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  1. Why do people keep saying we're gonna get +25 and +30 likes its nothing. Those people you see with above +20 are either paying or running massive alts. +15 is quite achievable for anyone but past that and especially above +20 you're either going to have to play Aion for hours like a job or use the money from your real job (or parents). The "p2w" players sometimes hide it because everyone gets mad when people have better gear than them, but there are times they won't really try to hide it. The "f2p" players who run a bunch of alts usually try to make it seem much more reasonable than it actuall
  2. There should be some yellow or dark blue left, otherwise it might be at 42 that you get more. May have to run kromede to 42 or do the pink growth quests for some xp too.
  3. Yea 5.0 is definitely the worst simply because of the long grind to get 75. It would have been better to make 75 like 4-5 times less xp to get to (as if we had 400%/500% buff) and have us grind for more essence instead. I do like 5.0 content, and itll be nice when they add camps to norsvold/illuma but the xp is just too much based on the entries for pve we have.
  4. This pretty much exactly. LITERALLY NO ONE USES ETERNAL WTF IS THAT ETERNAL BOX DOING IN THE LIST. ENCHANTMENT STONE DUST WTF. There are 2 different rewards of enchantment stone dust in that third to last box and shining enchantment stones. Unless I'm missing something the dust is useless except for crafting (which takes insane xp until 5.8) and its already way too easy to get with disenchants. And those yellow stones literally have no use or else someone tell me when theyre good. Upgrade arcade already had some of the worst prizes ever and its rates were terrible this time around too. S
  5. Its literally exactly the same as in game, havent found any differences yet
  6. People's Complaints I still don't understand why people are complaining about "P2W" and using Korea as an example of exactly whats to come for us. Aion has had +20-+30 gear for years now and we probably will never get it here. You know why? Because irridescent omegas are in the store there, success rates are different, and irridescent omegas are like 2,000,000 kinah each in the broker there last I saw on someones stream earlier this year. And why the complaints about +12 manastones? I currently rarely see people with +10s running around, and +12 is only going to add an extra 10 stat
  7. Yea this site is pretty nice since you can put it in english too, I found it on someone's youtube video.
  8. Even if you dont AFK, throw down 2 AOE cannons and spam 1-2 for 3 minutes and then throw down some single target cannons and spam 3-4 for another 3 minutes and youre pretty much done. The weekly luna is even easier because you can pull 1/3 of the mobs and run back so the tank guy will aggro most of it and you can kill it all at once. Supps would be nice to be tradeable and I'm pretty sure there are almost no omega/temper/level reduc stones that aren't tradeable anymore except from luna. Like people said if youre low on money dont equip that gear yet, you can run AOE/adma/theo/DL with bare
  9. I agree luna rewards shouldn't be tradable, its a no-effort free reward that takes 5-10 min a day or you can just afk it. Level reduction stones however never should have been introduced, it seems they only introduced it to artificially increase time needed to "max" gear since +15 can be 100% now and probably also to include in events down the road. Minions are more debatable but theyre already improving in 5.8. In PvE theyre a nice stat boost and maybe a bit extra damage/utility but in PvP they are definitely pretty OP because of their damage. I think its 2-3 shebas rank 4 that can
  10. Wow thats some crazy RNG and yea I wouldnt try +3 with solutions For everyone wondering about essence core enchanting: I checked the stats on the spreadsheet and with solutions +1 is about 81% and +2 is 64% and +3 is 44%. So I was mistaken, but if you do simple math though the best route is +2 with solutions and rest with omega. +3 with solution is 44% vs 84% with an omega from +2 -> +3 and the cores break on fail so you would have to rebuy all of the solutions and cores if it fails.All the stats I'm getting from the spreadsheet some guy on forums made who I forgot but it
  11. How Pretty sure its 100% to +1 with essence solution or omega. +2 with essence solution is like 60 or 80% i forgot, after that its best to use omega.
  12. Just let him live in his world of hackers
  13. He either still has some buffs or the plume must be worth 411 + 411 omegas
  14. If you're not an archdaeva then what are you doing? With the 400% xp event last month and 100% xp event this week you shouldn't have an issue. Without those event buffs 1-66 is only 1 week for casual play or 1-2 days for hardcore. Also what MMO over 3+ years old still has GM logging? Most games have GM early on then stop it. Events could be more fun though, it is true current events are just to gain items. Still you need to provide rewards, don't think any game has events people do for pure "fun".
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