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  1. AIon 7.0

    New sets from Aion 7.0! (Credits: Ksenkarions, for the YT vídeos and Xanoa, from Aion GF forums' original post.) First is the one you can upgrade from current Genesis. Tier 2 stuff. And one "Stella" (7.0 lore company) set - yet to confirm if that is the new craft one or instance drop Both plates of the two sets look really cool! Also, awesome "Kill Billish/Narutoish jacket" Songweaver around the 1:13 mark in second vídeo!
  2. AIon 7.0

    Gotta say they've alot of information: Aion 7.0 First Info. New region -natively named "Deumaha"- catters to Beritra, indeed. Means "darkness" and used to be the land of Apsu (Beritra's supposed lover). Guess, given all the core meanings to the character, very likely we are going to finish that Dragon Lord plotline next. https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/4505-7-0-First-info/?postID=81649#post81649 New map is really packed and seems it'll call for a alot of action all around. Many of these "altars", "artifacts" close to each other What looks to be the new "Beritranish" armor looks really like Nier: Automata meets Venom/Black Spiderman meets Batman Credits: Xanoa @GF Aion forums - Linked above.
  3. AIon 7.0

    Now we can see Ereshkigal is gone for good. Plus, she went out Thanos "I don't feel so good" style. Damn, Beritra played her (and the player, as well, although Atis was some bad disguise. Guess, intended for us to be suspicious about the guy) like a damn fiddle. Regarding the Dark Lord, seems he is back to the main stage to be dealt for once and all this time (or maybe he'll be this Frieza/Orochimaru type of villain, that'll be kept on for charismatics) Also, woot with all this "machina" stuff. Really seems like something out of Final Fantasy. I already expect some guy named Cid as easter egg.
  4. Nothing is Wrong With The Rewards List

    So where were the "balance adjustments" when they announced "power up" had ppl grossly using more than they calculated at first, with only two days of event? Why back then, only a month ago, there was no need to remove supplies of omegas/temperings available in market?
  5. NCNA staff, in my ignorance, allow me to understand one thing: Last month, during the enchanting event, when it became known the quantity of Omegas/Temperings/stigmas used were grossly miscalculated, with the community achieving all the rewards during the very first days, why didn't you took down these items from BCM with "economy concerns"? For the record, let's freshen up some minds. A post from Febuary 9: And especially, take a look at the dates. This event started Febuary 7, as everyone can check main page: So now, in a space of two days, players did use more than 130k of the items, including those acquired via BCM, and there's no taking down for economy in this case. Why? Not only that, but check final count of such: Posted Febuary 20. Two weeks later. Celebrating 330k achieved during the period. Pay attention to such quantity. So now, to my sheer stupidity, please explain, where were all the emergence maintenances and taking downs when it was about people buying from store? This event did throw in market an incredible amount of items as well.
  6. Why the wall of text to say basically nothing, Cyan? Could've as well put two phrases and woud still deliver same message. I mean, really thank you for dropping by, sure you're not at fault directly, but please, do bring something substantial to us.
  7. Someone should report this to IGN/Kotaku or something alike. This type of behaviour should be really shared amongst press/fellow gamers to become well aware of this company's doings/practices.
  8. Oh, well... That's too bad. Anyways, really nice to see some of the most geared players, like jay and Gaup, pushing actively for others to catch up, too. A nice sense of community we really lack these days. It's really unfortunate they won't be heard, apparently.
  9. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Well, to remember all the people who came back to the game just to check this event... The amount of players reflecting even directly in the rankings... This is an incredibly embarrassing episode for the company. Had an opportunity to show improvement in front of many, old and new alike. Turns out as a failure of big proportions and frustration feelings that will be remembered for a long time, surely. Just unbelievable for this to happen. The bad PR and word of mouth this will create, especially from the inactive players who just gave it a try. Can't even begin to comprehend all the negative consequences.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 14, 2018

    Now, finally, brace yourselves - edition 2 (will we do it this time?)
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    "Entrance", read as "instance", and talking about Evergale especifically, of course. (sorry, couldnt edit anymore) :3
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Frankly, one of the simplest ideas, but perhaps would avoid a lot of drama, could be just removing the penalty for leaving the entrance. Most players do get annoyed because they have no viable option. End up stuck in a league that is in for a certain loss, and on the other hand,leaving would make them have to wait the 15mins penalty. Having only these two possibilities become a frustrating experience. One prefers to stay and afk, eventually. The least worse between both. Letting people freely leave leagues they don't intend to participate, without being concerned about long penalties would be interesting. Possibly, would avoid many players' insatisfaction
  13. [Aion 5.8] New Armor & Weapons

    Oh, well.... Guess we found the answer
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Oh my god. Brace yourselves.
  15. [Aion 5.8] New Armor & Weapons

    Quite a bump, But anyways, now that 5.8 has been and running for quite a bit, would like clarification regarding these items as well. Apparently, they are are called "Executor Keio's... (...)". Are they indeed not supposed to be for KR servers? Event items? Anything else? Their base stats are impressively high, superior by a nice margin to even Master Harvester, but with PVP% bonuses, making them formidable. A couple of examples from PB: Polearm: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:101301658 Harp: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:102001537