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  1. Wow. Well, the good news is that we don’t care about filling XP bar to maximum at lvl85 so hopefully at lvl 84 it’s twice more, 5% at least. If I’m not mistaken 1 XP extractor is equal to 10 XP crystals, then we would need 200 of them to level up to 85 from 84. So in total that would be around 400 crystals to go to 85 from 80 I guess. So I would put aside 500 crystals now, to use them to level up fast in 8.0
  2. It’s obviously not imbalance because ALL players are given the same amount of token to start with. And if I compare myself to someone with 0 tokens left that only means that person has already profited from their tokens.
  3. Thanks for that work translating it for us. I'm happy to see they merge pve and pvp gear, it's true that with enchantment/retuning/gem or rune socketing it's very hard and costly to get multiple gear sets (without mentioning how hard it is to farm even 1 full end-game set).
  4. I’m surprised to see that kind of posts from a player that brings some questions - is that someone who already profited from egg transfers or maybe even got extra tokens and wants the event closed for the rest ? Or is it someone who is related to a GM ?... In any case, thank you for providing an illustrated example of unfair treatment of players by NC west.
  5. Maybe, but let’s not change the topic. We want egg transfers back ! #FreeStormwing @Kibbelz
  6. No, from AoA you get Bursting altar set which is a little worse than Lumi attackwise but is retunable for HB/evasion/MR
  7. Pf hm 1st boss is very easy, just farm it for starlights and buy the full set from starlight npc. Also there are entry quests that give starlights, if you haven’t done them you can get 6 per char = 72 starlights directly.
  8. It’s true and not true. I admit I myself choose Azphel apostle because I’m lazy. XD But farming Azphel (I’m talking for Elyos) can be as easy as Ariel during renown events like we had last year with Jotuns spawning in inggi, gelk and SC.
  9. So we have to spend our time farming to get what other people got for free ? No thanks.
  10. Exactly. We have still to play somehow during those 6-7 months, and sov, DT, bitterthorn and AoA gear still worth farming, even if it's just for item collections.
  11. There is someone like that on KT E lfg, I’m just blocking this kind of people. She was from DN, not KT (thank goodness)
  12. I just had around 500 ancient stones and it took me 300 to make 1 yellow weap to +15. And yeah, it’s been half a year since morphing is blocked. Guess, it’s as hard to fix as pivot on sw egg transfers... just had an idea- daevanion enchant after +10 is 50% right ? And ancient enchant on ancient is 48%... Do those 2% make such a difference ?..
  13. That’s the point of all this discussion cause there are 4 apostles - yustiel/triniel and lumiel/vaizel that CANNOT be obtained in game, there are no shards for them and they are not obtained via combination. And people who made transfers got them, including cheaters who used more than 3 tokens and completed their collections.
  14. When I make a piece of gear +10, I stop enchanting and start again only the next day. Also idk if you tried to enchant yellow esoterrace weapons for item collections, it can be such a pain. I used 300+ ancient stones to make it +15 because of the same problem - after +10 (48% rate) it can fail like 10 times in a row or more.
  15. We cannot have any control of that, and that’s why we should insist to re-open transfers, so at least we can get the same thing that they got.
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy made 4 egg transfers with 4 tokens.
  17. Yeah, in fact, the story goes beyond the egg transfer question now. I heard a lot of saying that some players got more than 3 tokens and used them to get 5 apostles, and from different sources. So basically, what happened is that first, the support allowed to some privileged players to get 4 or more (with extra tokens) apostles and then stopped it for everyone else. And now they are saying that they cannot pivot on this one... What is going on here @Kibbelz ? I don't feel like playing a game with such a level of corruption. And they don't realize that more time they ignore us, further the disc
  18. I would 100% vote against that, and for re-enabling egg transfers with tokens. Simply because the existence of the fact that some people somehow got more than 3 tokens and used them all for transfer, proves that support is corrupted. In that case, how can we be sure they really removed transformations from all those people ? There is no way for the community to check this. At that point, they could just select a few victims and remove their apostles, and leave the privileged people untouched. I would suggest 1) re-enabling egg transfers as fast as possible, so the support doesn't get over
  19. To be honest, I can't imagine other thing that you could do. Any possible compensation we could suggest would be similar to just re-opening egg transfer with tokens (and this is also the simplest thing to do). Like one of GMs said in a support ticket, your goal is to make players "happy", so the only possible solution would be re-opening tickets. Another way would be removing apostle contracts from ones who got them with restoration, but I don't see how this could make people happy... So it's either enabling transfers or making players quit or stop spending money.
  20. Oh, this is always like that. For example, once I wanted to make a group PF nm, just for fun, where I had 400k dps on Frigida in my dps meter. And when it uploads on the website, it was only 371k, which is very different. And if you install myaion, you will see that the numbers on the website are always lower compared to the ones you see in your dpsmeter. That's why I asked here why is that and which numbers are correct ?
  21. yeah, look this is an example of a Frigida session and this is the famous AoA session that lasted more than 1 hour, according to myaion (where I have 9k dps, OP)
  22. I understand what you feel, but here the issue is the equal treatment of players. And the only way to achieve it - re-enabling egg transfer. I don't agree with any compensation you propose. It's either all or nothing. I understand that it is in their policy to do whatever they want and how they want, and they can keep ignoring us and don't reply. Yes, they can do all that. But, on the other hand, I could easily quit for EU server. And many of my friends too. No company is obliged to deliver a good customer service. But also, no client is obliged to stay with this company. Easy.
  23. If they continue to treat players like that, there will be no one to play in Aion 8.0.
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