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  1. There will be another extendables in 7.8 according to videos I watched, but it seems they brought some old ones in that event. Probably that's why people are not happy. cmon stop being pessimistic and go farm pfhm 1st ^^
  2. I just want 7.8 to come out faster so I can buy my luminance set with starlights n.n
  3. This may come as a surprise for you, but not only people who come from English-speaking countries can speak English.
  4. there are plenty of bots all over inggison map, no news here, soon it will be legal with auto-hunt implemented
  5. well, at least thanks for saying it will be delayed by 1 hour instead of posting that it's delayed by 15min, then by 30 min and finally until further notice. At least now we can safely do our stuff for the next 2 hours and come back to play.
  6. And among these 67, 20 are second-account alts holding group for solo pf and 30 more are alts killing 50 mobs for luna.
  7. First you don’t want the auto-hunt in NA and remove it and then also in NA you make ppl kill 50 mobs for 1 luna light. Hmmmmmmmmmm 🤔
  8. Especially now, when the weekly KT bug is gone, it feels like all the happiness is gone from the game :C
  9. Luna is one of the major currencies in the game and one can easily consume 1k luna every week, so its farming has to be relatively easy. If they want ppl to farm luna killing 50 mobs on all alts daily, or do contaminated underpath manually, it’s gonna be the only thing ppl play in this game, because there will be no time left for instances or pvp or simply to say hello to your friends. You know, there are already ppl who only do SAS, minium vault, luna and lower udas on all alts and this is all they do in the game because they don’t have time for anything else.
  10. Yes, luna IS one of the most important things in Aion, but not because of kinah. You need luna for selective retuning, especially in this patch where even XP mark gear and accessories are retunable, it usually takes 300-500 luna per piece to get decent stats or over 1k for max stats. We use luna buff for hard-mode instances, to reset instance entries (80 luna in average), for luna ressurection. Not mentioning crafting stuff other than kinah boxes (including ancient transformation contracts). People who actually play this game are very dependent on luna. So yeah, it is one if the most important
  11. Yes, I saw those data, however I must point out that for me, blue slot was always the most probable. When I was wearing heartguard, I bought around 12 pieces of accs, 3 of them had red slot, 8 - blue and 1 - green. When I was resetting the slot on a bursting altar ring, it gave me blue 7 times in a row. Similarly, on a piece of feather it was a boost runeslot 5 times in a row.
  12. Imagine alliances on lfg for luna daily...
  13. Yeah, it will be a terrible mess, have no doubts : auto-hunt + bots + luna nerf = chaos
  14. or another idea - if the bots are the issue - WHY NOT SIMPLY BAN THE BOTS ??? If the bots are the problem of the server instability - why make honest players suffer as well ?? Even if they make luna drop for mobs kill - bots simply will go there, what is it going to change ???
  15. @Kibbelzand btw another question, what happens with the pink quests from daily contaminated underpath ? And will the boss drop infected flesh lump anymore ?
  16. If they mean the daily 50-kill quest, this is awful news, cause if I have to kill 50 mobs on every alt every day to get my luna, I’m gonna freak out.
  17. I'm going to add my opinion to this, and I have 2 points : 1) I personally think that auto-hunt will kill this game. Yesterday I logged in and I was recruiting for SLNM. I checked my friendlist and what I saw - 50% were afk farming the garden of growth, 30% - afk luna, others - doing the same thing on alts and about remaining 10% are simply afk in town or in Oriel. 😁 And this when the auto-hunt is restricted for 1 hour. Imagine allowing it in OW all the time ? rip game 2) On the other hand, I do acknowledge that many events and features of this game become more and more fixed on the
  18. I did all the following and now auto-hunt button is there even in inggison. So I suppose it should work in the instance too. Thank you @Kibbelz for a fast response
  19. Thank you, thank you, I already submitted a ticket 😁
  20. Haha, everything genial is so simple, thank you ! XDDD
  21. These suggestions are very nice, thank you, but once we do all of them how are we supposed to check if it worked ? I already lost my daily entry today, should I wait till tomorrow to check ?
  22. I actually had no idea what version I've been using, I just installed the launcher and the game from the website. I checked in the task manager and it says that launcher is 32 bit and aion folder is in Programmes (x86), so I guess it's 32 bit ? How do I install the 64bit one then ? oO I'm confused
  23. Can they at least ONCE release an event that works without bug from the start, for a change ????
  24. I have exactly the same issue, i just quit the instance and sent a ticket to support. I’m sorry but I’m not supposed to know about that option to enable, they might have at least mentioned that in the event notes.
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