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  1. Hi @Cyan , does this update mean you'll be switching the anti cheat from monitoring only to real time kicking hackers? I'd love to know!
  2. Hey, there actually is a date and it's July the 4th, all you have to do is click on the first highlighted box at the left hand side of the promo page and there you have it. Pretty quick these japanese edit: It might be that or a server merge, idk I can't really read Japanese
  3. Thanks for helping out. At first I thought it was against the policies but then I saw a player posting about the same kind of trade so I decided to give it a go. As I mentioned earlier I started anew on DN-Elyos so even if it's not a huge sum, it still does help, for example armsfusing my lvl10 daevanion bow What I'll do is I'll give 10m at a time to minimize the loss in case someone is trying to be clever.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for someone to give me kinah on DN-E and receive kinah from me on KT-A. I've got 70kk on an old account which did belong to Beritra server, now merged into KATALAM Please answer here or mail/whisp me in game on DANARIA-ELYOS nick "Adena"
  5. Oh good to know, although I only made the gunner to quickly get to lvl 10 to unlock the forums I'm only loyal to the Ranger class >---)> Anyway back on topic, seen the new currencies and the subscription model Korea has adopted with the 6.0 update, I'm so looking forward for those to be implemented in here as they are! I'll try to explain According to the past updates, NCWEST had requested some tweaks for the game model to suit western players needs. With PLAYNC getting rid of the mandatory subscription, they have adopted a model that (to me) would easily fit the western playe
  6. Thanks peepz you're all amazing, I will be getting the monthly prestige subscription then. I'll just hit 66 first. Slightly offtopic now, would you please have a look at my average ping from the image below and tell me if I will be okay doing mainly PvE and some open world PvP from time to time? Bear in mind I'm using a ping enhancing service (similar to battleping, wtfast) and the connection is very stable, no spikes at all. Screenshot
  7. Thanks a lot, not the most specific answer I was expecting but still useful, I guess you summarized the main bits which is good, it gets to the point. Also I was just browsing the cash shop earlier on, and the feeling is that it's got less pay2win items in here which is good, slightly more balanced. Would you players agree?
  8. Hi I am a former AION EU player which has decided to move here to NA after 6.0 got announced. I feel that the European publisher will find a way to screw that 6.0 over and so I will take the following months to build a presence in here, NA. Would someone please be gentle and explain what the major differences are between a paying player and a f2p one. I'm thinking of getting the monthly prestige pack subscription, assuming it does actually help. I've logged in game and seen a few unique NPC's which I believe are linked to the prestige pack, the pink robots. Again, a quick explanation
  9. Would any sort of petition signed by the players help NCWEST retrieve back the publishing rights for Aion in the European region and apply the exact same model Korea has applied to their 6.0 release including but not limited to the free2play model and the optional subscription model, exactly as they implemented it in Korea? I believe that would be an immense victory for everyone, not just because you've got the biggest player base over there, but especially for the new Korean 4x currencies model suits perfectly their(euro players) needs. this guy HERE summarizes it brilliantly.
  10. It would be lovely to know more about the topics you've talked about/you're talking about regarding the 6.0 update. What about a record breaking speedy release for your loyal western playerbase
  11. So far this is a valid point to discuss. Still, it's mixed feelings because you know you're not going to bother with the top tier equipment knowing it's a waste of time and resources, so , exactly! I mean you're given the chance to focus on different aspects of the game for the time being until 6.0 comes out! It could be a tiny bit frustrating for hardcores, it gives you the "oh I'm kind of stuck" feeling, doesn't it?
  12. Hi pal I'm not trying to be the devil's advocate here but if I could show you a chart of the active players this game has had over the past year and a half in Europe you would see a steady and consistent drop in numbers. You should at least try to be impartial when judging changes if they are made for the good of keeping the game alive and in an healthy state.
  13. The discussion broadens here, there's many things to take into account. One being the game gets updated based on Korean players behaviours, they might have taken away all the unused and obsolete content from their region. Your point saying it's unfair would have been way more valid if the game wasn't as p2w as it is now, when someone could start today anew and match your plenty of years of hard farming with a couple of thousand pounds. Still you should get over it and look at 6.0 as a new start to enjoy the game.
  14. I did but unfortunately as I said earlier I could not find a valid point. I still believe It's just you're crossed to the idea any new or casual will be at your level. I see it as simple as that. I play on aion EU and I can tell you the best times I had in years were when they opened a new server back in the summer and for the first two or three weeks everyone was on basic daevanion gear. Again, It was the best fun in YEARS, and the thought that it's going to happen again with the 6.0 makes me feel happy.
  15. Will the new equipment make your toon stronger than what it is now? Is it going to be easy to obtain? Will you be able to have fun assuming these two conditions are fulfilled?
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