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  1. Here is what i found about these skins. [Event] Starlight Dew Hanbok [Event] Elegant Hanbok [Event] Moonlit Hanbok [Event] Royal High Class Hanbok The hair Ribbon is the only one that doesn't show an image but i imagine its something like the item symbol or one of those hair pieces of the skins above. The other skin from event is a cooking outfit, you can find in that site as well.
  2. Could we have this checked as soon as possible please? Couse I just had a 4 minion combination fail and had to use one of my restoration tokens, and i know a bunch of people that also had multiples 4 minion combinations fail in a roll, for something that should be 70% chance I'm getting more success with enchanting stigmas that are in theory way lower rates than this. If you could check this for us it would be much appreciated and I guess I'm gonna wait for your answer before I waste another restoration token with some success rate that is not as it should be as of right now. thanks!
  3. At least tell me this compansation is for each lv 80 toon and not per account, couse yeah... any semi decent geared toon can get S rank therefore it would be 25 abyssal fragments per day, not only 10..... But hey, at least we get an exp event since exp is pretty much non existent ingame now...
  4. Hey there, Yeah I was a little confused as well, but doing some tests i realized that, besides having the 3 runes of the same name, each of those should be at least +1 so your transformation also appear enhanced with some more stats like: +5 magic atk / +12 mag. crit/ +5 p. def and m. def etc.
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