1 shot in instances” this is BS. It only takes 1 day to get yourself a FULL end-game armor/weapon set from IDD. Enchanting it will require some grind but still pretty straightforward. Once you make your pve set close to +13 at least, you won’t get 1 shot in pve. Farming pvp gear is a bit more complicated but still quite easy. As for accessories, XP marks accessories are very decent and if properly retuned are good for any end-game inst including AoA and pfhm 1-3 bosses and iddhm 1st boss. Daevanion skills are
  17. Speaking of kinah boxes, if before luna nerf, legit players were able to farm luna on 12 alts with daily instance afk and craft them, now this is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for bots. Because no one will go and kill 50 mobs on 12 alts every day. I'm doing it on 1-2 characters a day and the luna I farm I use for other purposes (like instance reset, luna ress and retune). That was really one of the worst decisions NC has made.
  18. I know a few DN players who even made another account on KT and invested in it a lot because DN was dead and transfers were closed.
  19. And what is noteworthy that none of those loudmouths are active players, they all mention themselves that they quit or just stop playing.
  20. I am on the side of DN people when it comes to unfair treatment from ncsoft, but I have zero sympathy for the ones who are attacking KT server and KT players and blaming us for your issues. You mentioned you are not playing live servers anymore, what makes you so concerned ? Again, the KT weekly bug issue was already discussed many times, and it was DN who enjoyed it most because they got instances reset without having their server bugged for hours. You probably didn’t know this since you are not playing.
  21. I don’t think it’s because KT is favored, they just want to reduce the amount of work for them after merge, with name conflict. So instead of resetting all, they decided to reset only 1 server with a lower population and this is DN.
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