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  1. I don’t understand what you mean “allowed to petition for name” ? If you mean submitting tickets to support to retrieve your name back, that was already done during previous merges, right ?
  2. By the way, I think they also have to make ultimate sovereign weapon box more accessible. IDD gear cannot be put into collections, so the only way is still BENM which is hard to do because of low population.
  3. This is what they should do I think. However, let’s wait for the official details on Monday before discussing further.
  4. Legendary sovereign weapon box used to drop from IDD nm before 100-IDD update. This weapons are needed in many item collections. Imo, it would be reasonable adding them to PF nm or SL easy drop. Another option would be BE easy but lootable by each party member.
  5. I don’t know what class you are playing, but for sorc, sovereign is better than this gear. Heart of protection gear doesn’t have crit and is not retunable. Full sov cloth set + weapon gives you a minimum of 1600 crit, are you ready to loose that ? You can make up for that crit if you socket all armor with crit (86 * 6 * 3 = 1548), however in that case you will loose 414 attack. So go figure. Instead of increasing the drop rate of these useless marks, they better make this gear set retunable. But how it is now, I have around 250 hearts in my wh and I woul be glad to give them up to you, bu
  6. Only 1 ? Lol but this shugo was there every day during several weeks, and hackers got much more than just 1 lol on a separate note, what you say only proves how unfair and discriminatory that event was, because the large majority of players don’t have that low ping
  7. That guy says “we” like if he spoke for KT server. Meanwhile I have no clue who it is lol Don’t submit to such cheap provocations
  8. I agree, I think everyone who is level 79 and less should get name reset as well as everyone who hasn’t logged in since long (the both categories will most likely coincide).
  9. I understand your feelings about loosing your name and housing, however, what you are saying is wrong. It’s mostly DN people who would want the merge. I never saw a person inside the game, who would oppose the merge in general. Nothing personal, but I never seen you in game, and when I check myaion record, I find a char named Cute-DN of elyos faction with both empty pve and pvp record. If this is you indeed, it looks like you don’t even play this game at all, so I don’t get why you so worried about the merge.
  10. Hahahaha, no no, they were not hacking, they were just "fast" 🤣🤣🤣 just really fast
  11. @Mitsukuni-KTI'm glad you fixed your auto-hunt. When you said "my sorc alt cannot clear garden of growth", I was 100% sure something was wrong there
  12. Yeah, mainly transformation events, because this is the main struggle for the new players. "again" XD if this is again implemented like last December event, with hackers and bots fest, no thank you. I'd suggest some easy farming event that will allow anyone to have an imbued weapon of their choice.
  13. Well, first of all, I must mention that your skill order is totally incorrect, and this is the issue why your auto-hunt doesn't work on sorc and on other classes probably too.. As stated in the patch notes, the new auto-hunt system uses skills in the priority according to their number. So anytime when number 1 is off cd (and this is every 2 sec in your case), it will use number 1. So your auto-hunt will never go past skills number 2 or maximum 3. When you put your skills on auto-hunt screen, you arrange them according to cd, so number 1 must be the longest cd and number 5 - the shortest, it's
  14. This time we have 2 entries per day per character instead of one. I'm not sure if you are doing the event on all 12 alts, which would make 24h per day (12*2 hours), but as for me, the absolute doable maximum is 6 alts * 2 hours per day = 12 hours, provided that you are only playing this event. Now, it's not so hard to choose 6 classes that are the best for auto-hunting mobs which are : sorcerer, spiritmaster, AT, songweaver, vandal, gladiator, ranger. Any alt of these classes can effectively clear the instance, provided that it has full red gear. If you have some issues, you can always switch
  15. I agree, names should reset for everyone to make it fair.
  16. Just ignore this guy, it’s some kind of troll who joined forums since less than 1 day only to insult the other players, hiding behind a fake nickname, they are not alone of this kind. No one pays attention to BS they saying.
  17. Who are you at all and what is your in game nickname ? Lol
  18. I created my char on Siel server and yes, I have been through a merge. You should not worry so much about loosing your name because if this happens, you just submit a ticket to support, I know many people who had this issue and support helped them recover their names back. Merge will not fix all retail issues, but it will revive the economy and gameplay, so you are a bit overreacting in seeing it too negative, while it’s a positive change. But yes, it comes as a consequence of massive player exodus, so it’s not something to be really happy about. It’s like an amputation which is aimed to
  19. Honestly, I’m surprised at many people ‘s feedback on this topic - namely when they state that DN and KT merge is the final nail. It makes totally no sense, because the merge will revive the game for many of us and WAS ASKED FOR BY MANY PLAYERS. So, first you ask for it and when they make it, you post negative garbage and say it’s the final nail. Merge is the consequence of shrinking game population, but not the reason. You are clearly missing some cause/effect relationship logic.
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