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  1. Then maybe try considering posting this on the Classic forum, you will find more feedback.
  2. Is your add-on made for classic or retail ? For retail version you could have added FEXP statistics.
  4. I opened one on my main and got to level 2 and got 3 mil AP, while I wanted it to fail at lvl 1 to get XP marks. Then I opened another one on my second account and got 20 XP marks ofc.
  5. I hope so but, it’s true that summer vacations are soon so not many people are going to play. It would be nice to have important events by September/October.
  6. I suggest making stat cubics drop from garden instance.
  7. There are many people who would be happy to play with ping like yours. That's why ping reducers should be officially allowed. Otherwise, the game would be geographically too limiting.
  8. Thank you for your advice, Nicole. This is indeed what he has done, he contacted support last Wednesday and they only replied to him on Saturday asking to provide additional info and then on Sunday they finally unblocked him. So he lost 5 days for nothing. I'm sure this info will be useful for other ppl in the same situation, thanks again.
  9. Just saying that because my friend got banned last Wednesday, we don't know yet the reason cause he didn't receive any notification, and the only thing we could imagine is because he used a ping reducer. Imagine, someone who has 300 ms ping and who using a ping reducer to make his ping 200ish so it can be limit playable gets banned, but never bots/gold sellers/hackers are sanctioned. What can I say...
  10. You don’t need it at all because the gear it gives is rubbish. I have 200+ hearts of protection in my wh and not using them at all because my sovereign/DT/bitterthorn gear is better.
  11. PLEASE ANSWER WHEN WE GET 7.9 part 2 !!!!! lol
  12. it was number 1 in my list, but you added some more precisions to it. Me too I was like you, I stopped playing retail for a while and I came back after covid pandemic started, and when I came back to retail I was disgusted at first because that was a totally different game and I found myself almost naked without any gear, any enchanted stigmas and 0 daevanion skills (because when I was playing daevanion skills didn't even exist). However, I was attached to the character I made back in 2012 so I decided to give it a try. And with time I found this game quite amusing and now, when I made my prog
  13. But it was you who replied on my post with “why you are here” first, in case you have bad memory just scroll the posts up. I never had any intention to talk to you at first place, but I was bound to reply to your outrageous attacks. It’s clear that you have negative IQ and with your every reply you are contradicting yourself more and more and look ridiculous telling everyone to grow up. Maybe it is you who is a child in fact.
  14. If you look at posts in this thread still you see there are much more ppl who make sense. I absolutely agree with you. We all do realize every game needs money to survive, and there can be many models how to earn money while keeping the game attractive for players. On Aion retail there is a f2p model with some p2w elements and this model is far from ideal and people complain about p2w there and they are not wrong. There may be another model - pure subscription with a reasonable fee, and cash shop based on cosmetic items. This also makes sense, but, again, to maintain a large community, the su
  15. Yeah and this was and will be my reply for any person who comes to forum with 12zgjdgfw86e5 nickname for a few days and starts by telling other people where they should and where they should not post and what they should and what they should not say. It is obvious for everyone that your posts make no sense and the only one who is trolling here is you. I am 31 years old, but have no idea what age are you although it doesn't matter because mental capacities are not always correlated with age. Of course I don't expect you to realize you are wrong because this would require simply too much intelle
  16. Makes no sense to afk in EC, there are other instances for this - CV and IB. During battlecoin event however ppl were farming event on alts and many went to EC just to kill 5 mobs and afk, but now it’s just a waste of time.
  17. You can see similar reaction on posts in this thread also, and in all classic forum. Like I said, paying money for a game where you get insulted is silly. Moderation will not work because this would require too many human ressources that they don't have, they can't even ban bots. Earlier you quit, better for you.
  18. Excuse me, but I don’t have to ask random people with combination of letters and numbers in their nickname where to post. I have a level 26 character in classic and I’m free to express my opinion about it, not sure under what “rock” you come from, but if you come to this forum only to offend other people, it’s rather you who should not be allowed on Internet. Likewise, if you cannot accept the fact that forums exist so people can express their opinions, then don’t read it and don’t post here, I’m done with you, bye.
  19. I’m on the right forum because I was speaking about classic in my post. There was even a word “classic” mentioned there, I could highlight it for you but I doubt you can read.
  20. You are just loosing time because no one is saying that candies are must-have in this game. And, in theory, even sub is not needed because you can play 1 h free a day. But it will take you ages, while the others get lvl 50 in one week and going to gank you everywhere you go. Yes, it is possible to play even Aion classic in f2p way, but you won’t be competitive. Basically I just said what Ele already mentioned, without reading her post above.
  21. They will ALL (even including some EU players) tell that it’s a NA game and go to EU server. But, hell, look what part of Aion population actually comes from Americas ?.. Most of people I see on retail are from Europe or Asia.
  22. Well done by getting refunded from paypal. This game was infested with bots starting from day 3 but who they ban are ping reducer users. Anyway, congratulations on getting your friends out of that money sink.
  23. It makes totally no sense to complain if a game is p2p of f2p, because this is how it is. Aion retail is f2p and you can enjoy the game at its full for free. Aion classic is p2p and people (like me) who want to play f2p games will be just loosing their time there. So earlier they quit the better. Leave it to be a wallet-battle.
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