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  1. Thanks, I'll take note of this, gonna try to work on keybinding. Been using mouse clicks too often. I appreciate everyone elses' effort to assist me too btw, this has been a really good discussion, I'm gonna make the best of what I have to be a good sorcerer as much as possible with everyone's suggestions. I shall not give up.
  2. I agreed...there was no notification at all. It was rather surprising, as a notification could prepare others so they could buy them when necessary. Especially best to put sales at the start of the month, with a notification what is to come a week before or a few days before. Seems like it is asking too much, but it is a lot more practical.
  3. Woah I see. Btw, how is your fps though at 350ms? is the gameplay smooth for you? because my fps is at 15 to 20 an even lower at times. Also do you feel like when you click a skill, it does not activate immediately? (I read it is called "dead times") Thanks mempo for the advice. I'm gonna take note of that
  4. Hello, so I made a sorcerer recently, now even if my sorceror has an MB of 5.1k, crit spell of 700, MA of 2.5k, I still do quite bad when I see the DPS meter compared to people that may have lower stats. I wanna improve on this. It's a fun class, and I just want to play my role effectively and not let people think I am a bad sorcerer in terms of not dpsing correctly. I dps by weaving Freezing Wind and that DOT move (Flame cage I think), after using my other skills. I have an FPS of around 15 to 23. Ping is at around 400. I put the quality of my graphics to the lowest too. My RAM is at
  5. Hello, I'd like to see a Sorcerer guide like the Aethertech ultimate guide please from any well experienced sorcerer for PVE and PVP. Would be appreciated if anyone gets the time.
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