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  1. I'm going to kick your snowman over this winter.
  2. Oh geez,I knew it was something like that. Azphel was so long ago, and yes it was the dredge killing glitch. Think the fort mail issue was on either OG Vaizel or Zikel after it got merged into multiple times. But people were getting mass amounts of money from taking over lower forts, that shouldn't have been possible. We almost need a ban time line for all the fun ban waves.
  3. Wasn't the first massive ban wave for the glitched fort mail? The mail that gave billions of kinah from taking lower forts. Or was that after the first/second rounds of server merges.
  4. Still use this site when I need it <3
  5. Holy crap that is insanely pretty. Nice work
  6. My boyfriend wanted some small dog, or husky. We can't have husky's at our current place, so I got him to agree on corgi. Best decision ever. Her name is Kailua and she is adorable. we need a pet pic thread, I'd spam the hell out of it.
  7. @Nyali-IS Those are so pretty!
  8. It's both browser & mobile forums that don't show. Another thing they should add when fine tuning the new forums, hopefully.
  9. Yikes @ having to deep clean. I just got a Corgi about 3 months ago. Thankfully she's learned that going inside = bad. But teaching two puppies to potty train outdoors at the same time.. that's a lot of trouble.
  10. The forums are nice but they have a weird.. blocky? feel to it. I suck at explaining. welp.
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