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  1. Hello o/ So I am curious, about some stuff. I am a returning player first of all, stopped for like 2 years or so, and I feel I need to catch up on this. 1. Kinah making: What are the ways to farm kinah in this patch? can we still sell Omegas and temperings? do we still sell event items for kinah or are there alternate ways? how is it when selling aetherforged items? is is still good prices like as it was sold before 6.x? 2. Obtaining gear sets what is the general duration in obtaining legendary sets and ultimate sets? Which instances should I go to for the best s
  2. NCsoft staff just does not have a dedicated team for aion to understand the players better and to understand the game better. They make last minute decisions to see if they can "balance" it, just before announcing the event details but they stuff it up as usual. They are so focused on other games it feels and then they decide that the rewards won't get changed so they show their sense of 'power', and that they did it for a 'reason' which doesn't make sense but to rile up their playerbase, which in turn only to cover up their lazy undedicated butts. A team dedicated to a game would definitel
  3. And to think ncsoft will actually learn from their mistakes after all this time...they would jus wait for people to send them obvious suggestions.
  4. Are you guys okay? Are you guys really okay? Your staff might require some therapy cuz this is bullshit.
  5. Well, I saw that coming months ago. I'm glad I didn't bother to over enchant my master harv set months back. NCsoft got terrible management skills regarding the game.
  6. no player will ever know when 6.x will be released on Aion. Not even the ones that seem to know a lot about Aion. When Cyan posts the date, then that is when. It will be up as a topic in this forum.
  7. I second the new website thing...this site looks shabby af, hope everything really gets updated when 6.x gets released as Hime said earlier. Else it's just a display of low standard.
  8. For realz, why is there no raffle? I recalll WhyWhy and Knox managing that I think before and they had a raffle done, and it was a success and their ability to organize everything was really meticulous.
  9. NCsoft will always be a dissappointment, that won't change unfortunately. People will keep coming back for more Aion inspite of it.
  10. True, I'd say best if we stop feeding our anxiety over the release date of 6.0 Jus go with the flow, hence play the game, enjoy to its maximum if necessary, also if you must take a break, do that too, play another game even if you wish. 6.x can chill with its date in a cafeteria in Korea drinking lemonade waiting for its flight to NA only to be delayed by the pilot and its unexpected turbulences and awkward stomach aches along with its mass consumption of chocolate and savoury foods....it will come, and when it comes...it will blow the servers away like a raging Modor. Fair as it is to post
  11. Please for the love of this game....hope the rewards have changed. It was absolutely disgusting for how your staff managed the reward list of the Giving Grove event. Outdated items everywhere, almost everything irrelevant. Please have your team pay attention to what players need and not to troll them with useless garbage. It's a good game, but you guys are the ones spoiling it without making good decisions.
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