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  1. One week and they didnt even come here to say they are not planning to do anything about it. Such a nice support/community team! Game is dead, bye.
  2. Nao volte a jogar. Esta e minha dica.
  3. Hello. It's been a while since I last logged in on this game, but it is the kind of game that ALWAYS makes me want to come back, I'm always watching people playing even on times I can't or don't want to play. Well, the thing is, me and maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the server must be playing from South America, and not having an official server for us is extremely frustrating. Due to the lack of a server here, Aion has lost a lot of players that went to play games like Black Desert, because they understood that a brazilian/South American server was NEEDED. My suggestion is for NCSoft to bring Aion to So
  4. I believe all of your questions are answered in the event's page: http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/events/10032017-haunted-energy.php
  5. +1 It should've been bans, not warning.
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