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  1. I would like to trade my kinah from KT-Asmo to DN-Elyos. I heard there's a lot of people trading recently and would like to trade my kinah. Is the rate 1:1? It's not illegal is it?
  2. Thanks @Cheesecake-DN for the shift-f12. It worked. Thank god i had an alt and not only 1 character.
  3. oh wow, so its not possible to go to sanctum? damn, failed to login on sanctum Edit: wait.... wtf I can login my alt on sanctum but not my main.....
  4. SOL? what's that also, i have minimum settings.... well i'll try to login on my asmodian in KT. Edit: I am able to login my asmodian. Will re-try on my elyos on DN
  5. No, I am not using any VPN services and my characters(Danaria) are on sanctum. When the atreian passport appears. I disconnect immediately.
  6. Hello, I've just recently came back to AION, where I tried to log into my characters, but I disconnected right after going inside. Anything I should do?
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