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  1. Yea that kinda sucks, esp. to newer players trying to learn the ropes, out in the open world hunting creatures and some lvl 80 arse-wipe comes and does a finishing move on you... This is kinda the reason I stopped playing the first time... I am pretty sure that n00bies, like yours truly, don't like when this happens... I just hit lvl 66 and I was attacked by some lvl 70 "quack"-head... when i was only lvl 18... and it happened multiple times through my journey of becoming lvl 66... I just believe to see this game expand they probably have to cater to the new ppl too... and not just those
  2. That really sucks, because when I 1st started playing this game it was fkn, AWESOME... Now its dead and I am like wtf... not again... I really miss Xiah Rebirth, and if this game goes down hill to the point the cancel it, its gonna be a huge bummer....
  3. Is this community dying out, cause there are a lot of ppl ingame that are saying just that. I don't want to keep putting money into this game like I did, Xiah Rebirth, only to find that NCSoft is gonna cancel the game... I would really be hurt to see it all die on us. I do enjoy the game just wish you NCSoft's Aion had a different PvP mode... I hate waltzing up to other players and then some guy uses a macro to beat me... I would much rather have an option that says, "Thou must not attack me/them"... Is Aion dying, this is my real question...?
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