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  1. Wow. So disappointed. Absolutely nowhere does it state that the pixel transformations were being treated as different from "legendary" for this event. Nor were we provided with the list of "counted" legendaries or were we aware that even such a list existed. When the event states "legendary", it should actually mean "legendary", instead of "select legendary that we aren't going to tell you about but you should just know what they are telepathically". Leaving the onus on your playerbase to figure these things out is ridiculous. So now I (and others that I know) wasted not onl
  2. I, too purchased the same pixel to be able to make a combine. If the hanbok legendary combines didn't count it should have explicitly stated that as being excluded for the event as I obviously would have chosen differently. From the news page: "The second part of our fall events will be the release of a set of four new Legendary transformations called the Hanbok Pixels!" "If an account consumes 2 Legendary transformations via combination, they will receive 1x Autumn Harvest Superior Transformation Pouch (limit 3 per account). This prize will be awarded regardless of the resul
  3. I too am having this issue. New launcher has "incorrect password" message whereas old launcher works every time ...
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